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Author Topic: My Model Mother and her Sexy Sister (Incest)  (Read 1959 times)

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Offline MarlowTopic starter

My Model Mother and her Sexy Sister (Incest)
« on: December 20, 2010, 02:02:15 PM »
My character is Zachary Hall, a boy of 17 years of age. He lives in an affluent neighbourhood in California with his single mother who just so happens to be one of the world’s most successful erotic pin-up models, and at the age of 36 she shows no signs of slowing down. And to make things worse, Zachary’s aunt, seven years his mother’s junior, followed her big sister in to modelling and is as striking as his mother.

Model Mother and...
Zachary loves his mother and aunt, but he also lusts for them. He’s been masturbating to thoughts, images and videos of

...her Sexy Sister
the two since he first felt that tingle in his loins, and has never stopped. The two of them have known this for a long time, and secretly take pride and delight in it. The sisters are models, after all, and adore the attention.

For a long time, Zachary was a scrawny kid. He never had much luck with the ladies. However, recently he’s gone through a rather dramatic growth spurt, filling out his lankiness and becoming quite the handsome young man. Now his female classmates look back at him with welcome eyes when he gazes over their charms.

These changes haven’t gone unnoticed by his mother or aunt. Before, Zachary’s secret desires for them were endearing and flattering. Now, in the dark place of the sister’s minds where taboo didn’t matter, those desires started to excite them. No longer was he a little kid in their minds, but a young man.

They began to seek out his attentions on a more physical, immediate level. It started out with simple things: their hugs became longer and tighter, they’d brush up against him in the halls, they’d move in a way so his hand would ghost their curves. The changes went unnoticed.

Jealousy set in them when Zachary brought Bridgette, his new girlfriend, home one time. It simmered in their hearts, and they made more plays for his affection. When they realized he was no longer a virgin and Bridgette was pleasuring Zachary and he was no longer thinking of them, that simmering flame ignited.

That’s where the story begins, shortly after Zachary loses his virginity to Bridgette. His mother and aunt (who live in separate houses, but on the same street) learn of this and cannot bear to have a woman other than them in his life. That’s when they begin, subconsciously, to seduce him. His mother had never asked for opinions on outfits before, his aunt had never asked him to lotion her back while she sunbathed before, and so on and so forth.

I’m looking for a build-up to the eventual ‘bang’ of Zachary’s first sexual experiences with his mother and aunt, with lots of teasing and foreplay, much like how the pin-up photos of their career tease and entice. And when that ‘bang’ gets here, I want Zach to be thoroughly overwhelmed by the sensuality of the two, left in such a haze that he could only hope to follow their lead and do what they told him.

Now, while both the mother and aunt would be teasing, flirting and seducing him, it would not be a team effort. They’d never admit how deeply their attraction and desire for Zachary went to each other until it had gone past the point of no return. Also, they’d attempt to rationalize it away. Something like, “Oh, it’s just some fun, it isn’t like anything’s going to happen” when, deep down, they know if they keep pushing, something will happen and that they desperately want it to happen.

I do have models for the mother and aunt. One is largely set in stone, while the other is much more flexible.

For the mother, the model Denise Milani fits the role exactly. She oozes confidence, sexuality, and has such an amazing body no hot-blooded man could resist her charms. This is the only model that I’m very reluctant to change.

For the aunt, the model Wendy Combattente fits the role well, and also has a rather striking resemblance to Denise, which works for their family connection in the story. Now, unlike Denise, I’m up to seeing alternate ideas for the aunt.

Also, it’s worth noting their ages would obviously be fudged. Denise by six years, Wendy by four years.

As for Bridgette, she’ll be controlled by me and will be very much a supporting role, more of a way to propel the plot forward.

I’m also game to include any other characters you think would be good for the story! By no means is everything set in stone (well, except for Denise, lol) and would love to hear input from you!

Hopefully this takes your fancy! Please post or send me a PM if you’re interested. Also, feel free to add me to YIM or AIM, they’re in my profile.

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Offline MarlowTopic starter

Re: My Model Mother and her Sexy Sister (Incest)
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2010, 02:32:51 AM »
Completely reworked my write-up and added two awesome photos for visual stimulation. Still looking.

Offline EveSK

Re: My Model Mother and her Sexy Sister (Incest)
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2010, 03:40:01 PM »
I would be interested. :)
I sent you a message on here.