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April 20, 2018, 05:56:24 AM

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Author Topic: Quickie for the Villain(Females only please)  (Read 325 times)

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Offline DylanTheVillainTopic starter

Quickie for the Villain(Females only please)
« on: December 31, 2010, 12:49:16 AM »
Hello, If you came in here that means you're like me and are in need of what some would call a 'quickie.' I have not the time nor the attention span to get into long-term RP relationship right now and am looking for people who are willing to simply do casual,off the top of my head, Rp's.

Now, this does not mean their will not be substance and even drama in the story, no no my pet. It merely means that Instead of setting out exactly how the whole story will work we simply jump into the fray with a general idea and get into each others knickers as quickly as humanly possible. I have a few Ideas I'd be willing to try that are on the spot plots. If you have any ideas, however, please feel free to offer them up.

Plot 1: (High school setting), the local punk who lives next door to you has gotten himself into another mess and has been forced into a tutoring program, which you happen to be a tutor for. You get a new student to help, and guess who it is? (Can easily go non-con but doesn't have to. Also roles can be switched and the female be the punk and the male be the tutor.)

Plot 2: (Fantasy setting) A young adventuring woman( whatever race you wish I can handle 'em all ;P) Happens upon a full on (insert half-man half-beast here) Tribe. Instead of killing the woman they: Option 1. try to teach her their ways so that the two races may one day help one another. Option 2. Decide to take her as their personal gift from their Deity and use her for breeding purposes. Option 3. Use her for ransom to her people and while they negotiate the Chieftan's son starts having small talks with the prisoner.

Plot 3: (Futuristic setting) Assassins are the new Chanel purse in this day and age. If a major family doesn't own an assassins guild, they may as well be dead already. Most assassins use guns now, but some stick to the old ways, of lurking in shadows and hunting their enemies. None do this better than the solo Assassin for the Banderlin corporation. A man simply known as 'The Red Moon' A young female trying to make a name for herself tries to confront this killer, when she is defeated instead of killing her as he had done so many before her, something tells him he should instead train her in his ways. (Obvious sensei falls for student and vice Versa story)

Well there we are, and again, if you have your own ideas feel free to offer them up.