Looking for 1x1 rp partner

Started by TwistedRequiem, December 11, 2010, 12:42:56 PM

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This would be the 2nd time I have had to post for this,due to the fact the rp partners that I had taken in previously have vanished more or less.I Rp mostly romance fantasy themed rp,considering the last 10 years I've rped that seemed to be the only thing my partners wanted to rp.I do modern ,steam-punk and a bit of medieval if you count a slightly DnD based world.Sci Fi is also an option depending on if your story is interesting enough to delve into that genre.Female rp partner preferred straight is the usual orientation of my characters but sometimes not depending on the story itself. I have no issue rping out the intimate portions of exchanges which can range from affection to sexual,though I wont press as far unless the rp partner states that is in their comfort range. I also firmly believe that the hero does not always win so I don't do that sunshine and rainbows crap where everything is predictable in my rps.I prefer partners who can post at least a coherent paragraph and has the creativity to help make a story last.I am also very open minded in regards to rps so dont be afraid to throw a concept out that does not suit my usual preference,I may be interested.I'm sure to some extent I failed to fully detail everything im looking for in an rp partner,but I have Yahoo for that and msn if necessary.I prefer to rp over messenger,since that was how I've always rped and it saves the trouble of going back an forth between pages on a forum and refreshing the pages.I have a few rp concepts,in mind though I dont think anyone would want to spend 15-20 minutes reading my description and summarize every tidbit.
If anyone interested since im not constantly checking the forums for messages I can be reached by the messengers listed in my profile.

If you send me a friend request just put E in the message or whatever so I know you aren't some random spammer.
(On a side note ive had  particular interest in rps based off of Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines,I still have a char sheet laying around from when I used to do the pen and paper.)

No contact info on public boards please, thanks.~L
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