Gundam plot ideas, Fans welcome, but you non fans can come to(M seeking F)

Started by Jmorty33, December 21, 2010, 12:45:32 AM

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Welcome all Gundam fans, if any are out there, to  my idea forum for all roleplays pertaining to Gundam. Mainly these plots will be between the set relationships of the series, or ones that I thought should have happened, which I'll admit some shouldn't ever happen but hell I think that it could happen. Also some of these are what ifs? Like what if Four from Zeta Gundam didn't die? or what if Setsuna was actually attracted to Nena Trinity? Most of them will be what if the main love interest didn't die or another love interest happened. Oh and if you don't really know Gundam and still want to do one of the plots feel free to do so I won't mind I can just fill you in about the series.  So anyway let's begin!

Psycho Gundam love? (Kamile x Four from the Zeta Gundam series)
So if you watched Zeta Gundam or the new translation movies, you would know that Kamiles lover, Four Murasame sacrificed herself to stop  Jerid from attacking Kamile and he was heart broken. Later on he would take Fa Yury as his girlfriend, but what if Kamile stepped in front of her and defeated  Jerid and she lived, would she join the AEUG and try and stop Neo Zeon and the Earth Federation and destroy the Psycho Gundam. Or would she fall back into the Earth Federations hands and Kamile would have to fight to get her back.
This could go many ways and would like to discuss what would happen with my partner.

Celestial Being Affair (Setsuna x Nena Trinity from Gundam 00)
This would be if Setsuna became attracted to Nena Trinity from the Trinity Team of Celestial Being, now I know this is non-cannon and it's way out of character for Setsuna, but hey if you don't like it move on! Now Back to the plot, this would be if Setsuna actually liked Nena and launched on his own to meet up with her or try and stop Trinity Teams' psychotic armed interventions. This would also carry on into season two as well when Nena is working for Wong-Lu Mei.

SEED Aftermath (Kira x Lacus from Gundam SEED)
Here is another what if, this one in the SEED universe. This would be if Kira actually stopped Fley, the first love interest for Kira, from getting killed. Now in this he would still fall in love with Lacus, but Fley would still have a bit of feelings for him and her psychotic hate for coordinators, so she would be there to put a strain on Kira and Lacus' relationship and try and drive her back to Athrun thinking that she's doing the world a favor.
For this I'm looking for someone to play both Lacus and Fley and when they play as Fley they are trying to separate Kira and Lacus. So She would try and get Kira to cheat, or get Lacus to walk in on a moment where it looks like Kira is trying to get Fley into bed, stuff like that.

Neo Zeon Affair (OC x Haman Karn from Zeta Gundam and Double Zeta Gundam)
Haman Karn, the leader of Axis or better known as Neo Zeon. Cold, calculating and an idealist of Zeon Zum Deikun, the perfect leader for Zeon. Though her past is shrouded and troubled, and only known to few. She took over Zeon at the age of 16 and lead it to an effective standpoint at being above both the Earth Federation and the AEUG. Though she does feel scorned by the love she once had for Char Aznable, or better known as Quattro Bajeena during this time. She leads Neo Zeon to many victories during the Gryps Conflict, but many are due to a faithful "Knight" of Hamans. He is a soldier in Neo Zeon that is an excellent Mobile Suit pilot and is always at Hamans side defending her during battle. Throughout his faithful service Haman develops feelings for him, but does not know how to act since her past love life has left her broken.
This is one that I'm really interested in doing

So if any of these find your fancy please fell free to send me a PM or post in this thread.
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