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November 24, 2020, 11:54:33 PM

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Author Topic: SpaceMedafighterX's RP Requests (Mostly F/F, Transformation, and Corruption)  (Read 971 times)

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If any of the below ideas interest you, please IM or PM me- I prefer being contacted by IM, but I realize that is not an option for everyone. Mind you that I'm willing to do the same RP with more than one person- I find it interesting to see how two stories that start off the same can diverge.

I prefer efficiency over length- description is all well and good, but there comes a point when it's no more than prattling.  Sometimes, it's better to just say "She spoke." instead of "She began to speak, blinking twice and breathing normally as she opened her mouth into a circular shape to prepare for the first syllable."; there are times and places for in depth descriptions, but if you use it for every single post, they lose their power of emphasis.

Also, please note that when I say F/F, I mean F/F. I don't care what gender you are in real life, but if you RP with me, I expect the character in question to be wholly female, no more, no less.

Rise and Fall (F/F, Fantasy, Angel, Succubus, Dominance/Submission, Slavery, Rape, Possible Torture)

She had made her decision- she would be a servant of death and chaos no more. Turning from her wicked ways, the demoness decided she would surrender to the next angel she saw, and hope that the mercy of the gods would extend to one such as herself. The angel insisted that the demoness be bound in chains until they could be given an audience with the gods of light. It seemed a reasonable request- the demoness had more or less expected it. But as soon as her bonds were locked, the angel tossed away the key, and pushed her to the ground. It was all too late that the demoness realized that this was a fallen angel, already on her way to becoming a demoness herself... And she would complete her fall by defiling this act of repentance.

There's not much more to say about this... A repentant demon turns herself in, but ends up being captured and dominated by an angel that was in the midst of performing a betrayal in the exact opposite direction. I guess my sadistic streak isn't over, because at this point, I want to play the evil little angel as she turns into a demoness.

Virtually a Goddess (F/Solo, Possible F/F and M/F, Sci-fi, Deification, Giantess, Transformation, Possible Corruption)

I appear before you in a puff of smoke, wearing the guise of a sinister wizard... It was theatrical entrance, but... I think it made it that much harder to take me seriously. Nonetheless, you would believe me soon enough, even if it meant rewriting your programming again. What? No, I'm certainly not calling you a robot, that would require you to have a physical body. Have you ever seen the Matrix? Or did I even upload that movie into this simulation? Ah, none the matter, I'll simply explain things the old fashioned way: You're a computer simulation... Your entire world is. Me? I'm your system administrator. Out of all the characters in this simulation, I must say, you're my favorite... You see, milady, I've gotten to the point that I care nothing for the women of my world because of you. As such, I am giving you almost full control over this simulation. To your fellow programs, you'll virtually be a goddess. I do, however, have a few rules and regulations...

First off, don't worry, in the actual RP, I'll make it clear when I'm talking and when I'm not. Or maybe I actually shouldn't, seeing as my character will basically be the programmer of the computer your character is in- data would be transcribed the same way regardless...

Anyways, the idea behind this is kind of odd: I want you to play as a computer program who- until my character appears and explains everything- thought she was a human... Thought her whole world was real. At first, your character would practically be a mindless slave, doing exactly as I command. Slowly, however, thanks to having the limiters removed, she would develop her own consciousness. Where things go from there is variable... Maybe my character grows alarmed at the rate she is learning, and tries to shut the simulation down, only to find that he's locked out? Or maybe our characters begin to develop feelings for each other, and mine searches for a way that he can become part of the simulation? As an extension of either of those possibilities, perhaps she finds a way to manifest herself in the physical world, with all her powers in tact?

Regardless, be sure to read my O/Os and the rest of this topic, as my character is basically a representation of myself, and thus will probably be having the female character cater to such, and be transformed into all sorts of strange things early on... And to repeatedly become a giantess of galactic proportions.

Ever-Growing Lusts (F/F, Fantasy, Variable Technology, Succubus, Growth/Giantess)

In a world where magic is thought to be no more than a fairy tale, and the world's mythical past is kept a secret from all but the most influential members of society, one young woman stumbles on the lost crown of the succubus queen. Putting it on, she is driven mad with lust, seducing every woman she can find, and adding them to a rapidly growing harem. However, every time she or one of her servants comes to release, they seem to grow in height. At first, the difference is subtle, an inch or two each time... But soon she realizes that the growth is exponential, and she loves it, not wanting to rest until her harem outgrows the entire world... And perhaps even more.

I'm a huge giantess fan (no pun intended), and absolutely love the idea of having ordinary women turn into Infinitely Growing Succubine Yuri Goddesses (or IGSYGs as I usually abbreviate it). I love the idea of girls using entire galaxies as sex toys, and then continuing to outgrow all of existence. I could play as either the succubus, or her favorite concubine, either way works for me. Alternatively, I could act as a GM, with the other person playing the lucky girl, and me playing as the nations that futiley try to stop her growth.

Generic Ideas I Enjoy
Women turning into giantesses.
Women turning into succubi.
Women turning into various sorts of monster girls.
Women gain insane amounts of power, and then conquer the world with it, turning the entire planet into nothing more than breeding grounds so that they can find suitable women for their harem.
Succubus corrupts angel, paladin, or holy priestess.
Succubi going around and turning all kinds of women into their sisters, concubines, and/or pets.
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I added Virtually a Goddess to the list... I'll admit it's a rather strange idea, but I think that there's a lot of fun to be had with it.

Offline SpaceMedafighterXTopic starter

Removed a couple of RPs, and added More Than Just a Pet to the list.

Offline SpaceMedafighterXTopic starter

Updated with Rise and Fall; thanks to everyone who's participating in one version or another of More Than Just a Pet, but due to how many versions of it I already have going/planned, I'm now taking it down.