Save your life [EX][F dom looking for M or F sub]

Started by elfguy, December 20, 2010, 05:50:19 PM

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The town of Freeport does not have the best reputation around. Corrupted guards, nobles, thugs running the streets at night. So when a merchant came home late from work, he/she tried to go as fast as possible, and avoid the dark alleys. Unfortunately for him/her, 3 thugs had spotted an easy prey that night, and set an ambush. In an empty street, faced with thugs who will certainly kill him/her without a second thought, just to steal whatever amount of gold pieces they can find, the situation is looking bleak.

That is, until suddenly a young girl in fairly revealing armor appeared out of a dark corner, and offered the merchant another option. She told him/her that she would kill the thugs and save both his/her life and money, but in exchange, he/she would have to spend the night with her, and do everything she wanted. It seemed an easy choice, so the merchant quickly accepted. It seemed unlikely to him/her that this young girl could face all the thugs by herself, but at this point, there was no other option. However, the young girl proved more than able. In reality, she had demon blood in her veins, and displayed an amazing strength and agility. Only after that was done, the merchant would find that this half demon girl had a big appetite, and the night may prove to be much longer and rougher than he/she had imagined.

For this RP I will play the half-demon girl and I need a M or F merchant to play the victim. The story will start at the encounter with the thugs, then after that she will take him/her for her own, having wild sex and abusing his body roughly.



I'm definately up for RPing that. I prefer playing the Submissive Male. Lol


Well I got 2 interested parties within minutes of posting this lol.. Post a short description, image of your character, and we can go from there.


I'm afraid I don't have a image of my character, but I would love to play that! I would be a sub female.
Bree is a short girl with short spiky hair. She has brown eyes, and apple size breasts. She has great legs and a perfect little ass. :)
She is very quiet most of the time, and very submissive. She was trained to do anything she was told.
She looks almost exactly like Alice from the Twilight Saga.

This roleplay sounds really great. :)