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Author Topic: The Gnostic Ascension: The Secret War Between the Fulcrum and the Abyss  (Read 423 times)

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Offline Modern Fairy TaleTopic starter

I am interested in running a small group through my own personal world.
Heres the pitch.

From philosophy and both gnostic and neoplatonic thought, I have imagined a world of shadows.  Have you ever heard of Plato's Allegory of the Cave?  What if he was right?  What if we were all imprisoned spiritually and imagined our own reality where we were left alone to wallow in our own self importance?

What if the world was a lot larger than we could imagine and the barriers between our part of the world and 'theirs' was a nebulous line which could be easily crossed?  What if the Creator, when he cast creation into existence, was displacing a primeval Lovecroftian darkness called the Demogorgon, which now seeks to be reunited with this realm by purifying it of our existence?  What kind of world would we live in?  We would be living within my sweet obsession for over a year, a world I myself call Parable.  This is an epic world of catastrophic conflict and soul searching drama so large that it cannot be conveyed in one story but acts as a common setting with many of my converging stories as slowly I weave together my greatest literary creation.

Imagine a setting filled with darkness, magic, and mystical forces attempting to sway the destiny of the Prime Earth.  Magi, or men and women who possess arcane knowledge and elemental birthright, act as the shepherds of humanity, keeping the big, bad spiritual wolves of the Demogorgon and other primordial forces from destroying the Inheritors of the Earth.  You see, our world acts as the central pillar of a delicate spiral staircase of wildly differing realms, called the Agora of Dreams.  Controlling the Prime Earth controlls all of the more magical realms which rely upon the world tree for their existence.  So our worn out and polluted world becomes the battleground of ancient beings and hosts bent on their own domination over all of Creation.  Into our urban, gothic landscape shadows pass from the mists to prey upon our destiny.

Whose choices will matter in this coming age of growing darkness?  Maybe it could be yours.  Will you be a god-like Magi, or a lesser Hedge Mage, or one of the more fragile Faithful, or do you want to be allied with the other Denizens of Shade.  On this world, dragons have denerated into cold blooded, alien vampires united under our ancestor Vlad Dracula, his last name meaning quite literally 'Son of the Dragon'.  (;all)  On this world, lycanthropes are an exiled breed of shamanistic fae spirits whom were reborn over time into our realm and continue ecstaticly the eternal Great Hunt which defines thier culture.  (  The Lupus have a long history with us and one of my stories was an example of the coruption of shamanistic traditions into the stuff of legends for the Brothers Grimn.  ( There is so much more within my world to write about like Titans, great and powerful Magi, the Faen and the Kobold, the abandoned crystal palaces of the moon or the Magi captial city built around the unfinished Tower of Bable.  Join me, take my hand, and slip with me into the mists of the Apeiron... The Boundless...  Touch the Infinite.

I am also working on a mindbending storyline for my Magi ((In The Works)) to use as an arcane style of the Matrix and the X-Men continuums, as well as equal parts of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and classical philosophy thrown in for fun to create a world roughly based to anchient mythology from which Golden Age comic books, without spandex or the words 'radiation', 'mutant', or 'Silver Age', was based on.  Imagine a world of limitless potential and quality fighting unimaginably anchient evils in the dark places where the World of Man doesnt notice your heroics.  Thats okay, because you exist in the Invisible World, the World of Shade.  This is the huge relm of the Shadowkind mankind cannot even seem to notice, but from which endless dangers and posibilities must be faced by the shephards which keep the world of mankind in place, the Magi.

On this world, the anchient Olympians were powerful Magi who defended the cradle of democracy and western civilization from the Titans.  This was the Golden Age of both socieities, and all of Magi government and culture florished here before spreading further westward on the Tide of Ages.  Almost all myth is half correct, and so similar battles raged on wherever the words of the bard or the scribe seemed to speak for scores of city-states or town ships with any forgotten twist we can desire.  Magi are the almost man- yet almost gods in this chaotic world, powerful protectors battling greater colosal forces and yet troubled by thier own restless souls... thier own hubris.  Three thousand years of troubled, secretive history marches forward.

Now dawns an unforseen future, for a darkness has covered the eyes of the prophets.  Strangers now walk among us, and though they are outworlders, they come from someplace surprisingly close to our world.  Anchient evil plans and Magi politics are conspiring against the guadianship of all of the Magi, their preservation of Creation.  Legends must arise from the ranks of possibly the final generation of Magi to walk this Prime Earth.

Does that not sound sexy?  And two guys arent even shirtless and wrestling with each other in the woods over the affections of some teenage girl.  Just those two words mentioned a couple of paragraphs above to me just makes it all so fucking intensely interesting.  These two words are "Limitless Potential."  Heck, thats almost a challenge.  How can that not peak your interest?  If you have thoughts on these ideas, let me know via PM.

Take a Stand Against the Darkness. 

Join My First Cabal.  Wield Nigh Infinite Power.

Send me a PM with your ideas if you are interested.
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