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May 20, 2018, 04:51:46 PM

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Author Topic: One picture... many possibilities (seeking partner, M or F)  (Read 794 times)

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One picture... many possibilities (seeking partner, M or F)
« on: December 20, 2010, 05:52:48 PM »
You know the expression, a picture says more than a thousand words? Well, I found one that has so much potential to create a story with much more than thousand words, and so I thought I should share it with others on E and maybe find a partner for said story. The picture I am talking about can be found HERE! (SFW)

I think from this single character set-up, one can derive many details for a story, as you do not even need to understand the text to grasp the basic concept. It is a kind and quiet girl on one hand and a fearsome warrior on the other, but both are still the same person. And I want to use that concept, preferrably even the same character. But the "How"s and "Why"s are left open. I imagine it could be a lot like Witchblade, in that the weapon and/or Armor is a sentient being that takes over.

Can she control it during the transformation or is she a puppet for the will of the weapon?
Does she know of it? Or is she unaware of what happens when it takes over?
Is she a fighter for good? Or a destructive maniac?

That are the questions pertaining to this character, what is interesting as well are the question about her counterpart.

Is it a he or a she?
Do they have any relation? Maybe siblings, neighbors, comrades in arms, friends? Or are they just an unrelated hero(es) or random civilian(s)?
Are they out to stop her and succeed? Or do they fail?
Or did they just happen to be in her way as she rampaged through the town? Or has she just saved them?

I am aware that the setting is much like Witchblade in many regards. But I think it can be spun off into many different ways, and I may even be interested in trying out every one.

It can either be MxF or FxF... or MMMMMXF or something like that, if that strikes your fancy. (Might as well add Futa into the mix, for good measure... or tentacles, for that matter)
It can be D/s... with her on either side of the slash. When sub however, I imagine she will be quite feisty... when she is dom, she would be quite cruel in a teasing manner (footjobs anyone? also, expect crude language from her 'possessed' side in opposition to her soft-spoken self).
It can be non-con or vanilla... may contain flavors of incest as well, if you so prefer.

What I want from you now is to pick your setting from the suggestion I made here... or come up with new ones and surprise me. However, I am looking for a reasonably well-versed rper (at least two paragraphs would be nice, and a paragraph, at least for me, consists of more than three sentences) that can play the role they choose well.

Speaking of roles, although I am quite in love with the character and would like to play her, I do not mind in the slightest if one of you insists to play her. We can talk about that, no problem, but you'd have to convince me that you can do the image I have in my head justice... or surpass it, even. Speaking of talking, I'd rather have pms, but if you have the clinical need to post in this thread instead, go right ahead. Speaking of going... that's what I am doing now, so I leave this here for you to find.

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Re: One picture... many possibilities (seeking partner, M or F)
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2010, 11:51:51 PM »
I must admit that the picture intrigues me as well, if you are still looking for a partner to play with I would gladly fill the role of the counterpart. If you wish I can pm you and we can work out the details there.
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