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Author Topic: BlazBlue "Continuity Error" (Simple homebrew System, Interest Check)  (Read 624 times)

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Offline ShadeOfGrayTopic starter

Given the relative obscurity, felt it would be prudent to see if there's any interest before I go fleshing out a whole plot...

For those not familiar, BlazBlue is fighting game series that takes place in a "post-apocalyptic" setting, where humans have to live in mountaintop settings due to contaminants in the atmosphere.  However there are a gifted few who are able to use those very same contaminants to rise to incredible levels of power.  A union of these warriors known as the Novus Orbis Librarium (NOL) has come to power and rules over the few remaining cities through their oppressive strength.  However, there are also users of "Ars Magus" outside the Librarium more often known as vigilantes, working toward their own ends.

As in the games, the setting for this cycle will be the 13th Hierarchical City, Kagutsuchi.

This cycle, the main control system seeks to experiment with the users of "Ars Magus".  The system seeks to create even higher tiers of fighters by breeding powerful warriors together,  their own form of natural selection.  After two users meet on the field of battle, the power that runs through them may well seek a different course due to the system's interference...  Heat of battle becomes another heat entirely.

There's alot of details with BlazBlue fluff, but essentially a plotline would have the cycle's chosen competing and occasionally cooperating to fulfill their own goals... To that end, each character should have a goal in mind or assigned to them at the beginning of the cycle appropriate for the character in question.

If we have interest, the cast from both games would be allowable as well as original characters, so long as they mesh within the universe.  Due to content, Carl and Platinum the trinity will not be participating.  Rachel will be regulated to non-participant NPC status to be on the safe side. 

As this is based upon a fighting game, there will be conflict.  Since we can assume that all the characters are intended to be roughly on even ground with each other, there's no reason to worry about individual statistics of the warriors, instead, a simple rock-paper-scissors system would be more appropriate.  To represent the toll of frequent battles, each character will also have a fatigue gauge, which can represent simple tiredness, to outright bleeding wounds. 
  • Aggressive fighters can break the guard of a Defensive fighter, but their straight forward style will be easily tricked by a Finesse fighter.
  • Defensive fighters will be on their guard against the traps of a Finesse fighter, but even the greatest defense will topple to an all-out Aggressive fighter. 
  • Finesse style warriors will easily be able to elude and counter an Aggressive opponent, but against a careful Defensive opponent, they will have difficulty finding their window to strike. 
  • Alternatively, a character can choose to Submit.  This means they automatically lose the fight, but no fatigue is gained on either side of the match.  (The winner can still choose to inflict pain with the win)

The two combatants would PM the style of their choosing to the GM (or other unbiased 3rd party), who would then report who won the match.  If each combatant chooses the same style, the match is a tie and both characters gain fatigue according to the chart below.  The challenge then continues with a second round, and third, as necessary until a victor arises. 

  • Aggressive tie - 2 Points of Fatigue
  • Finesse tie - 1 Point of Fatigue
  • Defensive tie - No change.
  • Submit tie - ......Why was there a challenge in the first place?

If the battle has a winner, that combatant can choose how they wish to proceed.  Regardless of which path is taken, the winner will gain 1 point of fatigue and the loser will gain 3 points of fatigue.

Get the hell out of here!
Having proven themselves the stronger combatant, the winner orders the loser to get out of his or her face.  The loser obliges, if only to lick their wounds and grow stronger until the battle can be forged again.

The "Ars Magus" is resonating...
However the individual character wants to interpret the systems interference is in their own heads, but upon showing dominance over a lesser their powers would begin to push them in another direction.  To be blunt: toward mating, whether tender or brutal.  Thanks to the system encouragement, both combatants will lose 2 points of fatigue after this act is complete. 

You'll regret ever crossing me.
The winner decides to make their message clear, grievously injuring the loser, shoving them off a cliff, throwing them into a void, etc, etc.  Of course, all the users of "Ars Magica" are made of sterner stuff, and it will only be a matter of time before a bystander or ally comes across their bleeding form and helps them back on their feet.  However, that character can never again challenge the winner to battle, having been utterly defeated in this cycle.  This option will inflict 5 points of fatigue upon the loser.

Fatigue Gauge (All Effects are Cumulative)
  • 0 - The character is in the picture of health and ready to go.
  • 1 - This is a good work out, bring it on!
  • 2 - There is a little burn in the chest, but nothing you can't get used to.
  • 3 - Significant ragged breathing, muscles are starting to feel like they're on fire.
  • 4 - Scrapes and minor cuts cover the body, reaction time is starting to greatly increase.
  • 5 - Exhaustion is beginning to set in, the character no longer has the strength in them to go on a full Aggressive attack.
  • 6 - Pain is consuming the character's body.  Deep gashes and open wounds cover the limbs.
  • 7 - The character is barely clinging to consciousness, trying to orchestrate a battle in their favor is the last thing on their mind.  Combatants with 7 or more fatigue can no longer attack with Finesse.  It is all they can do to fight Defensively
  • 8 - The character is severely wounded, no longer able to stand straight from the pain.  They automatically lose if challenged.
  • 9 - The character can no longer stand and can barely move, only able to manage a painful crawl.  Multiple bones may be broken.
  • 10 - The character has lost consciousness and is on the brink of death.  They cannot leave the area they are in without intervention by a 3rd Party.

All characters will start at 0 Fatigue.  The "Ars Magus" fighters are all very quick healers, so there will be multiple methods with which to reduce fatigue levels, such as going to a restaurant, taking an extended rest, seeking medical attention, etc.  The details of that can be worked out if we manage to get some interest in. 

Honestly that should be sufficient as far as system mechanics goes, as far as I can see.  Of course suggestions/etc will be listened to, I'm flexible.  If for *any* reason, a player is not comfortable writing a scene with another character, it will be fade to black'd and the game will continue as if it occured "off screen" as it were.   Give a post if you're interested, and reserve characters if you like. is a good database for the existing story and character repository, if you feel like doing some reading. 

Offline Crowly

Re: BlazBlue "Continuity Error" (Simple homebrew System, Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2010, 06:05:51 PM »
Holy crap. A Blazblue RP? *Geeks the hell -out-.* Blazblue is by and far my favorite fighting game to come out in a VERY long time and I adore the plot. Also, Hazama may be the one of the best examples of a "Magnificent Bastard" (See: in recent memory.

You said that original character were cool, right? I'm not a fan of actually playing canon characters because I don't want to screw with or mess up playing the character because I'm kind of a geek about accuracy. I'm assuming some level of lore bending would be all right 'cause the Ars Armagus, if I remember right, there were only a certain number of them. Or maybe it was the Nox Nyctores. I don't remember.

Offline ShadeOfGrayTopic starter

Re: BlazBlue "Continuity Error" (Simple homebrew System, Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2010, 07:47:15 PM »
OC will be fine, so long as they have a place in universe.  Somewhere they came from, something they want to do, etc. 

Given the premise, If we got a group I highly doubt we'll approach anywhere near canon as it is.  The name is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek reference to that.  Not to say that we won't try or anything. 

In any case, we'll be looking the other way on a few setting restrictions and probably a few latin spellings.

And as for Hazama, "I love how much I'm hating you" applies.

Offline Crowly

Re: BlazBlue "Continuity Error" (Simple homebrew System, Interest Check)
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2010, 07:52:06 PM »
Makes sense, heh. I'll have to brainstorm a character concept and idea out. I really hope there are enough folks out there who've played the game and would be interested in getting a RP surrounding it going. One of the rare games where I actually like EVERY character involved.