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Author Topic: Shadows on the earth {Freeform, Interest Check}  (Read 614 times)

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Shadows on the earth {Freeform, Interest Check}
« on: December 15, 2010, 07:03:46 am »
Hello Elliquiy members,
I have been missing in action for long weeks, but I happily have time again for exploring the world of writers, rper, in this network. I am interested in creating a freeform rpg group whose background could be read below this paragraph. I have files ready (bios, powers and rules to respect) for each type of creature (vampire, fey, ghost, gargoyle, lycans or mortal) a player would like to play.
Please answer to this topic if you find the storyline interesting and feel like joining. This is freely inspired from LKH novels and Vampire the Masquerade background, no deep knowledge of these world is necessary to join and play.

Gates have appeared throughout the world.

It is unsure whether it is the presences behind the Gates or the Gates themselves that tempted Men. Indeed, a strong power emanates from the Gates, strong enough to fascinate any mortal. Opened one after the other these Gates were made of bone, silver, stone or blood. The gates were different from each other.

Only the Gate made of wood had never tempted the mortals. This Gate opened every time All the other Gates lost their seals.

The Gate of Wood, is the one that was preventing Feys to enter our world.
The Gate of Silver protected our world from the shape-shifters such as were-wolves.
The Gate of Stone contained the Gargoyles into their immobilized form.
The Gate of Bones kept the Ghosts, the spirit of strong-minded mortals refusing to die, into a realm that some would call purgatory.
The Gate of Blood was the first to be opened, it released Vampires in our world. The first Vampires to arise were Lady Elisabeth Bathory and Vlad Tepes, the Impaler (Dracula). That Gate first appeared in Transylvania.

These Gates were the source of the more-than-human's life force. Certain preternaturals, guided by their desire of power were a threat for the rest of the humanity, thus they declared war on Mortals and on certain other creatures.

The war between Lycans and Vampires is the most well known, but was not the only one. The only hope for mortals to survive was to find these Gates and seal them again. Amongst preternaturals, there were even some who were mortal’s allies and helped them. Eventually, it was them who chose to enter torpor or the long sleep and not fade away from the World once the Gates were sealed. The Gates were closed and vanished in 1801.

The End of World War II. Two nuclear bombs are used against Japan, killing more than 100 000 persons and scarring the earth permanently. The Gates of Silver and of Blood appear once more and tempt mortals… a few months after, they are opened. Vampires who had been placed into torpor rise again. This time, they edict the Masquerade in order to hide their existence and the location of their source of Power, the Gates of Death (this name includes the Gates of blood, bone, silver, stone and wood).

In Russia, the Tchernobyl incident corresponded to the biggest contamination in term of landscape and therefore onto mortal, up to now. The Gates of Stone and Bones appear once again and shortly after, are opened.

The Gate of wood has opened.

Hidden in our society by the rules of the Masquerade, vampires, lycans, gargoyles, feys and ghosts are pulling strings in order to gain power and dominate New York City. These preternatural creatures have turned this city into a secret field of war, from where their domination would spread.
Few mortals are aware of their existence and most are taken in the middle of this war.

The Masquerade corresponds to a set of rules, first edicted by Vampires, that constitutes now a pact respected by all preternaturals. It ensure that their existence is kept secret from Mortals. In fact, in keeping their existence hidden and thus the loation of the Gates, the Masquerade prevents mortals to try to seal the Gates again. Finally, it is important to note that for some preternaturals still at war, or for the ones who are the most power-hungry, discovering where the other Gates are, and sealing them, could assure their victory. Sealing the Gates will cause the disappearance of preternaturals abilities, until they are opened once more.

If you have read all this post until this level, thank you for your interest !! be aware that all spots in this game are opened so far: pack leader (alphas and betas lycan), vampire clanlords, Fey Lord/Ladies from a court.

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Re: Shadows on the earth {Freeform, Interest Check}
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2010, 11:00:50 am »
*Raises her hand!* I'm game!