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Author Topic: Dingo's New ideas. [All Types]  (Read 880 times)

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Dingo's New ideas. [All Types]
« on: December 22, 2010, 12:35:37 PM »
A whole new lists of One-on-one ideas.

UPDATE: Please voice interest through PMs.

UPDATE: I very much prefer it if people play the sex they are. Also, if I mention a gender for my stories, then I am looking for people of that gender. If I don't, then either gender is perfectly acceptable to me. Even if I use a specific gender in the original description.

UPDATE: Negotiating does not mean that the game is actually closed. Feel free to ask me.



Once upon a time there lived a beautiful, powerful and wealthy widow in the Kingdom. Her fairness could only be matched by the blackness of her heart. Suitors who didn't please her disappeared or even worse things happened to them. One day, as an advance gift, a suitor from a far land had send her the most beautiful necklace she had ever laid eyes upon. An intricate weave of gold for the chain, with a center studded with sparkling diamonds. It became her favorite the moment she saw it and she had worn it ever since. Completely unwilling to part from it.

Little did she know that she could not part from it, even if she wanted. Her suitor, who would arrive only a few days later had made sure of that. The best magicians in the Kingdom had put their sorcery to good use, funded by the families and friends of her former victims, and the necklace was indeed very special.

A few fairly simple spells were the basics of the trap. The magic was hidden. It would beguile any one wearing it into not being willing to remove it. But the true strength of the magic lied in the fact that it would bind her to commands given with the correct password. Those commands as she would understand them would become like laws to her. And not just the letter of the command, but also the spirit. The penalty for breaking those laws would be horrible pains, continuing until she either followed them or passed out from pain. Continuing the second she regained consciousness.


This story is based around an artifact from the Exalted roleplaying game. With some minor modifications to make it suitable for almost any story.
I'm looking for a female to play this with and depending on what we agree upon, it will be somewhere between NC and EX. Details are completely open to discussion, except for the fact that this lady should be completely evil.


Status: Open


The Gift

A completely normal guy one day receives a large package addressed to him (or there might be some other method of delivery). As he unpacks it, inside he finds the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. She opens her eyes and the first word she speaks is Master.

A story with a twist. As the guy has no idea where the package (or whatever delivery is chosen) comes from. And he's most definitely not prepared to be anyone's Master. The girl on the other hand, has her own ideas, and will use everything at her disposal to make the guy what he, in her own mind, should be. And yet, at the same time will still be loyal, obedient and faithful to her Master.


For this I am looking for a female who can play the part of the girl. It's probably a very difficult role. Although everything else, including the setting is open. She could be a biological creation in a Scif-Fi setting. Or a demoness who by ancient packs is bound to serve. Or anything actually in any time or place.


Status: Playing with GrapeTootsiePop


The Slave

Once she was a young woman, living free among her people. But then she was taken. Dragged away to a far distant place, where she knew nobody. And she couldn't understand anyone. Sold like cattle on the stocks, just one of many. Ending up being purchased by a man. A wealthy man.


I was trying to figure out a twist to this story, but ended up failing. I still wouldn't mind running the story though. There are plenty of suitable eras around where one could do anything one wishes to a slave. Even though the original does go with the female version, this I wouldn't mind playing for either gender. As long as people play their own gender.


Status: Playing with Eros Angel
Update: Males are now out. Willing to play this once more though.


The Wizard's Tower

For centuries the wizard's tower stood at the edge of the kingdom. For centuries it's been the demise of heroes trying to claim the riches inside. And with each hero that met it's end in the tower, the stories of the wealth to be had there grew.

A young heroine decides to go to the tower, to conquer it for herself. Little does she know her fate.


Available to both genders, as long as people play their own gender. It's a dungeon crawl, but could easily be the laboratory of a mad scientist instead of a wizard. Danger awaits and the heroine's fate can be worse than death.

As always, open to discussion about this one.



Dark Bargain

As a child she had fallen very ill, and nobody in her birthplace could help her. No amount of prayer the gods helped either and she was dying. In desperation her father went out to the cave in the hills, where rumors had it a sorcerer of great power lived and at the entrance pleaded for his daughters live. If she'd live, he would give anything. In the shadows of the cave's mouth appeared the figure of a man, who agreed to save his daughter. Provided he could claim what he had promised at any time in the future. The man returned home and found his daughter had miraculously recovered, being healthy and firm again.

For many years the stranger had not shown and was almost forgotten, but one stormy night, there was a knock at their family's home, on the night of her birthday.


Anything is of course the daughter herself. I would prefer this to be on the darker side. With the daughter having the choice of it being her, or her family cursed by the sorcerer.



Blood Doll

One night as she was walking back home from a friend's place, she was grabbed and dragged into a dark alley. Her abductor handled her like she was little more than a ragdoll. A sharp stabbing pain at the base was almost immediately followed by the most pleasurable rush she'd ever experienced. So good, she passed out from it. When next she awoke, on the ground in the alley, she still felt the remainder of the buzz, even though she was slightly wobbly on her legs and dizzy in her head. A small bloodstain on her shoulder, but with no visible injuries. Next to her she found an expensive monogrammed cigarette case, with expensive cigarettes inside.

And all that was on her mind was to feel that rush again.


The one who attacked was a vampire, at that time starving for blood.

In this setting, Vampires are a predatory off-shoot of humanity itself. They can and have to eat, drink and sleep. And can also do almost all the things humans enjoy. They have long lifespans, measured in couple of centuries, are generally stronger and more fit than humans, and they can push themselves to almost superhuman levels when it comes to damage and pain, but this takes a great toll on their bodies. But pushing themselves that way, leaves their bodies very hungry and their minds in a near feral state.

The drawbacks of being what they are is that they can't stand the light of the sun, to the extent that it's painful, but no more than giving them a severe sunburn (which can kill a human too) and they need to drink the blood of compatible donors. Another disadvantage is that as predators, they are highly territorial. This also results in their number being fairly small, because usually they can't even stand their own kind, not even those of the opposite sex. Only the very powerful tend to mate as a result of that, secure in their knowledge they can protect themselves from whatever their mate can throw at them, as well as keep themselves from being noticed by humans as a whole.


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Offline Decrepitdan

Re: Dingo's New ideas.
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2010, 11:06:56 PM »
I would be very interested in playing 'Bound' with you, provided you don't mind a male playing the female role.

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Re: Dingo's New ideas. [All Types]
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2011, 06:05:28 PM »
UPDATE: Added two new scenarios. The Slave and The Wizard's Tower.

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Re: Dingo's New ideas. [All Types]
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2011, 03:05:49 AM »
I rather like the Slave scenario.

Offline DingoTopic starter

Re: Dingo's New ideas. [All Types]
« Reply #4 on: February 19, 2011, 10:12:42 AM »
Update: Two new ideas added. Dark Bargain and Blood Doll

Please voice interest through PMs

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Re: Dingo's New ideas. [All Types]
« Reply #5 on: February 25, 2011, 12:39:04 AM »
I am interested in trying the Wizard's Tower roleplay.  I have never done a dungeon crawl so I've been really curious about them.  ^_^