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Author Topic: Ta Da! (seeking M) (Updated 1-23-13)  (Read 2558 times)

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Ta Da! (seeking M) (Updated 1-23-13)
« on: December 09, 2010, 07:09:08 PM »
Hello all, I'm here and ready to play. Here are a few scenarios I'm eager to start up. I'm also open to RPing someone else's ideas. I enjoy action romance and kinkiness :D First, a few things:

Posting: I usually post 3 or more paragraphs. We all have our off days, and I understand that. Ultimately though, I am looking for someone who can post at least 3 paragraphs. Also, I am looking for someone who will be able to post at least once a week. I am very busy with grad school, but try to post at least once a week myself.

Characters: As far as backstory, looks, characteristics, I leave that all to you. I can only say what I play and what I like. Overall, I enjoy playing strong, feisty and beautiful women. It is always nice to play opposite a strong, slightly arrogant, smooth male character. I do so much enjoy the power struggle. But everything's flexible :)

Cravings: (*= old craving so not wanting too much, **= am fairly interested in, ***= really wanting, most likely newer ideas)

1) A female forest nymph roams a forest, her forest. She can speak to the animals and even the plants. Her form is that of a beautiful woman. She meets many travelers that come through her forest. Most times, she keeps to herself as long as peace is kept in her forest. It all changes when one man comes through her forest. There are many options for this here. He could be lost/hurt and she helps him or he could be just another traveler that sees her and comes by often, wanting to know more. I'd be willing to go an entirely different route if someone wanted to play him more vicious. He could want to destroy her forest or try to kidnap her. Could be NC or light, could involve other fantasy creatures that she could fall in love with or fight with-***

2) In a world where different species remain in hiding from society, there is a special agency that has been set up to help corral the criminals of the non-human persuasion. Two members of this agency, that find they don't really get along, are forced to work together none the less as they search for a serious criminal. Tension builds as they irk one another and yet, sexual tension builds between them none the less. I'll play a female character of some species and am looking for a male to play a male character of a different species. I'm really flexible on species details here. - **

3) A young woman has just moved out of her parents house and is living on her own in a college dorm. Somehow, amongst all the stress, she starts to hear voices that aren't her own. Is she going crazy? No, what is really going on is that some dormant telepathic ability has surfaced and she has not the slightest clue on how to deal with it as well as the unusual load of school work. Can she get control of her abilities before they control her? Looking for a male character to play opposite me. There is a lot of flexibility to this scenario. A male could be a teacher, frat guy, regular student, some random bad boy type who doesn't go to school and any of them could have an ability of their own. Does he help her or take advantage of her? Pm with proposed character if interested in this one.**

4) A young woman is found on the run from something, clearly in trouble, but maybe with no memory of details. Or is she just hiding it?  She is not just any young woman though. No she has abilities that no human woman has. While she tries to keep it hidden, she has the ability to control water. She can move it, freeze it, etc. When a man finds her, he is intrigued. I'd like him to be a bit tainted, seeing this as an opportunity to have some personal gains or take advantage of her in some way. I'm looking for someone to play the man. I'm open to this being in various settings or times and to his character having abilities or being a different species. Being human probably won't work.-**

5) A woman finds herself divorced from her wealthy husband. They were never great together, but he was her love. With a broken heart and struggling finances, she moves to an apartment. Despite the divorce, she is very attractive. Could have been a model in her younger years even. She soon finds herself the object of affection of a young man at her apartment, much younger than her, and much more adventurous. She is in for a new sense of life ***
6) An innocent small town girl works at the diner as a waitress, having not really done much in her life. She is the typical vision of innocent. She has a delicate frame and gentle womanly features. She doesn't know much as far as crime or bad people are concerned. When a traveler comes into town, she is intrigued by him. He seems interesting and so much different than any guy she has met. Little does she know, he is a hardened criminal, and has just recently gotten out of jail. He has seen a lot and done a lot. Soon, they are both wrapped up together and on the run from issues of his past. I'm open to discussing ideas about this thoroughly **

7) A woman has nightly dreams of what seems to be someone else's life. She can't make sense of them, but has learned to live with them. One night, she is visited by a man. He seems familiar, gorgeous and overall mysterious. She finds he's a vampire and claims she was a love of his in a previous life. She got killed, taken from him. When he changes her against her will, will she fall for him like she did in a past life or will she grow to hate him and push him more and more away? -*

8)  A brother and sister haven't spoken for years. He was the black sheep of the family in a way and she was always the over-achiever. When their parents were mysteriously killed, in what detectives claim to be an accident, they reunite and try to work through their problems so they can figure out what happened and if they are next. Only thing is, the brother realizes that his sister is far more attractive than he ever would have thought and she's still as sweet to him as always. **

9) A woman in a small town is forced to make a dangerous decision when her only parent, her father, dies of pneumonia one night. Having been trained in sorcery, even if only at a rudimentary level, she decides that she must get into the King's Army, an institution designed to recruit and train mages and sorcerers and such to defend the kingdom. The only problem is, it is only for men. Women are still supposed to do more domestic things and going against such things is punishable by law. Still, she has no where else to go and knows she can succeed there. Sneaking in isn't the problem, but when she befriends and gets rather close to a male classmate, the trouble is will she get caught?- **

10) When a young woman is woken in the middle of night by the sound of broken glass, she fears the worst. When she moves to look downstairs, all she sees is a dark figure looming over her parents before he fires a bullet into the back of each of their heads. They always told her to be prepared and without a second thought, she rushes out of her window and down to the driveway where she escapes in her car. With an emergency bag of clothes and a secret stash of cash, she needs to hire someone to help her. She needs to hire the best, a mysterious and seductive man that her parents always told her could find anyone. Even their killer she hoped- **

11) A new life, a fresh start, everything was going to get better, she thought. She had ran away from her possessive and rather physically abusive boyfriend in the cover of night, living with a distant relative across the United States where she could finish college and have a normal life. The problem is, he finds her. He finds her and has never taken no for an answer. This wouldn't be NC, but definitely a bit on the extreme I'd say since I do want there to be physical abuse, in and out of the bedroom.***

12) A wealthy benefactor often attends concerts, plays and other artistic performances. It is a bit of an obsession of his, sating the deepest part of his soul. When he finds a young woman whose performance and very being resonates with him, he knows that he has to have her. He offers to pay for whatever she wants, investing in her art if you will, but she comes to find out that there were more strings attached than she at first believed there to be. I'd be playing the female. Looking for someone to play the benefactor. (taken)
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13) One dark night, a woman sees something she was never supposed to see, a gruesome murder of one of her coworkers. Unbeknownst to the killer, she runs to the police and tells them all she saw. As the investigation continues and ultimately, the trial approaches, she needs to be put into witness protection. The story will follow the budding romance between her and the U.S. Marshall she's been assigned as well as the action of the storyline. **

14) Two children of the Divine School of Educational Opportunities (DiSEO) for short, thrived together. She controlled the element of water and he controlled fire. They were siblings, trained together and raised together by the school since they were orphaned as young children. Finally, they were of age, she 18 and he 20, so they could be sent out together. She was as the water that she controlled, cool, calm, reserved and yet strikingly powerful. He was just as fire, unyielding, destructive, assertive and just as powerful as she, if not more. Would they try to uncover their past? If so, what problems would come their way? Or would they just try to live as normal beings, finding that no one would understand them quite like one another? This is incest, obviously, and has a lot of potential I think.

15) She was his mistress, and a good one at that, giving him things that his wife never would and being the strong woman that she knew he needed. But as he continually told her that he would leave his wife for her, and didn't, she couldn't help but feel slighted. Wasn't she everything he wanted and more? So when he tries to break it off with her instead, she snaps, finding ways to stay close to him and keep him where she wants him. The problem is, as much as he wants to have a happy marriage, he can't ignore the desire he feels for the slightly unstable mistress of his.  ***

16) A woman's husband to be is shot on their wedding day. She has no understanding of the matter and police can't figure it out either. One solid sniper shot. The best man checks in on her and they start to become closer. But he is the only one who really knows why her fiance was killed. They had a secret past, kept from everyone. And now as he bears the burden of his friends death and the past they shared, he finds himself falling for his best friend's girl. *** Taken

17) Vigilante justice is something frowned upon. After all, there are not real heroes out there right? But every so often, someone steps forward and makes it a reality. My character had a troubled past, as most heroes did, and trained hard to fight crime. Think par core and kung fu :). Her alter ego is simple, but searches for fun often, many times the company of strange men, always leaving before she can become attached. It's easy, until she meets him. The male character can either be a person from her past or a new guy; generally nice guy or a spitfire just like her; a cop or a civilian; etc. I'm open to this, just curious where it could go :)- ***

18) The gods used to rule the lands, being honored and feared all at the same time. But the people of the lands turned to science and other religions, veering from the traditional ways and so the gods had to take to non-traditional ways of living if they were to still have a semblance of a life. They take human form, living among us and meddling in various ways, but also fighting with each other over mates, territory and power. The world is their playground, for once a God/Goddess, always a God/Goddess through and through. I will play a Goddess and looking for someone to play a God. I am open to NC here, thinking it would be an interesting addition to the games they play with each other- ***

Feel free to PM me if you are interested. You can post general questions here if you like.
Happy RPing
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Offline assionpayTopic starter

Re: Ta Da! (seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2012, 06:32:27 PM »
I am willing to take on one more rp. I'd like to do number 12 specifically.

If anyone is interested, please PM me :)

(Note: at this time, I have had all the interest I can manage in this number. Thanks :))
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Offline Marxist Panda

Re: Ta Da! (seeking M)
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2012, 01:15:42 PM »
I have experience with RPs like your No. 12 and a character in mind. PM me if you are still interested in that RP.

Offline assionpayTopic starter

Re: Ta Da! (seeking M)
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2012, 01:52:14 PM »
Still interested in number 13. If interested or wanting to hash out the details, please PM me :)

Offline Translucent Bard

Re: Ta Da! (seeking M)
« Reply #4 on: May 28, 2012, 02:21:34 PM »
Sent you a PM about 7, however I am also open to discussing 13!

Offline assionpayTopic starter

Re: Ta Da! (seeking M) (Updated 9-8-12)
« Reply #5 on: January 21, 2013, 09:45:02 PM »
Looking for a new rp or two. 6, 13 or 18 are on my list of preferred rps for right now :). 

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Re: Ta Da! (seeking M) (Updated 1-23-13)
« Reply #6 on: June 18, 2013, 05:29:54 PM »
Updated these rps with several deletions and one new one, Number 18. This is something I'm interested in pretty immediately. Please PM with interest :). All other rp interests are welcome, however.