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Started by Mist Sage, December 30, 2010, 03:29:05 AM

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Mist Sage

I have two ideas for a role play I would love to try. First let me give you a taste of each.

Idea #1

I've been having strange thoughts, Mist wrote down in his journal.  It's true what he wrote there but it didn't stop him from ripping it out and shredding the paper.  Shaking his head he sighed and whined, trying to think straight on what he was going to write down.  It was hard considering he couldn't keep from thoughts of him out of his head enough.

His parents just divorced, not long after his 17Th birthday. That wasn't the problem though it didn't help much. At least not at that moment.  His mother was at fault as she was normally so considering that Mist stayed with his father. There was another reason too, and 'that' was the problem on his mind.


Now that one is an incest like story. If it wasn't obvious enough. What i put up there too 'is' part of my first post. Just pm me for more info and such on it.

Idea #2

As the Melgian hunter waked down the dark tunnel, he could almost feel his heart jumping into his throat.  With nothing but his lion clothe and Bow and a single arrow, he trudged on nervous but determind. The air seeming to get thicker. Each step taking him closer to the thing he feared, yet wanted, the most.

His tribe had a legend that spoke of a great terrible beast that once spawned within there underground home.  Their ancestors escaped their maze of a home and sealed it shut trapping the beast in.  Ever since then his tribe had guarded and protected the prison.  But now his tribe now died out, aside from himself, and he now entered the prison which he was to protect.  He sealed himself within too after he snuck in. All he wanted.... was to see.


This one is sorta like bestiality, feral or anything that might be with a supposed 'beast'. Really it's up to the other player, considering they get to be the beast and design it to what they wish. Same as the last idea too. Just pm me for more info.

Each of these can be in any real kink with other males (sorry ladies, no real attraction). There isn't much that i wouldn't like to explore or try out. Onlly scat and extream blood play (gore and vore) are my no no. *giggles and bows* hope to hear from you guys soon!


Couple of questions for you:

Idea 1: Were you looking for someone to play your characters Father, Brother, Step-Sibling or what? Who exactly are you looking for? How much age difference are you looking for? A few years? A couple of minutes? or a decade plus?

Idea 2: Would you be okay with an Alien, Were, Demon or other nonhuman for this as well or were you thinking Ferals only? Also what type of setting were you thinking? Historical? Fantasy? Sci-Fi?

Not sure I can take this one on bu,t did want some more detail, for sure, while I consider it. Thanks.

Mist Sage

Idea 1:  I was wanting a father and son story, so a father. Well it's a father so it would be years apart in aget that are appropriate according to that.

Idea2: Those would work, and the time era is fantasy, like midevil sorta but more on the tribal side of it.

I hope that helped.