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June 12, 2021, 04:32:31 pm

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Author Topic: Open Topic; Romance, Fantasy, etc. ( Female roleplayer looking for other. )  (Read 775 times)

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Hey everyone,
well, I've been looking through people wanting a significant other for a roleplay since I started out on Elliquiy, and as yet I have not found one... So, I figured; why look? When you can make up your own?

I'm really into anything, I am flexible enough through roleplaying that I can play male or female, human or other species... Fantasy, School, Romance... Whichever tickles your fancy.

Personally, I am into Fantasy roleplay. Could be two Vampires, could be two werewolves. Typical right? Well, test my range and your own, make up something completely and utterly new! Use something different. I am seriously up for anything!

So, I'm asking you...

To test your ideas. Write 'em down on here if you're interested in a solo roleplay, at present I don't care what the topic is as long as there is one. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Offline Phantasmatical

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I have a couple of plot ideas in the thread I made, which I think is still on the first page here. I'll post the two more directly fantasy-related plots for your perusal.

3. Indebted - I had this idea the other night while I was kind of -ahem- out of it, and it’s more of an experimental thing than anything else. Basically a man gets on the bad side (of just catches the attention) of a witch/fae/sorceress/whatever, and she takes him under her power. She doesn’t control him, per se, but she can cause him to feel extreme pain, pleasure/desire, etcetera at will. The way I originally imagined it, either he was already a shapeshifter or she caused him to shapeshift in order to more easily do what she wanted (i.e. she needs to get somewhere quickly and decides she needs a horse for that purpose, or needs a message delivered by bird). I’m willing to explore themes of bestiality, although it’s something I haven’t done before so if I back out please don’t be offended. How long it would last or what kind of storyline the characters might have, I don’t know; I just had a half-baked idea and went with it.

4. If Wishes Were Horses - This idea involves a being of a fae race of my invention, the Children of Avalon. Basically fae cut from the same general cloth as Oberon, Titania, Puck, etc. Inspiration comes from folklore, the fae as they are mentioned in Shakespeare, Jim Henson's "Labyrinth," and Neil Gaiman/Jim Henson's "Mirrormask." The basic concept of the plot: one of the Children of Avalon (my character) gets on Oberon's bad side by showing up to a mandatory "meeting" late again due to losing track of time in the fae realm while spending time with humans. Oberon decides that if he wants to spend so much time with the humans he can stay there, and banishes him from the fae realm entirely. The trouble with that? His magic is disconnected as well - as is the magic that keeps him from aging. Your character is someone who has a token of his (in this case I'm thinking a book of fairytales; I have backstory for the token), which is his only remaining connection with the fae realm. Long story short, he needs the help of this person (who can be either male or female, and any age from 20 or so upward), who doesn't believe in magic as anything more than wishful thinking and overactive imagination, to regain contact with Avalon.