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Author Topic: The Slave of his Desire (Closed)  (Read 693 times)

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The Slave of his Desire (Closed)
« on: December 10, 2010, 12:54:43 PM »
I've been gone for quite a while, but I've been craving a roleplay, so I've decided to try one and only one...

The Slave of his Desire

Prince Orlando Testore, the youngest son of the King, stood before the Grand Mirror with his father, at his side.  Standing side-by-side the two were almost another set of reflections of each other.  King Stefano, the elder, more certain, more regal, his face etched with the worry lines carved by the and the responsibilies of ruling.  His black hair was streaked through with silver strands. Beneath his red and gold robes, his frame was that of an athelete retired, hard muscled softened by a little fat, but still fit beneath.  His son was dressed in black trimmed in silver, but reflected his father's features, tall, sharp-featured, but without the wear of years.  His dark hair was full and thick as was his goatee of beard, his skin was tan and his body, toned with the lithe build that came from long hours of fencing practice, not backbreaking labor in the fields. 

Orlando felt confident and eager.  Many times before he has used the Mirror, training and honing his skill under the watchful tutelage of his grandfather Antonio, Keeper of the Mirror.  He passed every test, summoned forth the objects and creatures of his desire many times.  That was the power that was his.  The power that belonged to his family, his line, the Testore - the ability to search the Mirror and from its scattered images of what might be, bring forth the possible and make it real.  Today wasn't special because he would be using the Mirror.  It was special because of how he would be using it.

Today he was finally judged old enough to select his first slave.

His father laid a heavy hand upon his son's shoulders.  "It is an important thing, my son, your first slave, your first concubine.  I know you've had other women, but our companions are special.  In some ways she'll shape your life more than your best tutors.  We've talked about what is important.  Not too meek, you want a girl with some fire in her, one you'll have to tame to your desires."

Orlando nodded to his father.  He was a little discomforted by the sudden parental attention, especially as it was on display for all the court to see, even if they couldn't hear the words.  "I know, father, I know.  Spirited, basically human, sexual, but never having known a man's touch before, healthy, strong constitution and all that.  I know."

Stefano clapped his son on the back.  "Good lad.  We have the nets ready should they be needed and they probably will be.  She'll be wild at first and you'll have to keep her chained until you break her in.  Everything is set up in waiting in your bedroom.  So... go to it."

Orlando bowed to his father and approached the mirror.  He was aware of guards closing in with weighted nets in hand, but he ignored them and focused in on the Grand Mirror.  It was twice a man's height and just as broad, framed in gold the glass was without flaw.  As he stepped forward his reflection fractured into a thousand likenesses as it reflected the possibilities.  The images flicked and shifted as he sent out his thoughts, the girl of his dreams: his first slave, first concubine, first conquest.

Numberless girls waited in the worlds that might-be.  He began to seek the one of his desire.  It was much like whittling a piece of wood, cutting away the undesired pieces to reveal the shape inside.  Human, an ambiguous term, very broad.  He focused and cut to his desire.  True human, not humanoid, or partial, no lycanthropes, vampires or almost humans.  A girl who would breed true.  Health, youth, vigor, fertile he focused cutting out the old, the weak, the afflicted, the infirm, the barren.

Loyal - but spirited, not broken.  This was the first true challenge.  It was easy to call forth obedient servants.  Countless numbers waited in the worlds that might-be, but obedience was a different tone from loyalty.  Obedience alone led to a certain meekness of spirt, a dependence on others for direction.  That was fine in serving girl or maid, but not today.  He wanted more, a fit consort for a prince.  He wanted loyalty, devotion along with independence and a willful spirit.  A girl who would be wild, her own person, but once her heart was given to that she would be true.  Her heart would have to be conquered, her will yoked to his.  He smiled in anticipation of the challenge in breaking her.

First, he had to find her.  Again he whittled away at what might be: sexual, very sexual and yet still virgin, neither heart nor body ever claimed.  Talented - yes, she should have some gifts all her own, but carefully he avoided specifying what that talent and gifts she might claim.  She should have some mystery.  He sought out those that were wrathful, bloodyminded, spiteful, vindictive or even psychotic and threw the worst of them out.  He couldn't take that to the extreme, not and still have a woman with fire in her belly.  However, he certainly didn't want one who delighted in bloodshed.  The choices were narrowing down now.  He focused on language next.  She needed to speak the true tongue, or close enough to it to be understandable.  Then he cast away those that were bound to their homes by strong ties.  He wanted a bit of rootlessness to her.  She would never see her home again.  He didn't want her to forever pine for it.

Now he changed his method.  He had whittled away by conscious choice or what he needed in a consort.  Yet a consort wasn't about cold logic.  Now, he let his heart speak, let his inner desires sort and cast away, helping him hone in on the one girl.  The girl of his dreams.

In the mirror the images slowed, grew few in number and grew more stable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seeking a literate writing partner to be the prince's chosen girl.  I'm aiming for something romatic with some light bondage and punishment.  Orlando isn't going to throw her down and rape her, but he isn't seeking an equal.  She'll be trained to serve and obey.  There are some obvious fairy tale elements, almost a Cinderella story, but not quite so nice.  I think this story would be most interesting with a woman from modern day Earth sucked into a fantasy realm, but the setup allows a woman from any setting.  Pacing will be important.  The girl should be independent and not eager to be a slave - even to a prince.  At the other extreme someone who won't surrender or compromise at all defeats the purpose of the story as well.

Please apply by PM

I will be looking at the writing histories of people interested in being my writing partner.  If you have some in particular you'd like to highlight, please let me know.  Please have a character in mind.  Bonus points for submitting an actual snippet of her life showing what it was like before she was kidnapped to become the prince's plaything.

CLOSED - taken by Seraph

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