The crazy Sex dream i keep having (F/M)

Started by Lady Scythe, December 13, 2010, 02:25:43 PM

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Lady Scythe

I keep having this same sex dream, and each time i wake up like wet so im going to put it on here as a roleplay.
so I'm in college and i take the trolley, this huge half trolley half bus looking thing to my college everyday, there's just one problem, the night trolley is always so...weird. i go to the trolley and there are always little pills placed on the seats, and its always the SAME people on the trolley.  like this one girl there, she's not japanese but she reminds me of the character Saeko Busijima from High School Of the Dead. but anyways we also make strange stops, i mean everytime we stop there's a girl, with fear in her eyes that hops off after she takes the pill. and if she doesnt, the lady who drives the trolley, a short, plumpy looking woman will come and whip them into leaving. what kind of trolley is this? but then we come to a stop and she comes to me. then i realize i did forget something! my birth control pill! so i pop one in and the lady smiles, she points to me and Saeko lookalike, the purest soul i know and she jerks her finger to the side. and i look around, this is CLOSE to where i live, but no apples, and who am i to argue with the whip wielder? so i get out.

there is a tallish looking, well built man with like a cowboy hat on, dude freaking scared me, from behind it looked like freddy krugor. but as the bus stays there and the fat lady watches , Saeko (ill just call her that) approaches him with narrowed eyes, he turns to her and smiles, DAMN he was GORGEOUS. but he was walking towards her with the intention to grab her. hell no, not saeko, i grab my deodorant from my purse and throw it at him, he turns to me with a glare, then looks me over and smiles, he then leaves Saeko, who looks to me and i just tell her to get back on the bus. then she and the bus leaves and im left alone with him as he grabs my wrists and shoves me to the cold concrete, i think i know what the pills are for.

we can talk about the rest seeing as this "trolley ride" happens like every night but like i said before i need a long poster, and a VERY aggressive man, the man in my dreams doesnt like the word "no" and eventually starts to think of my character as his property

PM me if interested
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