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Author Topic: Aleph's Ideas  (Read 1085 times)

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Aleph's Ideas
« on: December 11, 2010, 10:10:42 am »
Current Status (27 March 2011): Ever so slightly full just now. Will only be getting myself into trouble or accepting exceptional offers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, to get an idea of what I'd like to see (and not see) happen next with these plot seeds, see my Ons and Offs list (link at the bottom of any of my posts).


The Serum

Working in the high tension realm of a world-class biochem laboratory, two scientists are working on a drug that could wipe out entire classes of mental illnesses. What happens if one of them should happen to discover (the hard way) that in it's current state it produces a high level of suggestibility and sensitivity?

Intended themes: (mind control, D/s,  bondage, fetish)

The Bailout

In the space of a few short months, your small company has gone from successful to nosediving. A contract that you would have taken easily last year this year is out of reach, which is a pity as it would have been the sort of thing to save your company and the jobs of all your employees.

Then you get a call from the CEO of a competitor. He has a plan. The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to save your employees?

Intended themes:  (D/s, humiliation, bondage, romance [optional])

The Neighbor

After throwing this idea around on IRC recently I thought I'd like it better if it were post-by-post. Two people living next to each other have similar tastes, one discovers the other's secret by accident. Things get out of hand as they try to keep things undercover. For two-people-living-next-door one could also swap in work colleagues, etc..

I'm sure you get the idea, it's not quite what I'd call original, so I'll keep the description brief and see what we can flesh it out with. At the moment there's not too much in the way of obstacles and drama here...

Intended themes: (D/s, bondage, romance)

Mixing Business and Pleasure
(Believe it or not, I got the idea for this from a TV commercial for cereal)

Each year, your boss attends a training convention that takes place in a different location. This year it's on the island of <<insert suitably faraway name here>>. His PA was given a better offer by a rival company a month or so back and he's asked you to stand in for the length of the trip. It's earned you some bitterness from your co-workers though. You're the quiet hard-working one, you don't get involved in office politics, you've let other people take credit for your work in the past, why do you get the week long holiday with the handsome owner of the company?

You do your best to make sure your boss' trip is planned to a 'T'. You may not be as presentable as the other women in the office, but you're going to make certain you're the best PA he could have picked. Everything goes without a hitch, your luggage feels a little different to how you remember it when you collect it after the flight but you figure it's just settled. It's not until you open it that you realize something is horribly wrong.

Intended themes: (D/s, fetish, bondage)

The New Office Girl

If you observed the packers working on the floor of Albright Logistics, you'd be hard pressed to spot Laurie. Maybe you'd point out that she was the shortest or that she was the most slender of the ground crew. From a distance you wouldn't see the long dark eyelashes that would give her away, and the tomboy in her had so integrated her into the crew that from a distance you wouldn't be able to spot any body language or treatment that would single her out. Yep, 'one-of-the-boys' didn't begin to describe it. It was the way she liked things. Her life at home was complicated enough to make things difficult at work and until by some miracle her entire life changed for the better, she wasn't going to risk the one part of her life where she was at least satisfied.

Home, by contrast, was not satisfactory. Her staid, conservative family had all but disowned her thanks to her rebellious streak, the people she called friends were boring, bitchy or both and her boyfriend had two modes, "indifferent" or "busy" and both came with a side of passive-aggression. So for Laurie it was days spent plugged into her iPod, keeping herself fit by moving boxes and nights spent hiding behind the same iPod, wanting to go back to work. When a chance comment gives her manager ideas about how her career could be improved, she finds herself going through a rapid set of changes, but where were these changes leading her and why was she suddenly horny all the time?

Intended themes: (Mind control, fetish, bondage, humiliation)

Late At Night

A woman on the run from her gangster ex-boyfriend's goons runs into the one person who might explain why he and his gang have suddenly undergone violent and terrible changes. He has issues of his own though and may need some convincing to help her escape her ex's clutches.

Variant, if you like a bit of urban fantasy: He's a nice guy, a bit of a loner but also a mage with a powerful patron. When these two cross paths, he's carrying out a hunt for an important artifact.

Intended themes: (Action, Romance, some of the above)
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