Dexter's Kinky Ideas ( M/F, MFM, MMMF, interracial, male/female dom)

Started by Dexterminated, December 16, 2010, 06:19:32 PM

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My On's and Off's Post

Currently I am seeking FEMALE partners for all of my role plays, I really prefer a female partner that has switch characters or the ability to role play as switch. There are times where I'd like the female to be able to dominate at times and write as a male, so it helps to have a switch personality for that. If you don't want to write as a male then that is ok, I can still write as all the males.

My ideas come off as short term with very little plot or character development because I do not want to plan out every little detail, I like good writing to develope the story (filled with kinky sex). These ideas are starter points that can be altered any which way you and I want but please keep in mind I am here for the adult aspect of RP; this does not mean I'm just looking to cyber.

Since I am looking for messenger/IM role play that does not mean I will rule out PM role play but please note that I like the live aspect of chat/messenger role play so if you can only post once a day then please look elsewhere. However, if you're a player that can only post once a day and you really want to role play my ideas then please contact me so we can work something out.

I can use almost any messenger program, be it Yahoo, AIM, Skype, MSN or whatever. I'm willing to download new programs for a good role play partner.

As far as post length I am not picky, I've been role playing for a long time so I can fit into any style - first or third person, long or short posts. I'm a detailed writer that can play more than one character at a time and not confuse you, trust me. And yes, I love to dominate as much as I love being made a bitch.

So if you like dirty dialogue, hardcore hip smacking and loads of spunk, then hit me up..!

Fetishes/themes involved: gang bang, interracial, adultery, cuckold, fem dom, incest, strap-ons, crossdressing, forced M/M

1. Out For A Walk ( interracial, forced M/M, MFM )

A young couple goes out on a walk in the park or in the city. Along their way the two get held up at gun point by a black man who demands all of their money first then takes the two to a secluded area. Be it an alley way, behind a tree, at a bench that isn't well lit, a van, an apartment or anywhere else depending on the story, then he proceeds to make the girlfriend go down on him and next the boyfriend.

I'm really looking to focus on foreplay with this because I see it as the criminal just wants to get off after getting his money. He doesn't need to get naked for that or have the couple get naked, he uses them for a blow job and hand job.

Our main characters will be the couple, you the girlfriend and me the boyfriend. However, both of us can play as the black man or just one of us, doesn't matter to me either way.

Continuation ideas:

a. This experience changes the girlfriends attitude towards her boyfriend, she no longer sees him as the dominant, protective, strong guy she first met. She even starts to fantasize about the hung man who used them and she starts to seek that out. It's not too long before she sleeps around behind the boyfriends back and eventually cucks him with other black men.

b. The criminal takes their license so he knows where both live, he revisits the two so he can make them both his fuck slave but he will mainly focus on using the girlfriend in front of the boyfriend.

2. Pic Trading (incest, M/F)

The internet is a big place and the fact that it's so easy to stay anonymous leads many to send out pics of themselves to get rated, in some cases people will leave their face out and just get comments on their body. Our characters, brother and sister, want to know just how they stack up and put their pics out there. This leads to the two of them meeting on a pic rating site, they exchange screen names and start chatting online without realizing who the other is.

From here, it can be played out that the two plan to meet so they can fuck (still don't know it's their sibling till they meet) or they can find out who truely is on the other end by sending face pics or going on web cam.

Once the cat is out of the bag we go from there.. but obviously, I want them to bang it out.

3. Home Invasion ( interracial, forced, M/M, MFM, MMMF)

a. A fairly simple idea, a couple is enoying some quiet time in front of the TV when there is a knock at the door. My guy goes to get the door and gets bum rushed by a gang of black men. They go right into the living room where they throw him down and make him watch as they use his girl.

For this, I don't want the girl to be willing at first but as things progress my character starts to realize how much fun she is having with the gang bang but can do nothing about it.

b. A white female and a black male are criminals together, their choice of crime is home invasion. They bust into a guys house and rape him together. The female can bring a strap-on if she wants to get behind her victim.

4. Lost Bet  ( crossdressing, incest )

a. A boyfriend and girlfriend have a simple fun bet going on, the boyfriend loses and the terms are that he has to wear one of her thongs the whole day. We'd play out the couple going to the mall together, out to eat or a movie, anything. I want them to have a fun day together but the whole time she knows that he's wearing her panties and she can exploit that.

Later on, I'd like the girlfriend to be so into it that she leads things into him taking it in the ass from her strap-on.

b. Same thing but it can be brother and sister.

5. Gang Bang Revenge ( strap-ons, fem dom, FFM)

A girl goes on a blind date with a guy and for the first time in her life the guy is perfect. They have some drinks and a nice conversation but the guy she is with is far from perfect. He slips something into her drink that messes with her hormones and gets her horny like a bitch in heat then he takes her home. When they get back to his place she is all over him but when he opens the door his place isn't empty, several of his friends are there.

Things are kinda awkward at first but the drugs slipped into her drink are stronger than her and she ends up getting gang banged by all of them. The whole time she is treated like a slut and she remembers everything.

Months go by and she never hears from the guy again, for obvious reasons, but she doesn't forget what happened and wants her revenge. So, she gets a friend to meet this guy so she can drug him then take him back to her place where a gang of women run a train on him with strap-ons.

We can play out the girl getting gang banged first, but I am mainly looking for the revenge being taken out on him. Both of us can play multiple females for this but my main character will be the guy.

6. Unfaithful Revenge ( interracial, cuckold )

A guy cheats on his girl and gets caught, the two have been in a long term relationship or are married and this isn't the end for them. As horrifying as it is for the female to walk in on her man with another, she doesn't want to lose him but things will never be the same. Out of true guilt, the guy offers that his girl sleeps with someone else and it's an offer he assumes she won't take up. She does, and she wants to fuck a black guy.

She brings one home and makes her man watch as she cheats on him.

7. I Wasn't Speeding! ( interracial open, age play )

A young teen heads over to a friends house to pick something up, on their way home they take the back roads so they can slam on the gas peddle and hurry home. That road never sees much traffic so it's a major buzz kill when the teen peers into their mirror to find blue and red lights flashing.

Now this idea can have different pairings. I can play the speeding teenaged boy, you as a sexy female cop. Or I can be the strong officer and you can be the speeding teen. Interracial optional. Either way, think cuffs.. nightsticks and kinky frisking!

8. What Happened? ( body swap/transformation, possible incest, slight fantasy/magic elements, any ages )

A guy and a girl sneak up into an old addcit one day. The place is littered with antiques which includes a strange bowl filled with some sparkling dust. The guy finds it and playfully blows the dust in the girls face but he had no idea what that would lead to.

The next morning when the two wake up, they realize they are trapped in the others body.

The pairings for this can be anything: boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister, friends, a married couple, anything. The scene can start with two in the addict or we kick it off at the moment each wakes up in the others body.

Also, this idea can be branched off into other ideas such as the girl going off (in the guys body) to hook up with all her friends she was attracted to, or just random girls at clubs. And this can go the same way for the guy.

9. Pesky Neighbor (Herms, or strap-on fem dom)

The teenage boy next door is constantly causing havoc around the block - pulling pranks and egging houses when he gets bored but he always goes unpunished. With parents that are always gone on vacation or for business, no one is around to teach him a lesson - until today. When the herm neighbors next door get a call from his parents asking if they'll watch the house just to make sure it's not set on fire they decide to light one of their own and teach the brat a lesson.

For this I'm really interested in having two herms who are a couple, or maybe a herm with a normal female (with a strap-on) that team up on a male. If you aren't comfy with playing as two, I can help out with that or it can be a one-on-one situation. Also, if you're not into the herm thing then just generally bitchy females are welcome.

This is to be fun and wicked, the boy isn't gonna just lay over and play dead.. he'll be extra fiesty and just plain wrong himself.

10. Kitty Got Fangs (Vampires)

I don't have a specific story in mind so this is kind of a place holder, but I am looking for a role play with a female vampire. She can be evil, twisted, crazy, normal.. whatever. When I think of an idea I'll add it here. So any females that like to play as a vampire.. PLEASE message me!

11. Rival Schools ( GB )

Two teams go at it in a rivalry game but there's more at stake than adding a win - the captin of the losing squad has to give up his girlfriend to the opponents team.

12. Strip Club Nightmare?

A hot guy heads into a club and starts racking up lap dances throughout the night, maybe he's a bit drunk or doesn't realize it but by the end of all the fun he can't pay the bill. So, instead of having the crap beaten out of him and tossed out the club owner and den mother decide to have a little fun with him.

This can go serveral different ways, including forced bi-play and strap-ons.

13. The Poker Party

A father gets into the ruthless world of gambling with people who don't take going unpaid lightly. After several hours of losing hand after hand he realizes there's no way he can pay off the debt he accumulated which doesn't go so well with the men he gambles with. He has two options, he can either swim with the fishes or lose his house, car and everything else he owns then probably still get killed. That's until his wife/daughter comes downstairs and a new offer is on the table.

So, those are my ideas for now but I am very open to other things so feel free to contact me.

If you want different ideas based off of the following themes:
Cheating Wives/Girlfriends
Gang bangs
Spring Break


number 2 and 4 seem interesting though I'm not that used to rping here so I'm not completely sure. The rpforum I used to rp on was shut down so I had to find a new one...


I like ideas 6 & 7 if either is still open. For 7 I would like to play the speeding teen, since you were open to that option. Please let me know.
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Added idea 13, tweaked others. Adding more later probably.


Are you comfortable role playing with a male partner playing as a female? Several of your ideas are spectacular.