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Author Topic: How to Tame an Angel (Plots in need of female characters)  (Read 4075 times)

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How to Tame an Angel (Plots in need of female characters)
« on: December 15, 2010, 02:05:02 pm »
Before Reading On
  • Do not post in this thread. I will always try and keep it locked to prevent anyone from mistakenly posting to request an idea, but if by chance I forgot to lock it, remember this at the end.
  • Please check out my On’s and Off page. Not the one that is built into the site, but the one that is linked to in my signature. Just click on the picture of the redhead.
  • Every idea is the creation of my desires and imagination. Because of that, sometimes I will lose interest in them or want to change something about them moving forward. If by chance you saw something you liked, but came back and now it is gone, that is more than likely the reason why.
  • I am looking for new partners and stories.

Just Who is This Fallen Being?
  • I am a Supernatural, Fantasy, or Sci-fi writer. I no longer try to write non-fantasy or historic stories.
  • My ideas range from dark to extreme. But they all still include some kind of a connection between the characters. The connection could be love, belonging, or just possession. It depends upon the character I have made, and the setting. If you want to change the idea of that connection, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • I am not always an active poster. I would always love to post back right away. But writer's block and life get in the way. With my job, I most likely will not be writing daily. Maybe every other day, or maybe even longer than that. So please keep this in mind.
  • I only write in threads. I have no interest in private message stories or instant message stories.
  • I enjoy the input from my partner on all ideas, even the ones listed below. If you see something that just does not match what you think, bring it up. If we as writers cant express ourselves while talking about the story, then how can we later on when something is not going well with the story?
  • I have my own interests, while my partners have their own. Most likely some of these interests will be shared, while some will not. I also know there are some personal kinks and desires that don’t get played much. I am always willing to discuss them and see if they fit into the idea at all.

What Does Fallen Look For in His Wing Mate?
  • Communication – Talk to me about how you see an idea playing out. Ask me questions if you are unsure about something. My brain is extremely odd at times, and I will often skip steps in my mind and it will make perfect sense to me. While others looking at what I did will end up being confused and lost on how to continue. Also, if there is anything that you want to modify, remove, or even add speak up about it. Also, feedback is appreciated anytime it is given. This is not me asking you to always tell me everything you think, but if you want to share I will gladly listen.
  • Creativity - Even if you are messaging me about my ideas, I would love it if you bring something to the table. Build your own character, a background for it, or even what you thought about the plot idea when you read it. These ideas below are just starters, as I get partners that are interested in them they evolve and grow into different stories than what they first started on. But I don't want to be the only one thinking about what is going to happen next in a story. I would also like it if my partner would add things to the scene when posting. If I describe a room that does not mean that is all there is to the room. Add your own touch to something. Just don’t go overboard and build a totally new room.
  • Respect of my character - Do not, and I can’t not stress this enough, do not tell me what my character is doing, thinking to feel, wanting, or anything like that. When I read this, my entire interest in the story just drops. There is nothing else that could destroy my interest in a story quicker than this. If one of these things is needed for a story, do little things I can work with, or send me a message about it. I understand that sometimes moving my character from place to place is needed. The only way something like this would be fine would be if it is something your own character is thinking that my character is thinking/doing/feeling.
  • Limits – I have my limits, and I want them to be respected. This could be my posting limitations or a kink that I am just unwilling to play. Don’t try and beg me to post to a story, or to write out a kink that I just don’t enjoy. Ask me about it, if I say no about a kink, then that means I am unwilling to write it out. If you keep on pushing me about it, then I just will not have the interest to write with you. In the past, a partner came to me with an idea. It contained about three kinks that I had little to no interest in, but the idea as a whole was brilliant. I agreed to it, and when the time came to those kinks that I had no interest in, I wrote them out. I found out as a writer I really enjoyed them, and now they are kinks I enjoy writing. So don’t be put off about coming to me with some things that I have listed as uninterested. Just respect my limits.
  • Effort – Each and every post is like a step in the path. I something takes that step, and then it will be up to you to take the next step. If you don’t put forth the effort in a post, then my writing is also going to suffer from it. This works both ways, and it will become an endless cycle where I end up losing interest in the story. The amount of effort does not have to be huge, but there has to be some.
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Offline FallenAngelNajdanTopic starter

Re: How to Tame an Angel (Plots in need of female characters)
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2018, 12:08:53 am »
Plot Ideas

Hidden in the Moon
(Extreme, Fantasy, possible NC, light to mild torture, Power Struggle, Knotting, Marking)
Werewolves were once the apex predator, ruling over everything. They used to hunt freely, killing, and eating what they pleased. They would even force entire species into extinction if they enjoyed them a little too much. But what is on top, must fall down. Soon mankind raised up to take back their spot on the top of the food chain. Somehow they overcame their weakness and started to fight back, even started to hunt down the werewolves that once made them flee in terror. Now, the positions were switched. The hunter becomes the hunted, and the wolves flee into the darkness of night.

The moon, high in the night sky, illuminating the darkness below. The sounds of horns cutting through the silence, singling the start of the hunt. This was not a simple hunt, but the greatest hunt of them all. The hunts prey this time was the werewolf, and it would not end until it caught and killed them all.

The echoing sounds of the horns reached the ears of the werewolves. Panic started to spread through the pack. This pack normally would meet these hunters head-on, fighting them with tooth and claw. But this time, the hunters came during their weakest moment. It was the end of the season, the wolves mating season. Many of the females of the pack were no longer able to fight as they could before, and the males could only think to protect them and the pups growing inside of them. All of the wolves turned their heads, facing the only one in the pack that could lead them. The alpha stared into the darkness that was the forest, facing the direction of the horns. It only took him moments to think everything through, to understand what was needed for the survival of the pack.

He turned around and faced the werewolves of his pack. “We flee.” Two words were spoken, but they carried an unimaginable weight to them. It felt like a blow to each wolf’s gut. Never before have they fled from a hunt, and none of them wanted to start now. But each and every one of them knew that if they did not, most of them, if not all, would no longer be living once the sun rose into the sky. Each member turned around and started to gather their things with haste.

Only minutes later, the whole pack was fleeing through the woods running as fast as they could. They wanted to put some distance between them and those accursed horns. But those horns did not give up. The echoing of them seemed to draw nearer as time past, and no farther. It was as if the hunters were gaining on them. A feeling of dread came over many of the pack members. If they could not outrun the hunters, what would become of them?

When the feeling of dread was at its worse, a member of the pack could no longer take it. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned around facing the direction of the horns. Each member of the pack that passed by him could not help but look into his eyes. His eyes contained a raging determination where fear once stood. They understood what this young wolf was doing, and not a single wolf said a word to stop him. He had no mate in the pack, so his life was his own. He could use that life to buy the time the pack needed to getaway. He could throw himself into the hunters, delaying them, and even killing as many as he could.

Soon, he was left standing alone, waiting for the hunters to be upon him. He crouched down low, his claws out to each side, his lips pulled back displaying his teeth in a snarl. He could hear the sounds of feet hitting the ground, the voices of men yelling to one around, and the clanking of metal that the hunters so enjoyed. In a matter of moments, he was able to see the glow of their torches, pushing back the darkness around them.

As if that was a signal, he rushed through the trees right at them. He jumped, flying through the air and landing on an unsuspecting hunter. Before that hunter even had time to yell for help, his claws tore him in half. He quickly moved on to the next, hitting him with the back of his claw. The sound of metal breaking and bone snapping could be heard before the hunter was launched through the air by the force of the hit. Some distance away there was a loud bang, as the body impacted a tree. He howled and rushed into more of the hunters. His claws passing through them, his teeth tearing chunks away. Blood spraying, and the cries of shouts of other hunters. He was unstoppable, moving from one group of hunters to the next, leaving nothing alive. But it was not perfect, and he could not dodge everything. Their weapons bit into his flesh, making his blood flow down his body like crimson rivers. But he kept going, kept fighting, kept trying to push on. Until his body could take no more, until he fell to the ground, defeated.

He laid on the ground, a pool of his blood slowly forming under him. He had fought them for what felt like hours, or maybe even days. But the moon was still high in the sky, letting him know that it was not as it felt. He could tell the final blow was coming, that his life would soon end. He slowly closed his eyes, and embraced his coming death. He had delayed the hunters, and his pack would live. It was worth his one life, to save all of his kin. He would die a warrior, fighting off the hunters. His pack members would pass his name down to their pups, telling them that he had paid his life so that they might live.

The sound of a blade slicing through the air was the signal that his life was at an end. Soon, there would be nothingness. “Hold it right there you stupid imbecile!” A voice broke out from inside the hunters, causing the blade rushing down towards his neck to stall. “Who said that you could kill this thing? I don’t remember giving that order. Stand down you stupid fucker!” It was the sound of a woman, a woman that was part of the hunters. She came running over, staring daggers at the man that was to be his executioner.

The hunter stumbled back, unable to even say anything to this woman that was shouting orders at him. She turned away from that hunter and looked down at the werewolf at her feet. “My my, just what do we have here. A nice strong wolf that fought off so many people. I think I shall keep you... “

Those words stuck the wolf-like lightning. His eyes snapped open, and his mind rushing with the fear that was now consuming him. This female hunter was not going to kill him. She was going to deny him his death, a warrior’s death. He would no longer be the savior of his pack, but some wretched thing that was no better than the scum on the bottom of his foot. He was going to be captured, and he could do nothing to stop it. No matter how much his mind screamed at his body to move, to fight, to attack, it just would not listen. He was helpless, and at the mercy of this hunter.

The Hunter or the Hunted
(Fantasy, Post apocalyptic, NC, possible breeding, Torture)
The demons had won the war between heaven and hell. Without the protection of the angels, the demons moved onto their new sport, hunting humans. There were only a few humans left on the world, no… it was no longer a world, but an endless hunting ground. Some people hunted down the demons to try and kill off as many as they could until they met their death, others just hide in holes until the demonic beings found them.
Jake was one of those people that just wanted to take as many of the demons down with him as he could. He had with him an archangel’s sword. He did not know the origin of the sword, only that he had picked it up and it was a much-needed boon to his ability to survive. He wielded the sword crudely, but his determination made up for his lack of skill, allowing him to rack up an impressive number of kills for a single human. That was until he started to track a powerful demon. He could only assume it was power, as he tracked it through multiple settlements and ambushes made by the humans to try and fight back. At every single one of them, not a single person was left standing. Just what was he tracking, how powerful could a single demon be? From all of his encounters, most demons traveled in packs or groups of many different kinds. But this one wondered around like a lone wolf.

The Curse
(Extreme, Fantasy, NC, Light to mild torture, Branding/marking, Transformation)
She never really thought about what life would hold for her. She was not much of a dreamer, as he only wanted to find a husband and live out her life as her parents did. She would raise a family and cherish them that was all she wanted. Her village was rather small, so small that everyone knew each other. Nothing changed inside of this village, only the seasons and the day upon the calendar. The only break to their everyday life was when travelers would pass through. They would always be coming from or going too far off lands, sometimes spinning a tale so wild and extravagant that no one would believe it as truth. And today just happen to be one of those days, a middle-aged man appearing to be on the road for a long while stopped inside of town. He walked into the tavern and asked for a room he could rent for the night. It was out of the ordinary for a traveler to want to stay in this small village, but it was not unheard of. The tavern keeper told him he had a small room he could stay in, and offered him a meal to go along with the room. The man agrees, paying for the room and eating his meal, and disappearing into the room once night fell.

Once night fell, people started to get an eerie feeling from the sky. Normally the air here was clear, the stars and moon so bright that most people would not even need a torch to wonder home. But tonight was pitch black, not a single light in the sky, not even the room. While people were questioning it, they soon pushed it to the back of their minds, chalking it up to clouds. That was until that screams started to happen. No one could tell where they came from, only that it seemed to be from all around them. Soon, others started to scream, only to be dragged off into the darkness. She saw her friends looking around wildly, not understand what was going on. But out of the corner of her eye, she saw it. The darkness started to twist and fold upon itself, becoming solid. It then grabbed hold of one of her friends, dragging them off into darkness all too quickly.

This happened again, and then again. People being dragged off by the very darkness itself. Those hands seemed to come from anywhere and everywhere at the same time. No one could hide from them. People who thought that hiding behind doors, or under the bed was dragged away kicking and screaming all the same as the others standing out in the open. In a matter of moments, she was the last person there, the pounding of her heart like a drum in her ear. He quickly looked from side to side, trying to spot any hands or claws coming for her. But she did not look under her, and right there the darkness condensed, forming a hand, grabbing her ankle, and dragging her down into the very darkness.

She screamed and clawed at everything in her reach to try and prevent that hand from dragging her down into the darkness, but she was unable to stop it. The darkness swallowed her up, cutting off any light. She felt as if she was falling down a very deep hole, but there was no wind passing her. Then she felt something solidify under her feet. She tried to look around, but there was still no light around for her to see. She waved out her arms, trying to find something to hold onto, or someone else. That was the moment a lofty voice rang out from the darkness.
"Now... what should I name this pure creature of the light?"

The Fallen Angel
(Extreme, Fantasy, Corruption, Transformation, Pain and torture)
In the past, he was a light in the darkness, a beacon to everything that was holy. He would lead the charge at the demons, fighting them off and defending everything was righteous in the world. He enjoyed fighting for what was right, fighting for his brothers and sisters against the endless tides of demons that would crawl out of their cesspools. He would even find some of them so revolting that he could not bring himself dirtying his blade with their blood. He would just beat them to death with his fist, or stomp on them until they could not move anymore.  The demons slowly learned this about him, about how he would enjoy taking his time beating to death some of their companions. The hatched a plan, a plan to capture him and torture him until he gave up the secrets of his kind. He was so proud, thinking these demons to be nothing more than beasts, that he did not even see the trap unfolding as he walked right into it. He was dragged away, having untold things done to him. He was stewed inside of those very cesspools he used to wrinkle his nose at, blade cut into his body, needles drove into his soft flesh. His body was broken asunder. Yet his mind always remained untouched, his will unbroken. He lasted through everything that they did to him.

Hundreds of thousands of years had passed, he could no longer tell. But he was ever vigilant, waiting for the perfect moment to break free of his captures and return to the holy gates to be bathed in the pure rays of light that he loved. His chance came, breaking free of the chains and overpowering his guards. He crept through the caves and finally made it to the battlefield. He saw those beautiful wings of his brothers and sisters. He looked over his shoulder, only to find the broken and shattered remains of his own. He ran to them, a heavy burden being lifted from his heart. He called out to them, but it would not be so simple for him this day. Those brothers and sisters looked at him, and suddenly he saw them wrinkle their noses at him, much like he used to often do to the discussing demons.

They called him filth, a wretched creature that did not deserve to breathe the same air as them. They attacked him, their blades cutting deep into his body. He howled in pain, but not from their swords, but from their words. He had never felt something so horrible before in his life, his own brothers and sisters calling him a discussing demon. He had no choice but to flee and to hold up in some pit in the ground. His wounds were deep, both mentally and physically. He looked over his broken body, covered in scars and filth. As his wounds healed, he came up with a plan. He would make sure to get back at those that wronged him, he would do to them, the same things that were done to him. He would torture them, and use them until he was done. Then he would start it all over again. Not a single being was going to be spared his touch. As his mind molded this plan, what remained of his feathers started to turn black as if they were being painted in ink.

The Last Prince of the Waters
(Extreme, Non-con, Enslavement, Marking, Naga, Drugs, Humiliation)
The Nagas were once a powerful race, and they ruled all the water’s edge. They pushed back the races that could only live on land, making them think twice about going into any water at all. But as time went on, their females started to produce fewer and fewer eggs. Their numbers slowly dwindled down into almost nothing, now, only a handful of females were left, with even fewer males. But the Price of this race-in-ruins did not have an eye for such. He knew that his race was doomed, as maybe something was driving them that way. Maybe it was the fact that they had ruled for so long, or that the gods did not enjoy them claiming the water as their own. But the Prices eye drifted from the waters, and onto land. He had watched the human growth, and become something more than what they were before. But there was one female that he wanted to see closer. Her form was alluring to him, the way she moved seemed like an exotic dance. The hair that went down to her knees was something that glistened like the waters during the night. She was beautiful that walked on the land. And he would have her, and use her, and take what he wanted from her. He came upon the land and grabbed her while she was washing some clothes, and dragged her down into his city under the waters. What she had in store for her would seem like a watery grave, but she would soon come to think of it as heaven on earth.

The Raise of a New Chief
(Extreme, Non-con, Warcraft universe, Excessive semen, Cum inflation, Tit fucking, Slavery, Mild Pain/Torture, Anal, Oral)
A new Chief has come into power, leading the Taurens in many different ways. He would be a bloodthirsty warlord, which plans on rising Taurens up to their rightful place of rulers. But he is also not stupid, thinking that all the races would just be taken and defeated and submit to their new rules. For this, he has gathered prime examples of each race, to serve him as his harem. He finally was able to collect the very last of the races, the Worgen. Now that he has every race, including those of the Horde and the Alliance, he could learn how to break each one and how each one of them worked. But that was not it, he would find out if he could breed with each different race. Not only would that tell him if the other races would withstand the power of the Taurens, but also if he could make even more powerful warriors from the lesser races. He would take his time, inspecting, and learning everything about each race first hand.

For this idea, I am looking for someone that would be interested in playing one of the races, or even all of them. There most likely would not be parts of the story of more than one of the harem members working together, unless my partner would want something like that. This story would be more focused on the sexual aspect, with a strong storyline behind it. There would be blood and gore, as the new Chief would put his harem members through tests to see their strengths and weaknesses. I would not be opposed to having characters from the real lore and games be captured and subjected to the same treatment that his other members would receive. I have some pictures that made me come up with this idea:

Ruins in the Waters
(Extreme, Non-con, Enslavement, Marking, Naga, Drugs, Humiliation)
A small group of Treasure Hunters has come across what they think is a sunken city, and they can’t help but take a submersible down to check it out. The team is made up of four individuals, three veteran Treasure Hunters, with a new rookie on the team. The trip down to the bottom of the water takes a while, but as soon as they get close they start to scan the city. Most of it is in ruins, crumbled and broken beyond recognition. But in the middle of the city, there is one structure that seems to be mostly intact.

They pilot the submersible towards it and use their instruments to scan the building. There were all kinds of readings coming over the screens, but the most important part was that it was full of air. They all looked at each other, smiling. That could mean many different treasures could not have been corroded by the water. And its condition could be on the better side. They moved the submersible closer and put on the suits meant to protect them from the waters at this depth.

After a quick jump into the water, and a short swim they made it to the building. Now that they were close and able to see some of the markings on the building, they could tell it was someplace of worship. To who, they did not know, but there were many different carvings around on the outside. These carvings depicted people giving offerings to a figure that was not clear. This must have been their God, but that God did not do a good job, because the city sunk down all the way here and it’s people were all long gone.

The team was able to find a small opening in the building and made their way in. After a short swim through what appeared to be a hallway, they came to the pocket of air that was trapped inside of the building. After a quick check with some instruments, they determined that it was safe without their safety gear. They quickly removed it, leaving it there for the trip back, and started to explore the building. They saw many more carvings on the walls this time, showing off even better pictures of the god that they worshipped here.

The god depicted on the carvings seemed to be larger than they were, and he was always only showed from the waist up. The offerings the people seemed to bring him ranged from food to animals, to golden statues. The whole group smiled at the last items, thinking that if they could find the horde room, they just might make a pretty big haul this time around. Now that they knew the possibility of finding treasure was higher than before, they started to make quick progress through the building.

After a bit of time traveling down this hallway, they came upon a split in the path. This split broke off into five different directions, and from the looks of it, each way seemed to be just as promising as the last. “Let’s just split up and quickly try and locate the loot in here. That way we can haul it back to the ship and sell it even quicker.” One of them suggested. They each looked at one another and nodded in agreement. One by one they selected a path and went down it, looking all around trying to find any clue as to where the treasures would have been stored.

One of the Treasure Hunters came upon a large room, that had a high ceiling. There were numerous columns running along the center path. Each one of them had carvings of different people, almost like this was some kind of throne room, and these were the past rulers. Or maybe these were the past high priests of the religion. The center path of the room came upon some stairs that raised up and ended at a single large throne. This throne appeared to be made out of some kind of stone, with many different gems and jewels embedded into it. Some of these gems were the size of a human’s fist, while others were smaller than a coin. But they each sparkled like they had been polished for years and years. At the foot of this throne, there were a few chests. Some of these chests seemed to have broken down over the years. The wood rotting away because of the dampness in the air, and some of them just appeared to have been knocked over. Inside of each of these chests were jewels, gold coins, jewelry, and other priceless pieces of art that would make anyone's blood race.

The Treasure Hunter locked her eyes upon the chests, and quickly rushed up the stairs to them, scooping her hands down into the small piles of riches that she just found. But in the darkness behind the columns, something was watching her. If she was not too distracted by all the treasures right at her fingertips, she might have been able to notice that something was approaching her. She took out a bag and started to scoop up everything and stuff it inside. This haul was going to set her and her friends up for life.

It was then, that a sound of something dragging behind her snapped her out of her daydream. She quickly whipped around and came face to face with something that her brain could not process. In front of her stood a man. But this man was no man, he might have had the shape of a man, from the waist up. But everything below that was nothing but a serpent. Her mind quickly connected this figure to the carvings all around and inside of the structure. The fear started to seep into her mind, and his eyes darted around the figure, trying to look for a way out. But the only way that she knew, was the way that she came in. And this creature was blocking that path. And it was already too close to her to make a run around it.

With very little choice left, all she could do was back up, trying to put as much distance between her and this thing. But in her haste, she tripped over one of the decaying chests, falling to the ground with a crash. Some of the contents of the chest being thrown out, raining down the steps. “Wh… what do you want?” She quickly asked, her mind telling her if she could reason with this thing, she might just survive this encounter.
“You have come…, so an offering is needed… present your offering before me.” It hissed out. When it spoke, she noticed rows of teeth made to rip and shred the flesh of its meals. All she could think about was those teeth being used on her, and the fear sank in even more. She had nothing to offer this creature, nothing at all. The only things she had on her was the gear she would use to pray things out of walls and other such tools of her trade. Nothing that this thing would see as an offering, nothing at all. Just what was this thing going to do to her, since she had nothing to give to it...

Reaper's Blade
(Non-con, Pain, Torture, Bondage, Modern-day Fantasy, Magic)
One of the most famous and powerful sorceresses was betrayed by her closest allies. Now left, broken and on the verge of death, all she can think about is getting revenge on all those that harmed her. She can feel the blood pouring out of her body, and her life slowly slipping through her fingers. She did not want to meet death today, she was too young, too powerful to let something like death take her. In that thought, a bolt of inspiration struck her.  She could meet death today, but not as a client, but as a master. She slowly propped herself up off the floor and started to focus on the spell in her mind. She once read about other witches and sorcerers trying to summon death to do their bidding, but all of them ended in failure. But she had something all of them did not, and that was the determination to succeed or die trying.

The magic coursed through her veins, and the spoken words of magic sounded like a powerful chant as they left her lips. She could feel the spell taking effect, and soon out of the darkness something was pulled into the light. There stood a being cloaked in a black robe, wielding a large scythe. A small laugh escaped her lips, as the image of death was so much alike to what people thought that it removed all of the fear from his presence. "You, reaper of souls shall bend to my will and do my bidding. You will reap all those who have harmed me, and any others that get in the way of my revenge. And, you will not allow me to die, not until I see the blood of every one of those bitches paint the walls and ground!"

The Labyrinth of the Minotaur
(Non-con, Pain, enslavement)
The legends speak of a hero that could survive the Labyrinths traps, riddles, and creatures and be able to claim the reward at the end. This reward has been said to be a horde of treasure and powerful items that would give anyone who used them the ability to rule over the entire land. As such, many brave warriors set out to conquer this Labyrinth, but no one returned once they set foot inside. Maybe people started to suspect that this Labyrinth was nothing but a trap set by some ancient civilization to kill all those foolish enough to step inside.

And those beliefs lived on for years until a single man was thrown inside by some thugs that wanted a laugh. This man was able to survive the Labyrinth but was unable to reach the end. He came out, mauled, and several bones were broken. He started to recount his story to any that would listen. He told of creatures unlike anything he has seen, monsters that made his darkest fears pale away in fear. But the most important fact of his story was, he saw the horde of treasures at the center of the Labyrinth. He told of gold piled higher than any building ever made, gems and jewels the size of people’s heads. Books piled on top of one another, with gold writing across their covers. It was like a fantasy treasure trove. But, he was unable to reach it, and that was because the last, and final beast guarding the treasure was so massive and so powerful that a single roar from him knocked him down. He hit the floor so hard, the wind was beaten from his chest, and he was unable to even breathe while in the presence of that beast.

With all of his remaining strength, he quickly made his way out of the Labyrinth, pass through the traps as quickly as he could, springing many of them and harming himself. Because of this single man’s story, many people started to enter the Labyrinth once more, but much like the last time, everyone who entered never returned. Before long, after some of the most powerful warriors and wizards entered the Labyrinth, people gave up on the treasures once again.

That was for most people, but many nobles that craved the power that treasure would bring them started to throw slaves into the Labyrinth, forcing them to brave the unthinkable just so they could get their hands on the treasure. That is when one woman was thrown into the Labyrinth, unknowing what laid waiting for her at its core.

Midnight Elf
(Slavery, Non-con, training, romance, magic, possible drug use, pain)
The Drow were some of the best slavers, able to get everything from Human Royals, to powerful warriors of the orc tribes. They had special methods to even capture their prey without them even knowing what happened. They would take many trips across the land in search of new things to capture and enslave, and then sell off to the highest bidder. Most of the best selling slaves came from the surface, not from the Underdark where they lived. So often they would make slaving parties and go out and capture as many potential high selling slaves as they could before returning home.

Most of the slavers were in it for the money, but a few of them were in it for the excitement. And even fewer than that was in it for the chance to get one of these slaves for themselves. If they could capture enough,
 then sometimes they were able to pick out one for themselves. Having a slave was almost like a status symbol, being able to show off that you had power and money. So getting one of these slaves was an instant boost to their standing.

This trip was taking them through a forest, and already the slavers had captured many wood elves, a rarity. This haul was going to make them all rich. But one slaver deviated from the rest of them, to go down to the stream to fetch some water. At the stream, he filled his waterskin and started to make his way back to the camp. But before he made it too far, he heard the sounds of light footsteps coming from the stream. He turned around, and quickly hide in some bushes. Out of the forest came a stunning figure, unlike anything this slaver has seen before. Greed filled his eyes because what was in front of him was nothing else but a High Elf, the stuff of legends. If he was able to capture this woman, and possibly make her his own, then he would be able to hold his head high. But not only that, he would be able to have and bend this beauty to every with and desire he could think of.

His mouth filled with saliva at the slight thought of him running his fingers across the pale-skinned elf across the stream from him. He pulled out his bow ever so slowly, ready to make his move.

Dragon Riders
(Training, Non-con, Pian, Torture, Power Struggle, Magic)
Dragon Riders were a group of warriors and mages that managed to form a bond with dragons and gained the ability to command them. Once a rider and dragon were together, they become an almost unstoppable force on the battlefield. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to foster riders quickly, as the ritual to bond, a rider to a dragon was very complicated, and would oftentimes not take hold. The dragon had to think the rider was someone they trusted, someone that was closer to them than kin for the bond to form. Or that is what was taught to all the young riders-to-be.

The truth was the ritual was nothing more than a spell that would twist and distort the natural bond that would form between mates. It would force a dragon to recognize the rider as their mate, and force them into the dominant role. That allowed the rider to command the dragon, and ride them into battle because the trust between mates was unbreakable. But because the ritual was a crude manipulation of the mating bond, there were many flaws. Often times dragons would become highly protective of their rider, even going so far as attacking people around them. There were even times when a dragon would refuse a command from a rider when they believed that would lead to the rider’s harm.

But, with nothing better to replace the ritual, the practice continued.

Demonic Predator
(Magic, Torture, Power Struggle, Fighting, Violence, Non-con, Possible Character Death )
The Demon Lord sat on her throne, waiting to hear the latest news from the front lines. Even if she hopped to hear that the Heroes were pushed back, she already knew that was not the case. She could feel a presence pushing down around her, trying to suffocate her.

Soon enough, one of her scouts came and informed her that the Heros had already pushed well past the borders and were making their way here. She stood up, walking over to a pillar in her throne room. She looked down at the small shadow behind it.

“Go ahead and release it. I don’t care what the cost is anymore…”

As if the shadow was alive, it squirmed and moved, shooting across the ground and leaving the room. She had just given the order to release the worst creation in the history of these demonic lands. It was the only product from a magical experiment that took place many years ago. Blood and essence from every clan of the demons, and some of the greatest monsters on the surface too, had been mixed and bound together.

What resulted was a creature that had unending hunger, and would feast upon almost anything. It nearly destroyed the Demon Kingdom before they managed to retrain and seal it away. But now she allowed it to be free again, hoping it would point his maw at the heroes and not her kind.

Skin Deep
(Body Horror, Transformation, Pain, Non-con, Murder, Torture, Phycological Torture, Loss of Control, Possible Mind Control, Power Struggle)
What happens when your body is invaded by a foreign being? It slowly starts to take over, forcing you to do things, say things, and think things that never crossed your mind before. What happens when it grows, covering your body with what could only be it’s own, as it slowly starts to discover just what you are, just what you feel or how you feel it.

Inspired by a Female Venom slightly. I would enjoy being able to play out the being, parasite, symbiote taking over her body, and then the changes and alterations that would come after. I like the idea of them fighting for control of the body, each of them fighting to be the done driving. Emotions and feelings would be heightened, often causing a lot of problems.

The Last Quest
(Dark Themes, Torture, Pain, Non-con, Many Possible)
They finally saved up enough to get out of the life. Adventuring, while exciting and thrilling, always run the risk of something horrible happening. But finally, they had everything they needed to put down their weapons and live out their lives in a nice frontier village, never having to worry again. They could even go hunting for the thrill if they wanted.

But before they could fully depart from the life, they were offered a quest almost too good to pass up. A scouting request, simple and quick. The payout was large for the kind of request, but nothing too good to send up any red flags. They investigated everyone involved in the quest, and nothing seemed out of place. They decided to take it, to make a little bit more money for their new lives. They told the client they agreed to take the quest, making it appear to be their final farewell to one another.

If only they had said goodbye before that point, and never took that last quest together… maybe they could have had their happy little lives. But what awaited them was nothing but the nightmares that hunted the deepest, darkest places of your mind. They were tricked, sent into a place that no one ever came back from, and now they had to survive.

The Pit Fighter Champion
(Pain, Violence, Torture, Blood, Loss of Control, Size Play, Large Amount of Cum, Humiliation, Dehumanisation, Non-con)
She was hailed as the greatest that ever graced the Pit. No one seemed to be able to take her down, even when she would take on teams of people she would crush their skulls and emerge victoriously. She had already long ago won her freedom, but the fight still blazed inside of her, driving her to continue to dive into the Pit and take on any challenge that was foolish enough to face her.

Tonight’s main match was featuring her, and a demi-human. She had fought many different kinds of demi-humans before, so she was not worried at all. She would be able to wipe the floor with this so-called challenger without even breaking a sweat. But as she got ready, she started to hear the whispers, the hushed tones of excitement, unlike anything she had heard of before a fight. She started to wonder just what her opponent had done to instill a sense of excitement into the people.

She stepped into the Pit, pushing such wonders out of her mind, letting the feeling of a fight take over her body, warm it, harden it like a weapon forged in the fires of bloody combat. She stood facing the large wooden doors that would be where her opponent would make its entrance. Normally four attendants would need to pull the doors open to reveal her opponent, but they were nowhere to be seen. The doors started to move, the loud creaking of them sounding out, causing the whole crowd to still. The doors were moving at a speed that never would have been achieved with four people pulling them open.

Outburst a beast of a creature, taking up almost the entire hallway behind him. He pushed the double doors open by himself, both of his massive hands on one of the doors. His eyes locked onto hers, like a beast eye a rabbit in the woods. He reached behind his back, and pulled a massive weapon out, his body entering a combat stance.

She was in for one hell of a fight...

The Collection
(Dehumanization, Training, Pet-play, Punishments/Rewards, Humiliation, Degrading, Pain, Marking, Branding, Non-con, Choking)
She ran, and ran until her body ached and she felt dizzy. How many days had it been? Or was it weeks now…? She could not remember anymore, having lost count far too long ago. She only knew that she had to keep running, to get away from the person behind her.

She ran around a tree and jumped down a slight hill. She slid under a downed tree and leaped over a small stream. But no matter how much she navigated the forest and took the best paths possible, she could not lose her pursuer.

She looked over her shoulder, hoping that just many she would not get a glace of the thing chasing her. Only, as she did, she stepped on a rock and it rolled out from under her foot. Normally this would not have been a problem for her, since she was very nimble and light on her feet. She would have just caught herself with her other leg, take a few quick steps to steady herself, and then continue on. But her body was already twisted by looking over her shoulder and exhausted from her fleeing. This made her reactions just slow enough for her body to come tumbling down.

Her leg did come down, trying to catch her balance, but it was too late and the stance was too awkward. She toppled over to the side, her hands shooting out trying to cushion the impact of her fall. Her shoulder and head slammed into a stump of a tree before her body could reach the ground, the sudden impact jarring. Light flashed in her eyes, and her shoulder blessed with pain. But even in her dizzy and exhausted state, he rose to her feet and started to flee again. She could not allow this little fall to be the cause of her downfall.

But just as she started to move, the power going back to her legs a hand came down around the back of her neck. It slammed her body back down into the stump of the tree, a low growl coming from the being now behind her. It had caught up to her, and now it had her in its clutches.

“Finally… I can now add you to my collection.”

The Summoner
(Extreme, Fantasy, NC, other Kinks dependent on partner)
The once-thriving world fell long ago. It lands now blighted by the demons and monsters that come pouring out of their blackened gates. Nothing was able to stop them as they spread their ruin and corruption across the land. People were killed and hunted like common animals, while the demons were the hunters. People fled for the cities, where their walls will surely hold back these demons and monsters. Their walls that were always boasted to be impenetrable, fell like they were made of hay in front of the wrath of the demon. City after city fell, much like the rest of the world did.

When all hope was lost, when everyone felt like today was their last day, the last ray of hope showed itself. It was not a warrior so mighty that it could force the demons back. It was not a new weapon able to slice through the demons scaled and thick skin. No, it was a single woman, standing up to the wave of destruction and annihilation facing her. She closed her eyes, and with magic not seen since ancient times called upon a guardian. That guardian was none other than a demon, a vile creature that fed upon humans. But this demon’s claws and teeth did not sink down into the flesh of man. It faced the wave of demons coming towards the fail lady. It smashed headfirst into them, like an unstoppable force breaking through a crumbling wall. Everywhere the demon went, blood was thrown, the flesh was rent. It seemed to not care that it was biting and ripping into its kin. It was almost like it was protecting the woman, or doing her bidding.

It was then that the people cowering in fear turned and looked at the once frail woman. Now what stood before them was not just a woman, but a savior. With magics unknown, she had called upon a demon and bound it to her will. This demon was stronger than any before it, and it like a puppet to her. Any command she gave it, it will do as if her word was handed down by some divine force. The people gathered around her, praising her, almost worshiping her like a goddess.

But what the people did not know, was the price this woman had to pay for this demon to be bound to her. They could not comprehend the amount of willpower, and mental strength it took just to continue to maintain control over this demon. And no one would ever know, as she kept that information hidden and locked away inside of her mind. Because if people found out just what she had to do, they would not view her as a goddess, or a savior. They might just view her as another vile and wretched demon.

The idea behind this plot is to play out the life of a summoner, and the price she has to pay to keep the demon, or demons under control. This could be a very wide range of things, from being something very simple to something that would push her boundaries in ways that she never thought to be possible. This style of the story opens up the possibility to explore her character, and also play with some kinks that don’t have longevity in most story-lines.

We can have the summoner be the person in the teaser, or have a totally different one. There are many different directions we can take with this. Maybe the summoner picked up other women and started to teach them, or maybe she did not want to pass down her knowledge in fear it would corrupt other women. Or maybe we could start before she learned how to control demons, and playout her story from there.

We could play out the demons in numerous ways. There could only be one demon that she summons, and each time she needs something from it she has to pay a price. There could be many different demons that she summons, each time it is only temporary. She would have to pay their price and once her bidding was complete they would return from whatever place they came from.  Or there could be a primary demon that is always with the summoner, and she could summon other demons to help with her bidding at key points. Each way has its own exciting possibilities.
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Re: How to Tame an Angel (Plots in need of female characters)
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In Need of a Feathers Touch
These stories will be ones that I want to play, but not as they are. Most of these are going to be old ideas that I made a long time ago, and now they just don't match what I am working for. But they have something about them that calls out to me, so I can't just scrap them. I want to rework them, and build them up from the ground up. In the past, I would put these stories in the Fallen Feathers section, and just get to them when I finally had a sudden incite into the plot I wanted. But maybe someone will be able to show interest in these stories, and give me their ideas changing these stories from dull, to extraordinary. So please have a look, and if anything comes to your mind, let me know. I will put a small note at the bottom of each plot idea, as to what I like about it, so you understand what I would like to keep the same about it.

Its All in the Eyes
(Fantasy, Supernatural, Being Chased, Multiple worlds, Blood play)
Since the start of time, each and every supernatural being could be identified by the color of the eyes. Vampires are real, werewolves are greens, mages were blue, and incubi were purple. The human's eyes were always brown, and nothing else. But after hundreds of years of trying to make each being and the humans live together, everyone gave up. Chaos engulfed the world, plunging everyone into disrepair. A group of mages came up with a plan to make another world that shared space with this one but could not be seen. At first, no one wanted to go over there, but soon each of the beings did, leaving the humans in their own world. Soon it seemed like everything was going well, and it lasted for a thousand years. That is until a human was born with red eyes. The tales of monsters having different colored eyes still lived on, and soon people started to think this child was one of them. It was pushed down into the mud, and sometimes even hunted by the people it once cared for. It found its way into the world where all of the beings left for. It was a wonderful place, filled with people of different color eyes. But that was just the start of it all.

I like the idea about eyes, and how they could lead to some interesting story plots. But I just can't figure out a way to make it interesting. I thought about keeping another world idea the same, but it felt like I was stretching it a little too much. Then I thought about a possible time travel idea, an example would be in the past eyes used to tell you just what you were looking at, but again it felt a little odd to write out.

Alpha Meet Beta
(Extreme, Fantasy, Power struggle, Knotting, Marking, Slight pain)
It had been many years since he becomes an Omega or a wolf without a pack. Sometimes that meant you were nothing to other wolves. And other times, that meant you were a traitor to your pack and kicked out. But to him, this was better than putting his tail between his legs and running away like the cowards his pack was full of. They heard that a pack was sweeping the land, consuming every pack that it came into contact with. All the once strong men turned into children upon hearing that it was now heading their way. He was the only one that stood up and said they should not leave, no matter what. His cries were not heard, and they all just blindly followed the Alpha. He could have challenged the Alpha for the right to rule, but he did not wish to rule over such wolves. No, he would rather be an Omega, a lone wolf.

The pack had not come, and no new information had come through the land as to where they were headed. He had almost forgotten them a few times but was always reminded about the threat that loomed over him. Just as another moment where his mind was letting go of the idea they were still coming, he heard the first howl in a long time. His head whipped around faster than a diving hawk. It was the sounds of other wolves in a place that had none. He did not know if this was the pack or many it was his old pack coming back realizing that they were all fools for leaving. He climbed up to the top of the hill that was next to his camp that would give him a vantage point. Once he was up there, he could see most of his little valley. But, where there was normally long flowing grass, was now replaced with the thick fur of hundreds, if not thousands of wolves racing through it. He could not even believe his eyes. Never before had he seen so many wolves before, not even in the meeting of the packs.

He returned back to the base of the hill that was his encampment. He smiled to himself and got ready for a battle. It only took them about twenty minutes to get from the valley up to his camp, and he was ready for them. He leaped at the first one, digging his claws into the neck of the poor male. Before he even hit the floor, he was already dead. The Omega now moved on, slashing at the next body. He was able to cut the leg of this new male before a pair of claws came after his own hide. He dodges, and then counterattacked, clamping down upon the wolf's neck and breaking it quickly.

This battle went on a long while, and he was covered in various wounds. Blood was matted to his fur, and little debris and dirt were sticking to him. But, as he took down one more male, he fell to the ground. This was going to be the end of this Omega, but he was happy that he would die fighting and protecting his land. He waited for the final strike, that would take his life and put an end to his miserable existence as an Omega. But out of his half-closed eyes, he could see someone approaching him. It was unlike anything he had ever seen, someone that nature herself had blessed. She came up to him and bent down looking at the breaking pile that he was.

He had passed out at that very moment, and he awoke on the floor by a fire. He did not understand what was going on. He could not even remember how he had gotten to this floor, as it was not the same packed in the dirt that was his camps ground. No, he was somewhere else. He turned and saw that same wolf that was blessed. She looked at him again and only smiled. It was then that he understood why this pack was so large. This female was the Alpha, and she was looking at him like she was some plaything.

Hell Gate
(Fantasy, Modern, NC, Training, other kinks dependent on partner)
Long ago, in a forgotten time demons used to rule the world. They came from their plane of existence through a device called a Hell Gate. It was a small metal disk with symbols unlike any language known to man. The man was just a slave to these demons, forced to work, or give them entertainment. There were uprisings, but they never lasted for more than a few minutes with the demons overwhelming power. But one man thought of a plan, if he could get this disk that they used to come into the world, then maybe he could use it to send them back. It was not easy, he sneaked into the chamber that held the disk but once he had it he could not use it. It was something that surpassed his understanding, and he knew now that there was nothing that he could do. That is when the shadow demon came before him. The man knew that his life was over, having been discovered inside this chamber. But the shadow demon reached out to him, pointing at the disk. The man did not understand why it did not strike him down where he stood, but he handed over the disk. As the disk slid out of his hand and into the demons, a voice whispered inside of his mind.

I will help you send all of my kind back to our plane. But you and your line will belong to me until the end of time. There will come a time when we return, and it will be then that I will collect.
The man could not believe what he was hearing. A demon was going to help him send everyone back, was going to help him free his people and let them live out their lives the way they wanted to. He did not even think of what he would collect later on, but only about the fact that he was going to get just what he wanted. He nodded his head quickly, trying to show that he agreed to the deal that was presented to him. The demon then twisted his hands over the disk, doing something that he did not understand and there was a bright light that made his eye flare in pain. Once the light died down and his eyes could see again, the shadow demon was gone and the disk was on the ground. Not knowing if this was a game or some form of entertainment for the demons, he slowly exited the chamber and could not see any demons anywhere.

Many thousands of years have come and gone, and now the race of man had grown and become strong. They had built things that would have seemed stranger than the demons, and now had weapons that rivaled the raw power of the demons. Huge cities that spread out as far as the eye could see, and building that reached for the heavens. That is when the bright white light that seemed to come from nowhere but everywhere at the same time happened. Before anyone could tell what was going on all that could be heard was screams of pain and suffering. Huge beasts from the deepest and darkest nightmares were running around painting the streets in the crimson spray of its victims. Nothing could stop these demons, their power was beyond anything the humans had.

Only a few short years had passed, but it was even more of a change than the thousands that had passed before. The world was bare and lifeless. There was nothing left on it but shells of what it was. The cities were just rubble and twisted metal, the farms just ash. The race of man and moved deep underground trying to survive with whatever they could. But their food was running out, making them send out search parties to the surface. Not many of these parties returned, and if they did the stories or scars they came back with were not worth the effort. Now, one final party is going to be sent out, but only three people were on it.

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Re: How to Tame an Angel (Plots in need of female characters)
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Plucked Feathers
These stories have been taken by a partner, and are put to rest here until I feel like I can add another story with the same base plot. Sometimes I am able to have more than a single story running with the same starting idea, and sometimes not. I have found that the more I write a single idea, the more my characters bleed over into each other, and I tend to mix up ideas, plans, and paths set out for them in the story. So I am going to try something new, and allow only one person to take up an idea at a time, and if it progresses far enough, maybe reopening the idea for new interests to find it.

Oh My Little Red
(Fantasy, Knotting, Marking, Romance, possible breeding)
Since ancient times, there have always been stories about the Guardian of the Forest. Some weave the tale of a magnificent beast that protects all creatures of the forest and even coming to the rescue of locals in trouble. Others build the image of a reclusive animal, which observes the entire forest, never interfering in the affairs of man. The last variant of the story is always the most popular, and it is the only one that is built upon truth. The colossal monstrosity that calls the forest home, eternally waiting for a foolish soul to travel into the deepest reaches of the forest. They say this behemoth’s favorite food is the flesh of man, but it is bound to the largest tree inside of the forest, unable to hunt down and consume all the flesh that it desires. Once someone walks into its territory, they are never seen again. Any men that are foolish enough to explore that deep, end up being ripped limb from limb. What’s left of them are found scattered throughout the forest. But any females that enter the darkest reaches of the forest, just vanish without a trace. Not even a single scrap of their clothing is found, the tell saying they are swallowed whole by the fiend.

These tales have been passed down from parent to child for as long as anyone could remember, but they have never witnessed anyone disappearing inside of the forests. Most of the adults have come to terms with the stories, thinking they were something their parents told them so they would not enter the forest and get lost. Only, there has never been a single person who has been brave enough to test this theory, the danger of the forest planted deep inside of their hearts. Because this village is a logging village, the people are simple, and respect the forest, never taking too much from it. They still enter the forest every day but only the outs edges of it. Life is good for these people, the men have work, and the women take care of their men while looking after the children.

But war always has a way of reaching these peaceful places, shattering them and scattering the pieces. That exact thing happened on a fall night when the moon was high. At first, they only saw the torches from the distance and thought some travelers would be passing through. But as soon as they reached the small village, they started to kill and burn everything they passed. They spared no one, not even the smallest being the past. They burnt down every cabin and hut, first making sure to inspect it for anything of value. Most of the villagers fled to the forest, unable to find any other place to run to. They all felt that fear deep inside of their hearts tighten as they traveled deeper inside of it. But the fear of those ever so real soldiers chasing them made that fear pale in comparison. They all ran as fast as they could, moving into places they never even seen before. Just when they could no longer hear the foot beats of the soldiers behind them, another sound came to their ears. It started off low, and it quickly built into a savage growl. Everyone that was running instantly ground to a halt at the growl, the warnings of their parents ringing in their ears. They all knew that this growl came from the monstrosity contained inside of the story. Only, they were already too far into the forest now.

Panic gripped at each of them, many of them instantly turning around and fleeing. Everyone started to run like man, splitting off and trying to get away from everyone in hopes the beast would not find them but all the others. The growl had long since stopped, only to be replaced with the blood-curdling screams from the victims that feel into its claws. Everyone screamed, shouting to leave them alone, but not a single person was spared its wrath. That is, everyone but a single little woman. She was the last, the only person that so far did not run into the monster that had already ripped apart her fellow villagers. She looked over her shoulder, trying to see if it was already chasing after her. There was nothing behind her, and she let out a small breath of relief. Somehow she had escaped the beast, and she thanked every God and Goddess that she could think of. Only, in her moment of relaxation, she tripped over a root of a tree, falling hard onto the ground, her breath knocked out of her. She laid there, struggling to bring the air into her body. Long moments passed, her body unable to swallow the air around her. She managed to get to her hands and knees, not willing to sit on the ground here and wait for something to find her. She looked up, her breath still lost to her, only to see a pair of deep yellows eyes looking at her from behind a tree. They were the most magnificent things she had ever seen, they even made some of the jewels merchants had become ordinary. Then the feeling of dread entered her mind, as she realized these eyes looked at her like a slab of meat on the butcher's block. The beast had found her, and she would be swallowed whole by it, to never see another sun in her life.

The Clan Shall Live On!
(Extreme, Non-con, Transformation, Drug induced states, Enslavement, Marking, Knotting, Lactation, Excessive semen, Breeding)
The long clan wars have taken their toll on the wolves. Not only the clan wars but also the attack of the hunters that have come down upon their kind. Now, each clan has become close and formed into one larger clan. The group of elders formed from this union now focus on trying to get more young warriors to fight off the coming battles. But the fact is, they have far too many male wolves, and not enough females to breed their kind strong warriors. So they start looking elsewhere, trying to find something that would work in their favor. That is when they think of using their enemy as the solution. They raid a village, and capture every female there, killing off every male they come across. The younger, unmated wolves look over these slaves they had taken, but the difference between their females and these are very different. They were soft, where their females were hard. They had little to no hair on their bodies, but long flowing manes that came off their head. Their eyes were larger and pleaded with them. The difference was stunning to them, and they did not know if they would even be able to mate with them rightfully. So they feed them their concoctions made from herbs and other things found in the forest. These mixtures were meant to boost fertilization, driving them into a deep heat like state. But that was not all, they ground up more herbs, placing marks all over the body with this new paint. This paint forced the male into a focused rage that would drive him to take this female and mate with her until he could no longer move. They did this over and over again until their bellies started to show. And then, they started to live their new lives, part of the pack. They would have to learn how to live inside the clan, and what their mates expected of them.

The Dream Walker
(Extreme, Mind Control, Pain, Horror, Training, Power Struggle, Possible Drug Use)
A being, having long ago lost its physical form, now lives in the endless realm of dreams. At first, it was forced here because it could not maintain inside of the physical realm, but after a time it started to enjoy the ever-changing landscape of the dreams. At first, it was akin to heaven, everything he wanted he would just have to will into existence. He could try any kind of food, experience any kind of comfort that his life beforehand was unable to acquire, but the only thing was anything he made, had no will, or mind of its own. He would create a person to talk to, but it would not answer him unless he came up with the answer himself. To some people, this would be a blessing, but to him, that liked the unexpected expressions people would make from time to time, it was complete torture. Soon, he becomes bored of his own dream and desired to experience other people’s dreams He wanted to know just what others dreamed about, and what they desired deep down inside of them.

It took him an untold amount of time and even pushed him into the endless crashing waves of madness, but he figured out how to leave his own dream. He walked from dream to dream, watching others' dreams as they slept away during the night. But there was no joy in just watching, and the desire to interact started to grow larger with each passing dream. Then, he finally entered the dream and tried to interact with people.
(This idea is something I want to play out, but it’s extremely rough right now. It took me too long to even write up this little teaser idea. I just don’t know how to bridge the gap between him wanting to interact with people, to wanting to control and alter their dreams into nightmares or whatever he wants.)

Queen of the Twilight
(Extreme, Modern Fantasy, Werewolf x Vampire, Marking, Knotting, Blood Play, Power role reversal, Forbidden pairing, Breeding)
Thousands of years ago, the werewolves and the vampires had bloody wars between both of them. But then, the ruler of all the vampires and the Alpha of the wolves came to an understanding. No one knows how they were able to talk, let alone make a deal with each other but they managed. After all that time, the peace between the two races has lasted, and they have assumed roles that have become normal to them. The wolves started to protect the royal bloodlines, forming elite units that trained since the time they could walk. They learned to control the wolf inside of them, through hellish training in the wild and formed bonds with their kin that were deeper than anything else. The royal vampires however have been at their throats ever since the pack was formed with the wolves. They murdered, killed, backstabbed, and blackmailed each other at every opportunity they could. The one time they worked together, was when all of the lesser royals teamed up and had the Queen of all of the vampires murdered. They could not stand her rule anymore, and the fact that she had taken a common vampire as her mate. Female vampires, as their bodies were much different than humans, could only produce one offspring in their entire life. And this Queen has mated with a common vampire, leaving behind a small girl. The Queen could not be happier for her, but at the same time, she knew that one day she could face the same troubles that plagued her. Before she could set anything in place to protect her, she was overthrown and murdered by the other royals. But now the new Queen of the vampires was coming of age, and the royals started to come for her, demanding that she pick one of them to mate with and have a child with. She was a stunning beauty, like a white lily in the middle of the night. But her heart laid elsewhere, in the one personal bodyguard she had. She had handed picked this wolf from the time he was born. She had watched him grow up to be the strong being he was today. But she could never have him, as he was a wolf, and she was a vampire. Not only was their union considered unholy, but wolves mated for life in a way that was very much, unlike humans and vampires. Once they loved, they would never love another and she could never do that to him. He would have to find a nice human woman that would be able to keep his heart and give him the pups that his kind so desired. He needed a female human because wolves were only male and never female. If a female was born from a union of wolf and human, she was a human. The chances of them producing a werewolf child was rare, so to increase these chances they only ever mated in their wolf forms, taking them as savagely and demanding as they could.

The Queen ruled from the only vampire nation. She and her followers had built it from the ground up. It had taken years upon years to finish, but once it was it was a paradise for all vampires. The wolf clan that served her acted as the Special Forces unit, providing protection from the human, or any other clans of vampires that would try and attack this nation. But nothing was perfect, and slowly the other lesser nobles had their spies sneak in and plant the seeds of destruction. They waited for the signal to rise up and attack, but it did not come for years. Each year, more and more vampires would come to live in the nation, as they could walk around freely in the daylight, and blood was not a problem here. But, the night of the blue moon was upon them. The blue moon causes young male werewolves to seek out and find their mates. It was then that the signal came in, tonight would be the night to attack. Right as most of the guards were leaving to go home and lock themselves up for the night, an army rose up and attacked the castle. The guard to do little to nothing, being pushed back by the seemingly unending wave of vampires. The Queen's personal guard grabbed her and took her into her safe room. He pushed her inside and turned to lock the door. His plan was to hold off the wave of vampires coming to kill or capture her while the door locked. Because once it was locked, it would only open after a week. Just as he turned, there was an explosion, and it pushed him back into the safe room with the Queen. She turned to look at the bleeding body of her guard and then turned to the door shutting it quickly and locking it. She knew that it would not take him long to heal, but she was not about to push him out into the unknown. She was just going to have to deal with the blue moon effects later on.

Nature's Wrath
(Capture, Non-con, Training, Transformation, Marking, Breeding, Blood play)
Once, a long time ago, vampires walked among us. They ruled over the humans, treating them as slaves and resources. Above humans were the turned humans, or the converted. And above them was the ruling class, the pure-blooded vampires. The pure-blooded vampires were able to control their hunter better than the converted and understood that a balance had to be maintained. They enforced laws, stating that how many times a vampire can turn someone. With these laws and many others in place, their empire thrived.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. One of the pure vampires foolishly turned too many humans, and they started to feed and kill like a plague sweeping across the land. The vampires feared that they would soon run out of humans to feed on, and slowly starve to death. But the situation never progressed that far and ended up taking an unforeseeable turn for the worse. The humans rose up to fight off this horde of mindless bloodsuckers and started to push back. They formed armies, and marched right into the homes and lairs of every vampire, killing them like their mindless creations once killed them.

It took only a few short decades to eliminate all of the vampires from the face of the earth. Not long after that, humans started to make their mark on the world. Soon vampires faded into myths and legends. The once-mighty monsters that everyone feared became things inside of children's fables. The humans progressed and built large cities spanning farther than the eye could see. They started to teach themselves and learned how life worked, further encasing the vampire's existence into myths.

Only, all those years ago, one vampire was able to survive the hunt. He lived in the shadows, moving from city to city, town to town. Never staying for long, and the whole time watching the world grow and expand. Soon lands that he never knew about were discovered, and cities were built that defied everything that he once thought to be the limits of man. He was fascinated by all these wonderful things that the humans brought about, but his desire to rule over them once more only grew stronger by the day. Having lived through the pure of his kind, he understood that he needed to make up for the flaws of his kind. He needed to make vampires strong, and prevent another blood frenzy from happening again.

The problem he faced was if he tried to turn a human, only a convert would be produced. Something that could lead his race down the path of doom once more. No, he needed pure vampires once more, he needed to find a method of producing a whole generation of pure vampires, once that would not fall victim to their hunger as a convert would. But the only problem was he was the only one left, only half of the required essence to produce even a single offspring.

After an untellable amount of time passed, he finally found a possible solution to his problem. He would use a pure life essence to foster the new generation of vampires. He would use the embodiment of life to revive his undead race. A nymph, a child of nature and life, was what he needed now. With her, he would be able to breed his race back from the grave.

(The race does not have to be a nymph, just something close to nature. Many things are open and if you can think of something that would fit the role please bring it up. I would be happy to see how that would fit into the story.)

Dragon Kin
(Extreme, Fantasy, Breeding, Pain, Bestiality - humanxdragon, Marking, Magic, Transformation, Training)
The dragons have long been dead, the wars of old leading to their downfall. The last dragon was killed hundreds of years ago by the mages that once served the dragons. These mages were infused with the dragon's essence, many would say that they were part dragon themselves. But as time passed, these mages all passed away, as their magic could not be passed along without the help of dragons. Now the world has all but forgotten the dragons, leaving them as dusty old tales locked away in some tomes that are never touched. But what happens when a servant girl is forced to go into a cave by her master. This cave is said to hold an evil beast inside of it, but no one has ever returned. This beast is nothing else but an ancient dragon of old, slumbering away the years as he is the last of his kind. This cave is dark and long, some of the creatures here have evolved to not need light to live and survive. She blindly stumbles upon the dragon, thinking she just ran into a burning hot rock. But now she has awakened the beast, and he will use her to quell his anger.
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Re: How to Tame an Angel (Plots in need of female characters)
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Brush of a Feather
Simple ideas that I have, write down and use as inspiration later on. They could be used to build upon, and create something wonderful. If you have a sudden stroke of a plot bunny from one of them, please do share.

The Sky Pirate Queen:
A kind of steampunk-themed story about a Sky Pirate ruling over the skies, engaging in bloody battles, and fighting off her crew as they try and take away control from her. Maybe she could meet a rival sky pirate and her crew is beaten and taken prisoner, or maybe she gets some slaves in and takes a fancy to one of them.

The Snake Charmer:
One ancient clan used to be able to control the Godly beasts that are the Naga’s, but they were long ago wiped out by other rival clans. But what if one of them lived, and after many generations, someone with the ability found out about their clan's brutal massacre. Just what would they do with their newfound powers? But how do you charm a Naga?

Asura's Wrath/Heart:
Someone dares anger the Gods! They will have to be put to death!

The Firefox Spirit:
Be-careful, you might be burned.

Medusa's Regret:
Sometimes, everything just does not work out as you hoped.

The Shifter:
If you could be anything, be anyone, or even take the form of your imagination, just what would you become?

For the Tribe:
The Lizardman breaks away from the fleeing horde, rushing the party of exterminators. His crude ax held up high, a guttural roar breaking free as he swings with all the power his body has.

You Have A Problem:
Cursed by a witch to attack the monsters of the night, you are banished to the forest of the Gods. What lucks in the darkness, waiting for you?

Goblin Problem:
A simple quest becomes something worse when you stumble upon the nest of goblins. You manage to fight and kill off most of them, but then they get a lucky blow.

Be Careful What You Wish For:
A family heirloom ends up becoming far more than a quick paycheck. Breaking the seal has unlocked so many possibilities that you can't even begin to think about them. But what you wish for is not always what you get, not with a djinn.

Only Fae Can Help You:
Your problem can not be solved by any other means, you have to turn to nature itself, and it's minions. But nature is also dark and unforgiving…
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Re: How to Tame an Angel (Plots in need of female characters)
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Feathers of History

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Re: How to Tame an Angel (Plots in need of female characters)
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What Changed:

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