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Author Topic: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!  (Read 2074 times)

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Offline MistaKingTopic starter

Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« on: December 20, 2010, 07:24:45 AM »
Greetings to all you lot searching these forums. I have grown quite antsy waiting for that little bar under my name to switch to say Lord, so I decided I would create a thread here to get the ball rolling and get me some rp partners. Now, seeing how I am not approved yet, these rps can't go beyond normal romance. Once that bar changes though then we can talk~. Until then it seems we will have to stick to the madness, horror, angst and all that other good stuff that leads to a juicy rp.

Below will be my favored genres, settings, plots and finally my characters. The plots and genres will be laid a bit thin until I can think more up. Until then you are more than welcome to throw out suggestions, specially since the list is just types that just popped up in my mind as I wrote this. I warn you that it is INCREDIBLY likely I will use the characters defined below or a modified version of them.

For romance I normally play the male in either Straight or Yaoi.



Post Apocalyptic (Preferably drawing influence from either Trigun's world or Fallout's world.)
Zombie Apocalypse
Hospital/Psych Ward

Genres, Themes and Pairings

Vampires (Maybe)
Serial Killer

(MusicianXMusician, MusicianXFan, MusicianXManagar ect.)
(Maybe. Hard to find good ones, though who doesn't dream to be a rock star? >D )
White Collar CriminalXLow Class Criminal
Bank Robbers


I'll Always Stand With You
They were always such a wonderful couple. A couple with so many plans for the future and dreams of growing old together. Yet this young love is shaken when one of the couple gain a untreatable disease. The illness is slowly eating away at them, causing strain and sadness to wash over their once perfect relationship. Will it last now that the idea of dying old together now seems like nothing but a fantasy?


Valiant King
Pictures: One, Two
Orientation: Bisexual, Switch namely Dominate. If submissive, a pushy one.
Species: Human
Age: 24-30 depending on rp.
Height: 5'6"
Body type: Feminine, lithe and toned.
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green naturally, normally wearing purple contacts.
Alignment: Normally a Villain or at least a criminal. Lawful Evil.
Distinguishing Features: Lip, tongue, belly and numerous ear piercings. Knife wound in stomach, bullet wound in shoulder.
When enough is put on someone's shoulders and they simply push back the emotions this causes it only takes one more push before their mind finally snaps. One poor girl learned this with disastrous results. Val had always been a rather effeminate looking boy in both physique and in style. This of coarse lead cold-hearted children to make his childhood a nightmare. Yet he never let it get to him, all that rage and grief was pushed into the pit of his stomach to stew as he went on with his life the best he could. He was growing impatient with their relentless assault until finally a young girl stepped in to help him. This soon lead to a relationship through their high school years. In their senior year the girl made a poor choice, as many high school students do. She decided to play around behind Val's back with someone a bit more manly in shape, for Val didn't hold the stereotypical flamboyant behavior many assumed he had. Yet it seemed she wanted more beef on her man.

Yet a lie could only go for so long. As they moved on to college they were found out, Val walked in on the two while they were in the girl's dorm. Now unlike many young adults he did not instantly snap. No, all he gave was a dark smile as he slipped away unnoticed leaving them none the wiser of his revelation. That was until the girl got a call to meet her sullied boyfriend by their favorite spot at the lake. What she found was the boy's revenge. The girl's fling was wrapped up in chains and quite obviously no more. The girl was obviously horrified as Val tried desperately to both show her the error of her ways before attempting to bring her back to his side. One should never deny someone who obviously had lost it what they want, for the three of them disappeared from the city they had once lived in.

Val had simply moved rather far from his hometown to escape which went over well. Yet he had yet to recover. While he still searched for the love he had stolen from him, he wasn't exactly picky. Known to stalk or force someone into what he wants through violence or charm he has become a twisted mad man.

Val fled to America with a man whom he sold his life to, Stan a arms dealer. He was taught everything the man knew. Using his intelligence, charisma and the reputation that soon was being whispered through the alleys he rose to the top of the arms race as the years passed. He spent his time refining his craft. A King Armament gun was the one any criminal wanted to carry. Especially since the man putting them out knew how to properly outwit the police, hiding behind his effeminate appearance and pretending to simply be a high class citizen instead of a white collar criminal.

Kekkon Miles
Pictures: One, Two
Orientation: Bisexual, switch.
Species: Catboy
Age: 20
Height: 5'10"
Body type: Lanky, underweight.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Silver
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Distinguishing Features: Deep bruises from his shackles and collar on his wrists, ankles and neck. Stove top shaped burn on the left side of his face. Whiplashes and numerous bruises along his body.

Many would do anything to free themselves from captivity, from hell. Kekkon was born into this situation. Born into slavery and passed around the market before winding up in the arms of a madman, Orbis. Until he was 19 Kekkon went through the man's strange 'experiments'. If anything these surgical procedures, physical tests and attempts to break him were nothing more than torture. A Orbis, being a man obsessed with knowledge, wanted to know everything about the catboy. To the point Kekkon began to beg to the skies above when left in his room. His only escape was the set of books he was occasionally given by the mad doctor's assistants. These books are where Kekkon gained most of his knowledge leading him to be fairly socially inept.

Soon his prayers were answered. Not by a god nor by a miracle. Sadly Kekkon's prayers were answered by Darkness Incarnate, as it liked to be called. In truth this powerful being was a jumbled mess of lost souls who had fused into what could be only considered as a source of energy. Seeking a body, they answered Kekkon's prayers and gave him the power to escape.   

Problem was Kekkon wasn't entirely normal. Being from a race that secluded themselves to their own area, suburbs and normally kept themselves disguised, Kekkon was at a loss on how to live outside in a human world. Lacking the social skills to properly communicate without accidental offense the boy fell into the homeless world, only being noticed when the dormant powers that infest his mind lash out.

Kekkon became brash, hateful and rather rude thanks to his company and influence namely being the criminals and homeless of the alleys and the Darkness residing in his own mind.

This was no ordinary crazy bum, his madness might just be genuine.

Ciel Coffey and Mista' Jangles
Orientation: Bisexual, submissive.
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 6'0"
Body type: Slim, Athletic
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Alignment: Neutral Good
Distinguishing Features: wears glasses. Ear, nose and tongue piercings. Music tattoo on stomach and all along his left arm. Purple Les Paul normally on his back.

Ciel Coffey would always lose himself to the beat of the music. It was hard not to get lost when the world around him was in shambles. Since he was a little boy his parents always had their problems, arguing and fighting thanks to his mother's problems. As this went on Ciel just kept focusing on his music. His father gave him a guitar when he became a teen, a guitar he gained a tight relationship with. He had it with him no matter where he went, this was simply a healthy obsession with his passion.

That was until his mother and father divorced. After a long battle in which he stayed namely with his father, his mother took everything. With nothing left his father took his own life, something he walked in on on accident.

Mentally disturbed he gained a bit of a tweaked out personality, yet he never seemed down. His darkness simply being locked away. Something grew with in his mind, Mr. Jangles. His relationship with his guitar grew rather strange. He began talking to it and collaborating with it on songs. He did this openly too, even in school through whispers. People grew worried yet there wasn't much they could do. Once out of school he grew more focused on pursuing his dream to become a rock legend. Him and Mr. Jangles were determined to rule the musical world.

Jingy Watson
Pictures Casual, Crossdressing
Orientation: Gay. Known to bite that back if a client wants him to or face the wrath of his pimp. Submissive, dominant if the client wants.
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Body type: Feminine
Hair color: Naturally Brown, Dyed Pink
Eye color: Pink
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Distinguishing Features: Tongue piercing, heart tattoo on his rear, musical note belly piercing and normally keeps his finger and toe nails painted pink.

Young Jingy Watson was born and raised in the city of Las Vegas. His family included a terribly crooked father, more level headed but equally crooked mother and a brother being taught the ways of the family. With young Jingy though they thought up a better idea for him. As he grew older they began to notice he was far more effeminate then his older brother. Soon enough they started making him get used to more effeminate clothing. Once old enough, they called in a good friend of theirs. This man was one of the many pimps that ran the strip, this one holding a specialty with Femboys. He was a picky one though preferring the ones that could easily be mistaken for a women, much like Jingy had grown to become.

Having no choice, Jingy went with the man to become one of his bois. A portion of his money was sent to his family while he was subjected to the life of a male prostitute. To make things worse his new handler was a cruel man that enjoyed humiliating and degrading the boy whenever he made a mistake. When away from his hard lifestyle Jingy spent a fair amount of time reading and keeping his mind ready for whenever he could escape for a real job.

Plot idea: This can go one of a few ways. Either you can play his cruel handler or, to make a lovely little love story, turn this into a story involving someone that would rather save Jingy from his horrid boss. Another idea is being another one of the harsh man's boy's. This plot is open to discussion of coarse. X3

Jaden Mayer (Snugglywugglekins)
Orientation: Not known (Innocent), Submissive.
Species: Once human, now more a mix of a human, stuffed animal and a robot
Age: 20
Height: 6'2"
Body type: Thin, soft and cuddly.
Hair color: White and black, a mix of a doll's hair stitched right into his scalp.
Eye color: Hidden by black buttons stitched over them.
Alignment: Neutral
Distinguishing Features: All mentioned below.

Jaden Mayer was once a 20 year old male with a decent part time job serving out coffee and scones while balancing classes in college. That was before Jaden went missing 3 years ago leading to plastered pictures of his face as well as family and friends worrying as the days pass. They didn't know the true fate of their beloved son and friend.. Jaden was now Snugglywugglekins. A name he wished to rip out his stuffing over. The rich father of a young child had found a perfect way to sooth his bored child's cries for a more interesting toy. In this case a large stuff animal and she wanted it now, at first the father was at a loss as to what to do until it hit him, money does lead to many possibilities. It started with the kidnapping of Jaden Mayer, not for any particular reason minus the fact he had been alone on the man's route that particular day the idea had popped up, to the doctors he went.

Now when given enough money the right doctor would turn their back on any oath for a piece of that fortune when said fortune was enough for even a doctor to feel content retiring off of. This was a risky procedure but it was possible. Organ replaced with stuffing and medical marvels until all the boy could do was live, breath and become the stuffed animal to a girl whose greed would always be satisfied thanks to her corrupt father. Fake cat ears stitched to his scalp to to help the illusion of a stuffed animal with his real ears hidden by his hair now made out of a plush material. While making his skin more cloth like would be difficult it was possible. Using his real skin as a pallet they stitched numerous pieces of cloth until his skin was left completely hidden, leaving his lean shape thanks to this and the stuffing covering his bones and tendons.

To finish the illusion his eyelids were first stitched shut before, using large pits of yarn much like his whiskers, giant buttons were stitched over the and through the eyes leaving him blind but a perfect replica.

Pain was not a problem for Jaden in certain areas, whatever was a problem was taken care of by morphine to the artificial blood stream hidden deep in his stuffing to protect his mind. He could barely get around thank to his constant feeling of emptiness as well as the morphine. His blindness broke any chance to effectively run and soon enough he gave up.

This was where he was named Snugglywugglekins.. He just accepted it, fighting would just make it worse. Soon enough though as with any toy the young girl found something better and he just collected dust sitting in darkness for who knows how long. The father didn't need the waste of space as well as the broken trail the boy's attempts to stumble away caused. Jaden didn't know where he was brought, all he felt was movement.

He was thrown away, tossed next to a dumpster left to mildew and be chewed on by moths and rats. The boy with his face plastered next to hundreds of missing persons claims was now left unrecognizable. A monster of medical science and money now left to either be picked up or rot.

Orbis Erus
Orientation: Will it cause torment? Will it cause a breakthrough in his work (Or that will be his excuse)
Species: Human
Age: 40
Height: 6'6"
Body type: Lanky, slightly muscular.
Hair color: White
Eye color: Hazel
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Distinguishing Features: Eye patch over left eye. Normally dressed in a fine suit.

Some say monsters are made and not born. Orbis is one of those men that show this is not always true. At first Orbis was a brilliant man dedicated to medicine and curing any that had been hurt. This was when he first got into medicine he was a bright mind eager to help. Then he began to intern, work on cadavers and realize something about the human body. When compared to the other creatures of the world they were weak and so easily taken out. The years after graduating hadn't helped either and his colleges began to grow further worried as he began to talk of 'the perfect body'. It was less the subject manner then how he spoke of it. How if they simply studied the other creatures out there along with the human race, creatures like demons, nekos and the like they could evolve further.

Then, somewhere along the line, he snapped. Utilizing the wealth he had saved during his years as a surgeon Orbis had a house made for himself. It was big enough for him and at first glance held nothing special. That was until they ventured into the basement. A vast lair of a man with connections. It was here he began sneaking in slaves of all types and forcing them into his cruel experiments. He began to test everything in order to gain the research he wanted. This cruel man had even brought in numerous associates and people he had corrupted with his cause.

Humans, Nekos, Werewolves.. Nothing was safe from his grasp. His connections grew with time and as they did he gained more locations and better means of keeping his subjects contained. At some point his treatment of his subjects grew less about his experiments and more for his own pleasure. The once kind surgeon had become a sadistic madman torturing any who were locked behind his cages. Those left in his own personal basement got the worst of it for it was where he wouldn't be questioned by his fellow doctors and scientists.

Few know what he plans to do once he finds the capabilities to make the perfect body or if he would ever complete his research. With people going missing across the country as his cause grew this was now an epidemic hidden in the shadows. The humans were safe of coarse, it was everyone else that had to worry now.
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Offline Moksha

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2010, 09:56:40 PM »
Well, I need a role play to hop into while i get approved too :D

I like everything you have on there until you get to the plots you have set out o.o the first is far too morbid for my taste, and doesn't seem like it could expand from a crying lover kneeling on the deathbed of their late lover. As for the second.... I dunno, it's so, out there. o.o

I love an addiction theme though :D or any of the musicianXperson one's and all the crimeXperson ideas.

Offline MistaKingTopic starter

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2010, 01:24:15 AM »
Yeah, I am not good at making happy plots. xD Can rp them, just never been glorious at making them. Do love playing musicians and criminals though. The charismatic and villainous Val.. Or the weird and overly happy Ciel. xp Both fun to play heheh~.

Offline Moksha

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2010, 01:42:46 AM »
Sounds good! I have a whole cast of characters ready for disposal *Rubs hands* Who's on the chopping block today??

Well I guess it depends on what storyline we do. Although I have to warn you im not into yaoi at all and if we do a one on one, ill either play a girl or just not have romance :P

Offline MistaKingTopic starter

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2010, 07:54:22 PM »
No problem at all. Not entirely good at roleplaying a woman but I do have them as characters, just not as fleshed out. Namely made while making the character, Alexandria who is Val's sister is the main one really. More what you are looking for there. xD

My favorite of the lot is Val, so Crime is always one I love simply because I like writing for a villain.

Offline Moksha

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #5 on: December 21, 2010, 11:18:29 PM »
Well why don't we do CrimeXLaw? I'll play a girl cop and you can play Val. And Miss Cop can have some kind of addiction i think :)

Offline Kairi

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #6 on: December 22, 2010, 11:28:01 PM »
Hello MistaKind I'm Kairi and like you once were I'm very anxiously awaiting my title change so I was wondering if we could perhaps start an rp together and once mine changes we can further our role play from pg 13 to more advanced perhaps?

sincerely Kairi '.~

Offline MistaKingTopic starter

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #7 on: December 23, 2010, 08:10:02 AM »
That sounds interesting Moksha. x3 Sorry for my delay, was getting my other roleplays and boards all set up as well my ons and offs. What kind of addiction are you thinking? While he is a white collar criminal his gang could dabble in drugs as well~.

Hi Kairi! Sure I wouldn't mind that at all. Did you have anything in particular in mind from the list I set up?

Offline Kairi

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #8 on: December 25, 2010, 12:27:26 AM »
Valiant King sounds like the kind I like the evil guy who would charm or force the girl whatever he needed to do, its very intreaging and I would love to rp it with you!!! :)

Offline MistaKingTopic starter

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #9 on: December 25, 2010, 12:37:09 AM »
Yes I do love Val as well, hence the profile pic being him.. Name too. xD Haha, I do enjoy my villains. Still modifying my characters in my adult thread to have all of them, least Val and Orbis my two major ones. Will be copying that over here once I have completed it. Any idea on the type of plot you would prefer? I do love brainstorming.

Offline Kairi

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #10 on: December 25, 2010, 12:47:07 AM »
well I deffinatly like to have romance and the human trade thing is one that I have been into for a while. I like when my characters are forced to become pets and become trained and such.

Offline MistaKingTopic starter

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #11 on: December 25, 2010, 11:56:07 AM »
Hmn.. Characters fitting for that is either Orbis or Val for owning your character which, in Orbis's case, not going to happen. Val is not impossible but still a fairly cruel man. Could make a new character too. There is also romance between pets which could work with Jingy or Kekkon.

Offline Kairi

Re: Madness, Horror, Romance, Angst, ROLEPLAY!
« Reply #12 on: December 25, 2010, 12:40:39 PM »
Val is definatly my favorite character of the ones you have shown, his style and his traits make for something very intreaguing and I think he would fit well with my character Kairi. She is my favorite character as of late, she's witty with a smart mouth, knows how to role with the punches, but also isn't afraid to fight back. She secretly wants someone to care for her because her only living relative is her brother, who would also help to make with a good story because he's the one who attempts to sell her after their parents die leaving him in custody.  He decides one day after losing his job hes going to sell her for a major buy in some illegal drugs before he loses his custody, after all her birthday is only a mere 2 days away, and she would be leaving him anyway, so why not make some profit?  The day he goes to sell her he locks her in her room but she uses duck tape on the window and busts it with only a slight bit of noise and dissapears into the night after the tall dark haired man shows up for negotiation.