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June 23, 2018, 01:36:51 AM

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Author Topic: Straping sneeky males needed for Spy/War/Superpower/Assassin rps  (Read 378 times)

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Offline kingsizedorkTopic starter

Straping sneeky males needed for Spy/War/Superpower/Assassin rps
« on: December 27, 2010, 12:38:54 PM »
Hello one and all.
Its so cold here in snowy Uk at the moment, my work closed because of the 10cms of snow on the ground. Threw a few snowballs and now Im running a bath and wanting to start a new rp.
I try to reply at least once a day
I try to bang out 2-3 paragraphs at least for intros, and 1-2 at least for posts. Please can you do the same? Nothing below that please.
This will be over forums but YIM, Emails and PMs are also accepted.

PM me to disguss! All rps will have sex, language, drug use, violence and gore.

(This is based on a tv program here in the UK. I love the plot, hoping someone can do this with me)
This may require you to play two characters.
A group of young offenders are required to do communaty service for crimes. While painting benches by the watchful eye of their probantionary worker, a freak storm, dropping hail the size of vans and cracking lightening across the sky, happens and eletrocute the young offenders but amazingly, they live. The storm gave them powers (Powers used in the series are, mind reading, time rewinding, immortality, invisiblity, controling ice, controling dairy products, healing and shapreshifting ect) but they arint the only ones, the storm effected others too which brings them into all sorts of troubles inc the murder of two of their probationary workers.
Expect sex, language, drug use and gore.

Now i dont mind if its a Gears of War thing, or a COD thing, or even a total Medieval or Modern fantasy war. Looking to brainstorm this idea alittle more. Females aren't allowed on the front lines, but disguised as a man she made it, now keeping her identity a secret is hard when you are forced to shower naked with your comrades.
Luckyly, in her dorm she has her own room....but there's talk of a transfer, now moving into her room.

Spy/Mission -
Again, not too picky about this one either. Not minding if its a total James Bond kinda spy thing, or medieval/Modern fantasy merc or spy thing, Assassins, Ninjas, demon slayers, alien killers you name it. We just need to be a duo doing missions. Would like to brain storm ideas!

Assassins Medieval Fantasy or Modern-
You have a choice of two girls you can end up with, two very different ones.
Sub- Princess - Short, Blonde hair, Beautifully elegant, pure and untouched. Shy and quiet . Cute, meak and dependent but loyal. Fav present- Lillies.
Dom - Street Dancer - Long, Brown hair. Independent and sexy. Loud, outgoing and strong. Loyal friend but untamable. Fav present - Feathers.

You are a loyal Assassin to the Guild and a very skilled one at that. Someone has slaughtered the holy men and stolen the treasure of the Royal Family. The King has confinded in the Guild to find, interogate and kill the suspects. The money is great and the reward is even better, the Princess' hand in marrage. During your first mission, you find the suspect talking to a street dancer, taking interest in the woman hitching her skirt. As you watch, waiting for him to take her, she kills him! Not only does this mean she is an assassin also, this also means the King is paying another guild to do your guilds work. She spends more time with you during the day, while you can see the Princess secretly at night if you wish so. As the story progesses and the mission is complete, your next targets is the Street Dancer or the King. Will you kill the Street Dancer and Marry the princess? Or kill the King and be with the Street Dancer?

There will be choises you can take along the way, such as -After a mission, you would normally see the Princess. The Street Dancer asks for you to join her in a drink. Accepting the Street Dancer will make their relationship stronger, and the Princesses weaker.