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Author Topic: My simple, open ended request :D.  (Read 917 times)

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Offline CreamTopic starter

My simple, open ended request :D.
« on: December 29, 2010, 06:10:23 PM »
I figured instead of saying "I want exactly this", I figured I would make it easy as the one thing I am looking for is not story specific.

I am simply seeking a well written, literate storyline.  Everything else can be figured out there in after.  I have found very few writers on Elliquiy who are as...I suppose the most honest way to put it is, as self indulgent as I am when it comes to writing their post.  I prefer to write long winded, highly detailed and incredibly introspective post.  I find that even if vast amounts of time cannot often be covered as quickly, you can get even more satisfaction out of roleplaying out a couple of days when the emotion is more eloquently written out.

To get an idea of what I mean, simply take a look at the bulk of my recent post.  The lengths on a few of the threads are, I admit, a bit excessive.  I am not looking for every single post you make to be as long as some of my bigger threads, simply somewhere around a middle ground.  If you've any interest simply send me a PM and we can figure the rest out.

As far as the other typist, I am comfortable with Male and Female writers.  With Male writers, I simply request that I play the female role, you choosing which gender you'd prefer.  With female writers, I am as open as they come.

A bit more, gender specific:

My F/female characters.  It is much easier for me to write a female character, for reasons I do not quite understand.  When it comes to me playing a female character, I am -much- more open to what I am willing to do.  As far as match ups go, they go a little something like this.

M/F.  In this scenario, I am most likely to play my female in the submissive role.  Either as a complete, lay down and show her belly submissive, to a submissive who will fight back but gladly take being forced into what she wants.  My submissive females are always incredibly complex, perhaps more so then any other character, for the simple fact I find it hard to write them without writing out their entire history in my head first.  I can also write Dominate Females, though the other writer has to be able to post very high caliber post to satisfy me.  M/F, I can write with a male, female, or trans writer.

F/F.  With my F/F stories, I can write either role as well as the other.  The quality of play does not have to be exquisite; I am perfectly willing to write a page or so(Word document) per post in these threads.  Though with my F/F threads, I prefer a quicker pace of post.  1 a day, perhaps more, is preferred...But anything more than 3 days per post and I will grow bored within time.

F/Trans: Color me blind.  I have done it once, on E, and loved it.  But I do not know much about how I would be in another story.  I would still expect at least a page per post, but as far as D/s S/d rolls go, I could likely go either way.

My Males.

M/f.  Sorry too all you Dominate ladies out there, but I cannot roleplay a submissive male.  It is not in my DNA.  When I am doing a M/f, then I will be playing the Dominate, the Sadist, every time.  Unfortunately I have done it so much it has become a chore; I find myself playing the roll, and within 20 post, I am simply satisfying her needs and not enjoying myself.  An M/f role would take a writer who can compare to myself as far as length and character content goes, for the simple fact that the story would have to outweigh, or at worse, be 50/50 with the sex.

M/m.  For a year and a half the ONLY characters I wrote were in Yaoi rooms.  I was also 12.  I have only written one M/m story since then, and oddly enough...I was so satisfied at playing the submissive, that I do not think I could ever play the Dominate.  These stories would require the other writer to be highly sadistic, highly dominate and controlling.  Jealous, manipulative, all of that fun jazz.  The type of thing I write when I am doing a M/f story.  Once again, I need at least a page per post.

M/Trans.  Never done it, would love to.  Only requirement is the same as every post...Average of 1 page per post.

My Trans characters:

Lets make this simple.  I made a character one time, who was not a Transexual but instead someone who was forced into the roll when she ran out of money, half way through the process.  If you can post 1 page average, and would be interested in a Trans story?  So long as I talked to you, and was comfortable with you, I'd pick it up.

And in an ending...I hope this gives a more conclusive idea of what I am looking for.  I want to pick up AT LEAST one more story, perhaps more, and I look forward to hearing your responses.


Do not post in this thread, PM me.  If you post in the thread, I will just use it as a convenient way to bump myself legally, and give you a lackluster response :).
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Offline Decrepitdan

Re: My simple, open ended request :D.
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2010, 11:18:54 PM »
Give me a look see. Perhaps I meet what you'd like - though I admit many of my posts are shorter, as I often match what I am given.

Offline CreamTopic starter

Re: My simple, open ended request :D.
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2011, 09:37:44 PM »
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