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Author Topic: A royal Idea.  (Read 1004 times)

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A royal Idea.
« on: March 13, 2007, 07:21:36 pm »
I posted this in the wrong place last time:

While writing my IWP (Independent Writing Project) i thought up of a cool little intrigue that could go into some detailed sex scenes. Of course, what i write on E is definitely not appropriate for outside-of-E-use so thats a negative. And i am not sure how well it will translate into a game.

Basically, to make it brief, it takes place in a Medieval Fantasy Setting. My thought was that the Prince is about 18 years old, sleeps around with the serving girls, some choice Noble's daughters, even perhaps an older woman. Pretty unlikeable guy in general. Little does he know that his father, the King is also having an affair with the mother of one of the girls he has been sleeping with. They bump into each other one morning in the certain area of the palace/castle that the nobles live in and the Prince realizes what is going on but his father remains oblivious that his son knows. Tidings of war in the south result in a foreign princess being offered for marriage to gain a military alliance etc.  King has other plans, wants to make peace with an old/powerful enemy by marrying his son off to them. Needs time, so sends Son (prince) and army to the north with a few cohorts to deal with the problem going on there (the main plot to my story, seen through the eyes of a peasant with all this political stuff going on in the background) to delay the marriage proposal and work out the kinks of the one he wants. Son sees this as his father preventing him from telling his mother about the affair. Also as a way to give his son some experience and credit as a leader. Yadda yadda yadda...for a story its a good idea, but i don't think it would work in a game. But i do want another game set in that sort of situation...

It can be directed more towards the sex aspect or the plot, or equal to both. Unless some one has another idea that they want to try out with me.

Hmm...I'm feeling the Medieval/Fantasy Setting right now. And i like the Court-scene too. How about this:

My character, the Prince, is handsome and most girls of age are more then willing to spread their legs for him. He takes full advantage of this when he can, and even has a few favored girls. Perhaps one in particular has a lust for cock/cum in general and has 'been around' the castle a few times. The Prince does not care, due to her skills and her wild-side, and has become more and more confident himself. Perhaps they are beginning to start having sex/sexual encounters in more and more public places (aka not in his room or hers) where the threat of being caught in the act is very real. Perhaps she even has a friend and gives him a nice birthday present (in the morning) with a threesome, while she walks in on him with a lady later on in the evening and joins in?

This can go several directions from here, including perhaps a scene where both the Prince and the King are fucking her at the same time, or even a light-incest scene where the Queen (16 years older then him) is also involved?

Well, if you've read this far, i hope you're interested and either respond here or drop me a PM. Thanks.

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Re: A royal Idea.
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2007, 08:36:20 pm »
How many participants? Would love to play Pops... or rival older brother ;D