Craving Cliche forbidden Romance (F seeking M)

Started by taino, December 31, 2010, 12:17:19 AM

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Okay, so I know the forbidden romance ideal is a little cliche, and over done, but I've been craving it. As well as craving some actual interaction in RP. (I've been out of commission for a little while.)

The basic Idea is for two people of a familiar position, opposed to one another by the paths they chose, to fall in love despite their strict orders.

The time would be of Kings and Queens, and warring nations. I am not opposed to Fantasy Races, they are more than welcomed.

But the plot would be of two kings, once great allies, to suddenly declare war. For one king blames the other for stealing their greatest love. This woman, who loved one, and held an affair with the other, brought two nations against eachother, and in doing so, took her own life.

So these kings, have rallied their armies, and for years since, tried to destroy the other.

King Odin, the Large - His army is led by the fiercest male he could find. One skilled in the art of killing, with a mind so dark, none dare to defy his command.

King Uldric, the Just - Unbefitting of his name, he is selfish, and greedy, and leads an army as unjust as he, those willing to cheat, and lie to win. But their leader, is a woman of just decisions, and seeks only to better her men.

Your character, would be the leader of Odins army, he can be as dark and twisted, or kind and just as you please. The idea is for the rivalry between our characters to ultimately bring them closer together. They find that despite their different paths, they both desire one thing, freedom from the lives they've chosen. With their common abilities, and skills matched par, interaction is inevitable, and somehow..eventually, they'd end up together.. or something.

I can't put what I have in my head to words.. it's just not working, but if you would like to still give it a shot, Please please let me know.

I'm also open to any other ideas you might have in mind. Thanks.

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