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Author Topic: Looking for a...(Warcraft/Starcraft Story Ideas)  (Read 684 times)

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Offline AidenTopic starter

Looking for a...(Warcraft/Starcraft Story Ideas)
« on: December 29, 2010, 12:30:04 PM »

From a young age, the girl renamed Hope created a hatred for the human kingdom of Stormwind. Her father and his associates had helped rebuild the mighty city when it was leveled to the ground by rampaging orcs and when it was time for the nobles to pay for their hard work they where shunned and forced to live in poverty.  Her life was hard, but her father was a noble man who was forced to turn to a less then noble profession after he and his mighty stone masons where left in ruin. The Defias Brotherhood was born and began to spread over the human lands, striking terror in the hearts of the citizens of Stormwind.

Locked away in his fortress, many would be heroes sought to storm into the lair that housed a ogre battleship (Juggernaut) that would lay the kingdom to siege but before it was complete Edwind, leader of the Defias and father to Vanessa Vancleef (Hope) was put to the blade by a group of alliance heroes.

Hope was a little girl when she was found, crying and starving out on a farm after witnessing her father's murder, raised by the couple that found them. She was renamed Hope Saldean, her foster parents not knowing the tragic history of their little girl.

Lucius Westfiel was only two years older then Hope when they met, she was seven and he was nine. He would come help Farmer Saldean on his farm when the back of a young man was needed, Hope had chores to attend in the house with her mother. Over the years, Lucius liked to be around Hope, always bringing her things that cost little to no money, his own parents where not wealthy enough to own a farm and life for the young man was rough. He always told her that one day he would join the army of Stormwind to make a better living for himself and a wife, dropping hints towards Hope.

Their friendship seemed strong until the age of sixteen when Lucius truly did go off to make something of himself. The boy proved himself capable of wielding a dagger and sword and was picked up by SI:7. He sent many letters to Hope (When he could) and promised that one day he would return to see her. Had he known the truth, his path in life might have been different. A few years past, the campaign in Northrend seemed to be but a blur after the sundering tore the earth apart. Lucius was given an order by his mentor Mathias Shaw, Kill the leader to the newly formed Defias brotherhood, had he known it was Hope Saldean, he never would have taken the mission.

What I am looking for in this story

I'm looking for a partner who is familiar with the lore behind the Defias or is willing to read up on it using the following links.

I would prefer that someone who likes/enjoys/plays in the warcraft universe with this setting in particular to join me in writing this story. I am not looking for a very sex driven plot, this is meant to play out as a tragic romance/affair with lots of adventure and political/emotional issues spread out. I have a rough idea on where I want this game to go, but I will not set it in stone as I would like to see where it goes.

Will a childhood friend end up killing another?
Can he calm her vendetta?
Will his loyalties to his city become endangered?

I am not making this game first come first serve, I want to discuss this game a bit in depth with potential partners, send me a PM if interested.

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Re: Looking for a...(Warcraft/Starcraft Story Ideas)
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2011, 10:43:52 AM »
The top story has been taken by a player, but I am looking for another lore based story in either the warcraft or starcraft universe. I would like the focus to be on the tale of the two people then the smut/sex, a tragic romance, lost love, an adventure etc.

A few ideas.

A pair of opposing mercs along the fringe worlds that are always fighting one another for contracts from private parties who are pulled into a conflict as they find themselves on the Domnion's most wanted list.

A Taboo Affair
The story of a Spectre and a Ghost, the ghost is supposed to hunt down and bring the spectre back to New Folsom, dead or alive.

A life in Haven
After being rescued from by Jim Raynor, a pair of refugees are placed in charge of colonizing a part of Haven, but find dominion forces opposing them and must rally an army to take out the threat before they can live in peace.