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November 28, 2020, 05:13:35 PM

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Author Topic: i'M A TROUBLE MAKER (MxF, dominant M plz)  (Read 677 times)

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Offline synergistTopic starter

i'M A TROUBLE MAKER (MxF, dominant M plz)
« on: December 19, 2010, 11:20:31 PM »

hi my name's synergist
if you put me in a good roleplay with plot our characters have dirty dirty sex
this is my ons & offs thread
these are my ideas

as well as my pleas for roleplays in general

it came from the drain !

I've always been very interested in creating plots based on songs and thought it was really interesting since it will vary from person to person but still carry a main theme. For example Jesse's Girl could be describing  teenagers in highschool or it could be some weirdos with super powers and jesse's girl is actually a blow up doll because i dont know about you, but that's obviously where my mind goes when I hear it. So in that respect, here are some songs, i'll say what I think when I hear it (which is totally flexible and I am open to not using it at all because I am making these up, uh, right now) and you do whatever. Or suggest your own songs, that's radical.

I would include links, but they turn into full sized videos when I try and I am too lazy to figure out how to fix this problem so you'll have to youtube them yourself or ask me for links. sorry </3

Your Guts (I Hate Them) by Reel Big Fish - I am a fan of dysfunctional relationships and this song is like oh bby you know what I need <3 So I personally envision a difficult relationship between a bitchy and headstrong loser chick (and that's why she's a loser) and her equally headstrong and nasty headstrong boyfriend. Who would probably be just as much a loser as she is, however i think it would be interesting if he's not so that's totally up to you. But it's cute when it's happy and funny & hot when it's not.

Compass by Jamie Lidell - I see this as being a relationship between two people who are immortal, for reasons that I am totally open with discussing though as a side note I am not a good vampire roleplayer. These two people would be ones who generally find themselves better off living on their own yet always seem to find their way back to each other, whether that's something good or bad is up in the air.

Stellar by Incubus - This has been one of my favorite songs for a long time and I'm really excited to see where roleplays of it's interpretation could go since the lyrics are beautiful and simultaneously ambiguous. It can go from realistic to supernatural and from loving to spiteful which is why I wont set anything up for this but instead plead for your take on it and for an opportunity to bounce ideas back and forth to make something awesome.

Wild and Young by American Bang - This is that gritty, white trash relationship that I always thought I would have but it turns out I never got into this situation, hahaha. It always gives me that feeling of an unstable, on/off relationship that is based off sex one week and based off friendship the next and then that hyperanxiety of it feels right but it feels too fast so then it's nothing or cheating and trying to make a rubber band break. This can go from being literal white trash or to something more sophisticated and even fantasy-esque.

generic and my current thoughts !

I don't have a real list of plots/pairings I want to do since to be quite frank if it's not in my list of offs there isn't something I wont try and right now I really want to try new things. I am essentially craving a roleplay yet with no idea what I'm hungry for. However for sure fire ways to get my interest going I am really into the whole superhuman/supervillian thing and x-men-esque sort of things but I know as much about x men as they put into the movies, the TV show heroes might be a better example. I'm not really into Anime (The lone exception being Howl's Moving Castle, it got to the girl in me) though on the fan setting I read all the harry potter books and like it enough to roleplay it but am not overly excited by it and only know Star Wars by the movies but of course dont mind roleplaying it because it's Star Wars and that's both cool and nerdy(=me). Realistic settings are easy and come naturally to me, but a modern element of fantasy always seems to catch my interest. I haven't done it in a long time, but I'm willing to go for totally fantasy or futuristic settings and anything else that I cant currently think of.

contact me !

To set up a roleplay or to talk to me because you think I'm stupid you can either
- post in this thread
- pm me
- send me an AIM message [/color]
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