Terra's request-Human male needed!

Started by terra alexandros, December 29, 2010, 04:26:11 PM

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terra alexandros

I'm once again looking for a partner. I am willing to try anything. But I do have a plot. I am simi-lit, mostly because of grammar and spelling errors. I am short term, because my attention seems to jump from subject to subject.

Vampire/human slave  plot.

Terra is lonely after 50 years of solitude. She feels that she can now handle a companion. A village below her castle has been living under her protection. Now it's time they pay up with a human.

Take me, abuse me, love me....


I'd love to help you with this most interesting sounding yet simple plot. PM back if you are still in search ;D
Ragtime Dandies!


Same here. I'm interested in this. PM me if your still up for it ^^