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Author Topic: Jenny in Ruins: Seeks Creepy Basement Villain (NC bond training suspense)  (Read 992 times)

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         Jenny Kwong is a short, fit Chinese-American going on 20.  She has just finished an associate's degree in business.  She has just left a job as a delivery person and was set to move to another city, to start a position in travel sales. 

       There were a few odd signs that someone might have taken an interest in her.  A creepy guy has been hanging out in a long coat in the evenings on odd corners below her apartment. Some of her mail has been opened "accidentally"...   Fortunately, nothing too major...  It must be just snoopy neighbors or perhaps some loner who would never actually approach her.  It might even have been simple coincidence.  Still, Jenny is going to be happy to leave all that behind, too...

       In the days before her move, she went out jogging in the expansive park near her apartment in the early evening.  Jenny loves to run, and has been doing it more as everything else gets done.  But this time, she doesn't come back...

        .....She has been confined in a basement or perhaps a section of an abandoned building, not so far away inside the city.  Spooky pictures for promotional purposes only.  Actual basement and villain may vary.  Somewhere she may catch glimpses and sounds of the city around her through little dusty windows and cracks.  Or maybe later, through an open door she has no way to exit through.  But who is holding her?  Why her???  Is it slavery?  Is it an obsession?  Is she just some random young woman that no one will miss?  Is she already in the middle of something bigger and she didn't know?   

        I'd like to play Jenny.  I'll list the ingredients in terms of general activities...  I'm looking for a kidnapper with an agenda.  Player sex is not important.  Must be able to pace out a captivity plot while giving the victim a little room to actually respond/ add something.  It's easy to assume things with heavy bondage, but please avoid god-moding...  If you really want a certain type of response right away, then PM and see if I want that too. 

       This is modern.  Should be immersive, but does not need to be super technical in the way of bondage gear etc.  (Not a system game, dammit ;)  I'd like roughly 4 paragraph to page posts.  Once or twice a week.  Some PM to discuss details and how it's feeilng.

        Kidnapper is likely a man.  Just possibly a somewhat butch or more tomboy woman.  I might consider some psycho emo chick or other, if she comes with a longer story idea to make it fit  :P  I'm going to say he for now...   Someone who can string together various ingredients and toy with Jenny, wear her down slowly, eventually start to reveal his intentions, then start to bend Jenny to those wishes. 

       We can discuss the general type of agenda and the specific sort of relationship the characters will have.  He will make sport of her and humiliate her somewhat, but I'd like you to imagine a motive behind it too...  I'd like some of his more specific intentions for her future not to be revealed too soon. 

       As a plus?  Disguise, mask, or a face-covering fetish suit for the kidnapper...  She may or may not know this person to begin with, but the captor should have an interest in breaking her personally and putting her under control.   Their identity may be kept uncertain, but it may be something she can guess at from her background and evidence that is shown to her.  For example:  He might have photographs of her from different angles as she goes about life -- something stolen from her place earlier -- some strange report about her job -- or reminders of a story she had long forgotten, but he has not

Ingredients -- Please!

           One (mostly) abandoned building.
A partly ruined basement with eerie lighting.
Some old industrial or institutional equipment around or mixed in...

(especially straps, jackets, arm gloves and mittens, tape,
even something far out like a little cement... )

Of the rustic, beat up industrial kind, so handily rearranged to maintain a young woman in so many accessible positions.  All with so little effort... 

      Slow Taunting and Molestation
Now he has her, he really should take his time with her... 
Physically, psychologically, repeatedly.   
Rape is a distinct possibility, but this is a must.   

      Ball gags
Possibly ring gags or dental jaws, hoods, masks
      Water / sauces
/ Oils / clay mud, something slimy ("immersive," right!)

      Breast and nipple play,
clamps, weights (possibly piercings)
      Canes, flogging implements... 
Other things that sting...
      Devices --
Vibrators, insertibles (a machine?), perhaps electricity...   
Oh, perhaps a camera to film her at times...

      Other sensory aids
-- Bizarre little outfits for her, headsets with audio,
unforgettable foods, mirrors, maybe a touch of fire...
        Limits: No snuff, no scat, any extended pain TBD in PM, stay light on blood,
Umm avoid godmoding...  Ask if in doubt.

        If interested, send a PM and please give an idea what kind of pace and which activities you'd like more of generally...   Particularly, I'd like ideas added for the kidnapper's motives and how (in general terms) he plans to reveal them...  And what they could mean for Jenny, of course.  I will plan as much as needed, but it would also be interesting to do this with a few cards kept hidden too...   
       Thanks for reading!
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