The Private Eye (LF Female CHARACTER, Ensemble, Sci-Fi Cyberpunk, UN)

Started by Marlow, December 28, 2010, 11:47:49 PM

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This City used to have a name, in fact it used to have many. That was a long time ago. Now it's just the City. People debate just when it stopped having names and took on its current supernatural presence as the heartland of every vice and every virtue. Those people are dwindeling, though. People don't care about the past anymore. What they care about is the immediate now. What can I do now, who can I fuck now, where can I go now.

Corruption is the norm in a world that long ago went beyond over indulgence. The Senator gets caught fucking a Transhuman whore with sixteen illegal BodyMods and the people don't bat an eyelash. They don't care about the Senator's personal life. All they care about is what he'll do for them now.

It's a wonderful world for the self-centered consumer. Do-it-at-home plastic surgery kits, anti cancer pills, the legalization of almost every drug, sex act and taboo. They all lead to the City. When a woman can get rid of an unwanted pregnancy by thinking really hard on it, and make sure she has the perfect set of tits with a forty dollar kit, you really start to lose out on 'conservative thought' and moral reservation.


Anyway, that's the backstory. Now, on to the specific plot: I play a former police detective fed up with the way the police operate. They keep the whores, drugs and violence away from the better districts of the city, but that's 'cuss it's their job. The Police no longer fight for truth and justice, they fight to keep the norm as the norm is comfortable. I could never accept that fact.

You play my new assistant. She's a fresh-out-of-college hotty looking for something exciting. Despite our differences of opinion, we mesh well. We work of each other's strengths.

The thread would be a collection of semi-one shots initially, establishing our characters, before delving in to an overarching plot which would be grounded in the one-shots. It's designed to combine classic Private Eye noir with a constant air of sexuality, so most of all it's supposed to be fun.

Note this is open to a lot of modification. If you've got alternate ideas that fall in to this basic 'setting' please send me a PM!

Anyway, post here with any interest!


Le Immortelle

Hey, i'm very interesting in this idea and have some interesting variations in my mind..the setting looks a lot of fun and it would be a blast to play.

Reminds me of Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan mixed with Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs novels!