Western Romance- indian girl inside ( Male needed)

Started by April Bouvier, December 27, 2010, 01:36:07 PM

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April Bouvier

Drunken Cowboy with a Bad past X Sweet Indian girl

Hi and thank you for reading. Right at the moment I'm looking for a Western Romance Long term RP, for a partner who would like to put the effort and time into it. This could have some light fantasy but  I want ti to be mostly realistic. For this I have some idea's for the plot but really I would like to make a plot with the person who is interested in doing this RP with me. 
As for my Idea's plot wise I was thinking It would start off with My girls small village being attack by bandits, She is the only survivor as your guy would come in and save her, killing all the bandits with his mad Gun slinging skills. But now she Is alone in the world as every one she knows is dead, so she ask her Savior if she could travel with him. Of course he was hesitant as he likes to travel alone but he gives in and agrees, but only to the next town.
Then that's pretty much what I have.

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