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Author Topic: Scenes of Darwins Mythos  (Read 662 times)

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Scenes of Darwins Mythos
« on: December 20, 2010, 06:59:02 PM »
Greetings again.

I've decided to move my third story idea to this forum due to the lack of serious adult situations. There is only one scene of a sexual encounter that would get above an R rating in the movies. That particular scene can still be played out but it is the only scene out of a lot of others. So here it is.

Story Three
"Scenes from Darwins Mythos"
This particular story, or should I call it a collection of scenes from my novella titled "Darwins Mythos". To put it simply it is "The Creature from the Black Lagoon"-in a cyberpunk setting. Since there is a lot of detail in this, anyone interested in this rp I will go ahead and give you a link to the parts I have done that are up on my DA page. I would be taking control of all NPCS and mainly one OC and I just need someone to play the creature. This would probably take the longest to play out since it would be about half of the novellas content played out. I want to actually get this novella done and I think Rping some of it out will help move the story along.  Or at least give me inspiration. 

Posted below is a VERY rough outline of the story, taken from the storytelling forum so interested parties won't have to jump around.

Outline for Darwin's Mythos

In the year 2085, Marvin Monroe, professor of biotechnology undertakes a venture to the straights of Magellan. He is financed by Lamar Katz, owner of a small mom and pop corp.  While investigating a small lagoon cut off from sea for thousands of years, Monroe discovers two fish-like men who apparently have been living there for over fifty years.  The local natives worship the two as gods of the sea and have even been leaving sacrifices for them on an occasional basis.  Capturing one of the creatures, Monroe makes an important discovery. A strange chemical in the blood of the creature gives it fantastic regeneration.  Harvesting the substance from the body of the creature, Monroe dumps the still-living being back into the sea and distills a serum from the chemical that is able to give the same regenerative powers to whatever it is administered to.  Monroe dubs this the "Lazarus formula". Before he can finish his research however, the local government appears to remove him.  Taking with him a small distilled sample of his new formula, Monroe leaves, dumping the rest of the raw mixture into the lagoon.  As he leaves, the second creature watches him leave, anger growing inside him.

Five years go by. Monroe continues his research but finds himself suddenly without  funding.  It is then, Lamar Katz returns along with the CEO of Bo Vi Vita-Tech, Elijah Brimstone.  Bo-Vi is the largest producer of consumer  pharmaceutical products in the New Californian states, including the Bo-Vi Vita-Fruit tm, a fruit that contains all the nutritional values a grown person needs in a day.  Katz has sold his company to Bo-Vi and after telling Brimstone about Professor Monroe's discovery, the CEO announces that he would be happy to finance another expedition so Monroe can gather more samples and continue his work. However, in order to get the permit to enter the area, Brimstone convinced the ruling parties that the expedition was in order to study the creature that Monroe had gathered the samples from.  Monroe naturally agrees to the ruse but soon discovers that Brimstone has employed Dr. Richard Benchley, the foremost marine biologist, and Dr. Julie Lawrence, the wildlife behavioral expert.  Monroe is conflicted about having to fool such prominent colleagues, but quickly reconciles with himself.

The team hires nature photographers, Ryan Bellaphonte, Ken Shiro, and Miguel Rodriguez and upon arriving in the Azteclands hires the Naverio family consisting of Manuel the father, Lee and Chico, his sons, and Esmeralda, his daughter.  Miguel hits it off with Esmeralda while Ryan begins to have a thing for Julie. She however seems to either not notice or does not return his advances.

Meanwhile, Earth-First Radical Brenda Garcia, also known as an Eco-terrorist, begins to follow the team. She, along with her assistant Lyle Tompkins suspects the Bo-Vi sponsored team is up to no good and wishes to expose them.  They are joined by Lucy Shapiro, a screamsheet reporter looking for a good story. 

The team arrives and sets up shop. While mos t of the scientists gather together on their boat, the Ricou, the others board the Rita, personal boat of the Naverio family.  Deciding to have a little fun, the group aboard the Rita finds a deserted lagoon and parks the boat. The group does not know they are being watched from below.  While the others aboard the Ricou attempt to find the creature first, he has discovered the others.  The scientists are unaware of the creature's presence but they do notice the sea life all around them appears to have mutated.  Richard Benchley suspects Monroe of knowing more than he is letting on.

Back at the Rita, Miguel has not only charmed Esmeralda but has impressed her father as well. Ryan still has no luck expressing himself to Julie, who appears to be more interested in photographing the wildlife than in anything he might have to offer.  After Julie dives in, she catches the attention of the creature who is immediately smitten with her.   Although he works up the nerve to touch her while she is swimming, he vanishes before she can dive down to discover him. 

The rest of day passes without incident, but back on the Ricou Monroe brings aboard a giant crab.  The crab has grown to ten time it's normal size, this alarms everyone on board.  They begin to wonder not only what has caused these mutations but what else could have mutated.

By this time, Brenda and the others have met up with a few hired mercenaries near the only village in on the island. They plan to hijack the boats by force and steal any evidence of environmental tampering.  Lyle and Lucy begin to develop a relationship, while the natives begin to have designs of their own for Lucy.

While attempting to meet up with the Ricou, another mutant, a giant octopus, grabs a hold on the boat.  The octopus eats, Lee, Manuel and attempts to eat Julie but the creature saves her at the last moment.  She is able to catch up to the fleeing others, and the creature follows them back to the shore.  The group runs into Brenda and the mercenaries but before they can show them back to the other boat, one of the men makes the mistake of slapping Julie after she threatened them. Before he can pull his gun on her, the creature attacks. He kills all the mercenaries and sends the others fleeing.  Chico is also disposed of by the creature when he stumbles back to Julie who had been hiding in the bushes in an attempt to catch the creature on film.  Julie and the creature begin to bond before Monroe and the others find them and tranquilize him.  As for Brenda, she is captured by the team, Lucy is taken by the natives who leave her as a sacrifice for the creature. But since he is being taken away, Lucy is left to drown in the high tide, where she killed by mutated jellyfish. Lyle was also captured , and the natives skin him alive and leave his remains outside the village, while his skin is hung over the chief's hut.  Esmeralda  also dies, falling into a pit of quicksand while running away from the creature.

The team is introduced to an underwater facility that Bo-Vi has built only a few miles away from their location. Monroe is furious. He privately confronts Brimstone and Katz about the deception. Brimstone admits that although they could have caught the creature themselves they were unsure of how to exact the formula.  Even Katz was not sure how it was done.  Since they knew they would need Monroe's assistance but were unsure if he would lend it, they went ahead and built the facility and only proposed Monroe when he was broke and desperate for work. Although Monroe is angry and threatens to tell Richard and Julie about why they are really here, Brimstone simply tells him that if he does not comply, he will have him killed.  Monroe wisely holds his tongue.  While Monroe makes preparations to remove the compound from his cells, Richard and Julie are allowed to continue to study the creature, who is kept in a large enclosure behind several layers of glass.  Eventually, the creatures ceases aggression towards Richard and allows himself to be observed by the scientist.  Julie insists on this as not to influence the creature's behavior.  Julie is unsure of not only what the creature is but of her own feelings towards him.  Richard has believed the creature to be a descendant of the natives, who was born with severe mutations and was more animal than human. However, he begins to have second thoughts when he observes very human behaviors that something that had never lived as a human never would do.  Richard leaves the final decision to Julie and allows her to interact with the creature alone.

Nervously agreeing, Julie spends the next few weeks in very close contact with the creature, forging a very strong bond between the two. Things take a bitter turn when she enters an enclosure, with only a open barrier between the two.  The creature is able to reach through the barrier and embrace Julie but she panics when she notices his erection. Julie, who was raped when she was sixteen years old, loses her nerve and sedates the creature quickly and flees.  Her final decision as she tells to Richard is that the creature is a highly evolved animal, but only an animal.  Richard agrees at first, but changes his mind after he observes the creature crying. 

He does not get a chance to tell Julie however, since immediately after, Brimstone returns with Monroe. Monroe is ready to extract the formula. The creature is taken away as Julie is filing her report.  Richard confronts Monroe with his own opinion and is shocked when Monroe gives him a frightened look.


As it turns out Brimstone had the original findings doctored in order to get Richard and Julie aboard.  The DNA testing they did five years ago confirmed the creature was actually a modified human.  All of the changes inflicted upon him could have been done at a high-end graft center, including the ability to breath underwater.  The only things they could not explain was the extreme regeneration and the strange behavior of his white blood cells, which aggressively attack any foreign body that enters the blood stream.  These white blood cells can even eat through most materials inserted into his body.  Despite all this, the creature was and technically still is human.  Richard is horror-struck.  Monroe warns him not to say anything since he no longer trusts Brimstone or even Katz.  Just at that moment, Brimstone calls for Monroe.  Frightened, Richard tries to tell Julie, but she has locked herself in her room and refuses to see him.  Richard goes to Brenda who is being held in the facility.  He is by this point very concerned for his own well-being and asks Brenda to leave the facility with him.

By this time, Monroe is done exacting the formula and turns it over to Brimstone.  Brimstone and Monroe make ready to leave, since Brimstone plans to destroy the facility. Not only will all evidence be destroyed but he plans to use it as a tax write off.  Katz is a bit worried since it was most of his money that was used to build the facility. Brimstone responds by having Katz killed, letting him know that he was aware that Katz was in talks to sell corp secrets to the highest bidder.  Monroe and Brimstone escape after dumping what they think is the building creature's body.  Moments later, the facility's supports are destroyed and the building begins to come down.

Richard and Brenda begin to escape and run into Ryan and Miguel and the four of them escape the facility.  The creature, who was not dead makes ready to swim away but notices Julie still trapped in the facility.  Electing to go back after her, he saves her again and brings her back to his home.  While there he displays his affections for her which only reminds Julie of her rape and she panics again, actually screaming and attempt to get away.  The creature, who has been slowly remembering who he was, stops his advances and leaves her alone.  The frightened Julie escapes his lair and gets to the surface.  She runs into the Bo-Vi clean up team and assumes they are there to rescue her.  However, Brimstone does not want take a chance that anyone may have seen or heard something that might endanger his position and he orders his men to shoot her.  Julie gets away at first but finds herself hurt and trapped in the underwater grottos. 

By now, the creature has remembered how to understand those around him and overhearing the order to shoot Julie, he goes to her and after taking a bullet for her, brings her back to safety. He then goes back after the men above and disposes of them but not before getting badly injured by gunfire.

While he is recovering, Julie discovers a hidden cave. Inside she finds a torn astronaut suit, a photograph and an old journal.  The name tag on the suit reads "Ivanov", the name on the journal "Vanya Ivanov".  And the picture depicts two young men, one of which, a very tall, blonde haired gentleman resembles the creature. Julie reads the journal which at first reads like any ordinary journal. But slowly the entries become more fractured and desperate.  Through it Julie learns who the creature used to be.  He was a young man living in the Neo-Soviet Union, in the early 2020s. In the year 2030, he had his brother Nicoli were chosen to fly aboard the spaceship "Olive Branch" along with almost 40 others from around the world. The ship was sent up to respond to a signal that the earth received apparently as an answer to a message that earth had repeatedly sent out into space to attempt to reach other life forms in the universe.  After the shuttle went up, Earth lost contact with the ship and they were never heard of again. With horror, Julie realizes that the two creatures were Vanya and his brother, come back to earth, but changed in a terrible way.

Julie confirms his identity by comparing his own visage to that in the photograph and finally after he responds to his name, she is overwhelmed.  Apologizing for her behavior, she begs his forgiveness. Although he is unable to talk, he understands her but before anything else can happen, Julie overhears a boat rushing overhead and Richard's voice calling out.
After gathering up the evidence, Julie begs to be allowed to go to them. He allows her to go and although she promises to come back, he doubts her.  Julie waves Richard and the others over to her and tosses over a bag filled with everything she found in the cave.  Even though Ryan bids her over, Julie shouts to Richard that he was right and dives back into the sea to rejoin Vanya.

Ryan and the others are confused but restart the boat and continue on. Back under the sea, Julie confesses her attraction to Vanya and the two finally and mutually embrace. Things do not go as well for Richard and the others. The Bo-Vi team catches up with them and forces them at gunpoint to surrender.  Brimstone tries to get Richard to tell him where Julie is, but he refuses.  Sending his team into the water where she was last seen.  The team finds her but is unable to get a clear shot at her. Through the team-leader's cyber-eye camera, everyone sees Julie and Vanya making love. Brimstone is shocked to see the creature alive and orders his team to wait until they have a clear shot, not wanting to waste any of the creature's valuable blood.  Ryan grabs a hold on Brimstone and the ensuing struggle, distracts the team-leader long enough to for Vanya to see the laser sight on Julie's forehead. He tries to pull her out of the way but the bullet strikes her in the shoulder.  The very maddened Vanya, brings her to the surface and makes sure the others who escaped in the fray, find her. He then goes after Brimstone and his securtiy team.  Julie screams for him to come back but the others have to drag her way forcefully. 

The team is killed and Brimstone is drug into the water by Vanya.  A Bo-Vi heli-bird arrives carrying Monroe and Brimstone's brother Patrick. Patrick panics and orders his men to fire into the water in an attempt to save his brother. 
The others are able to get away, despite Julie's attempts to get away, to go back to the sea, even if it means her death.  Patrick is able to get his badly mangled brother out of the water but the creature is nowhere to be seen.  The heli-bird picks up Brimstone and flies away, forgetting about the others. Richard and the others are able to escape thanks to Brenda calling in for assistance.  For now, they are able to escape from the island and go back to the New Californian Free States.

I do have a character pic available as well if you'd like. I will of course be playing all other NPCs and can provide more background if needed. Also the script does not have to be closely stuck to if that is an issue. Feel free to message me on MSN or AIM if interested.