Reggie requesting roleplays. M/F (Various pairings and plots.)

Started by reggiethelast, December 10, 2010, 08:31:11 AM

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Hey, I'm only for one or two partners right now to RP with so this is a very limited time request unless I don't lure any interest (I hope not!) Anyways, I have no specific cravings at all. Some of these are pairings and some of them are very basic plots. I don't really feel like writing a huge elaborate story for no one to be interested in it. I'm pretty good at brainstorming these things though so if there is anything you're interested I can whip something up or I'd love to hear your ideas. I'd also like to mention that I RP over threads, MSN, PM of which PMs would probably be my favourite. I'm also only looking for female partners that are looking for a M/F pairings. Now onto the meat of the thread:

Gangster x Police Officer/Detective:
My character has been a big player in the working of the mafia. After a long bid in prison he has been recently released. Your a detective for the local police department. You know I'll go back to my old ways and we begin to have a bit of a cat and mouse chase. You trying to get me back behind bars and me trying to return to the lifestyle.

Vegas Crime idea:
I had an idea surrounding Las Vegas, it could go various routes. In the future (don't worry, it's not sci future) one man owns all of the Las Vegas Strip. No one really knows much about him although that he's very powerful and very wealthy. He's somewhere in between a crime lord and a business tycoon. He stays away in his private penthouse that overlooks the whole strip. In order to operate the strip he has given control to three crime families. He collects a certain percentage every week and allows them to operate their businesses and also keeps the peace between them. Lately things have not been going so well and the brink of war is on the horizon. Now here's a few possible ways this could go from here:

I'm one of the top men for one of the families. Might be as even high as second in command. I end up going to another family's casino to see if there's anything suspicious going on. I end up bumping into your character who's the daughter/niece/sister of someone high up in that family. You're working as a showgirl/stripper/waitress/prostitute and my eyes are immediately glued to you. This begins a forbidden affair between the two factions.

The second idea is tensions start to increase more and more and your father is murdered. You end up taking over the family as the heiress and decide to set up a meeting with me, the owner of the strip which is no easy task. You want me to help you to find out which family is responsible.

Zombie Infection/Post Apocalyptic:
I've been watching/reading a lot of Walking Dead lately and I would love do a pairing where two characters survivors eventually meet during the horrors of what would happen during a zombie Infection. Your character is completely up to you and I could play anywhere from a lost solider from the miltary, a police officer who could offer your character protection or just a standard everyday guy that just so happens to cross path with yours.

The other idea was Post Apocalyptic, normally most people would think Fallout, Mad Max, Book of Eli universe which I'm totally down to play in a universe like those but I read a book awhile ago called Metro 2033 which is a very different type of vibe. Russia has been exposed to all sorts of nuclear attacks and now outside is a very much arctic environment where the air is deadly to breath so people live underground in the Subway systems in small communities. Outside in the cold and in the empty tunnels are dangerous apocalyptic animals and there's a war between two groups raging. One trying to return Russia to the communist Soviet Union and the other a group of fascists trying to control Russia under Nazi rule.

Some very basic pairings here.
American Soldier x German Woman/Nurse
American Soldier x French Woman/Nurse
American Soldier x Russian Woman/Nurse
Nazi Soldier x Jewish Woman
Nazi Soldier x French Woman
Nazi Soldier x Allied Nurse

Vietnam has much more of a plot.
My character is placed into a small special operation squad that's sent to assassinate a certain Viet Cong General. After months of hunting down my target I get into a firefight and lose all my men. Now it's just me in the jungle by myself but I'm still on a mission. I come across an abandon camp where I find your character who's either a nurse or a USO girl who hid while the Viet Cong wiped out her camp. Now my character has to keep her safe and complete his mission still.

Gangster x Witness to murder
Gangster x Waitress
Gangster x Club singer
Gangster x My Don's daughter
Gangster x Enemy's Don's daughter
Gangster x Police Chief's daughter
Gangster x Club girl
Gangster x Police Officer/Detective

Basically a violent gang war between two organized criminal organizations is happening and your characters gets involved in one of the ways above. These gangs could be Italian, Irish, Russian, Bikers etc.

Cowboy/Outlaw x Saloon girl
Cowboy/Outlaw x Farmer's daughter
Cowboy/Outlaw x Sheiff's daughter
Cowboy/Outlaw x Mayor's daughter
Cowboy/Outlaw x Native American

Modern Day Ideas:
Wealthy Man x Maid
Cook/Waiter/Customer/Manager x Waitress
Employee/Boss x Secretary
Fan/Manager/Celebrity x Celebrity/Fan
City Boy/Country Boy x City Girl/Country Girl
Trucker x Hitchhiker
Pilot/Vacationer x Flight Attendant
Vacationer x Vacationer (Island Paradise, Europe, Cruise Ship)
Vacationer x Receptionist/Waitress
Movie or Music Star x Receptionist/Waitress
Neighbour x Neighbour/Neighbour's legal daughter (Married or Unmarried)
Famous Politician/Actor/Musician x Reporter
Cop x Citizen
Parent x Babysitter
Teacher/Student/Professor x Student/Teacher
Out of town Biker x Local Woman
Politician out on the town x Local woman
Father's Friend x Daughter
Brother's Friend x Sister
Husband x Wife's Sister
Husband's Brother x Wife
Boyfriend's Friend x Girlfriend
Friend's Boyfriend x Friend
Boyfriend's Brother x Girlfriend
Sister's Boyfriend x Sister
Repair/Salesman x Woman(Married or not)
Stranded (Jungle Island Plane Crash)
Directer x Actress


Hello there!
I'd be interested in a roleplay involving the Gangster/Club Singer or Gangster/His Don's Daughter. If you'd like, you could PM me and we could further discuss it.
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I'd be interested in writing the Vietnam plot line with you.  If you have time to start another RP I'd love to discuss this with you.

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Added the Vegas Crime idea and I have one or two slots open to RP with via thread/PM/IM.