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Author Topic: Lah's Plot Seeds! (M/M & M/F)  (Read 2208 times)

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Lah's Plot Seeds! (M/M & M/F)
« on: December 09, 2010, 04:53:42 PM »
-Important Notes-

~Please read my O/Os before PMing me!
~My typical post length is usually at least 3-4 paragraphs. No such thing as too long. And sometimes they can
be shorter depending on circumstances. I would hope to get similar lengths from my partner.
~Grammar, punctuation and spelling are pretty important.
~I usually write in third person past tense and expect the same from my partner.
~I try to post at least once daily, though it's often more. Major absences I will PM partners about.

Plot Seeds
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Re: Lah's Plot Seeds! (M/F)
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2010, 10:08:27 PM »
M/F Important Notes
~Please respect my O/Os
~My characters are not me, please do not confuse the two
~I prefer descriptive posts that use a variety of vocabulary (If 'cunt', 'pussy' and 'tits' are the only words you know and use for a lady's body parts, we're not gonna get along)

-Plot Seeds-

All Sold Out!

-Planted Plots-

TAKEN Edelweiss TAKEN Click to see what grew!
While out collecting wild herbs and berries, a nun stumbles upon a young man who has collapsed out in the woods near the abbey. Once there, she also finds out he has a twisted ankle and apparently not a penny to his name. She takes him in and begins nursing him back to health. The other older nuns of the abbey warn her to remain chaste and formal with this man. It is their duty to take care of the less fortunate, but that is all.

The nun is young, only in her 20's, and despite the warnings and the fact she has taken her oath to remain celibate, she can't help but feel a blooming attraction for the young man. He seems so sweet and kind. And incredibly handsome. Being a virgin, she never got a chance to really explore the world of sex before getting caught up in the ways of the abbey and being a nun. It gets so bad that she eventually begins to masturbate at night, to help relieve her sexual frustrations.

Yet even that isn't enough to keep her in line. And eventually one day, when the two of them are alone, she kisses him. Quite the sinful affair blossoms after that, as the young man shows her all of the ways of sex. But he is not going to be there forever. Once his ankle is healed, the elderly nuns expect for him to leave the abbey. The nun is conflicted between staying in the world that she knows, or abandoning the abbey to follow the young man out into the world. It doesn't help that the kind young man might actually be a criminal on the run...

Who I would be playing: The nun.
Who my partner would be playing:  The guy.

TAKEN Unearthly Beauty TAKEN Click to see what grew!
A young scientist, fresh out of college, has just landed himself a high security job at a government testing facility. Due to his studies with strange species of animals, he has been put on a very secretive study. As it turns, the subject of the study is a young extraterrestrial. The scientists have been trying to communicate. And in the mean time they have been running a variety of tests upon her. Including some that are quite sexually violating. Depending on how we'd play it, the new guy would be welcome to indulge a bit in these tests on the girl. But eventually, as time passed, he'd find he was beginning to care for her. And it becomes painful to watch the other scientists treat her like a specimen and not a person...

Who I would be playing: The alien girl and assorted scientist side characters
Who my partner would be playing:  The new scientist, plus any side characters that would help move things along.
Sexual elements: Non-con is to be expected for at least some of this. Maybe some restraints and various things being shoved inside her. If you use vibrator-esque equipment, I'll love you forever ;) If you have any ideas that you think would be good but are unsure if I'd be okay with them, just ask me.
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Re: Lah's Plot Seeds! (M/M)
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2010, 10:17:54 PM »
M/M Important Notes
~Switching is my preference, in relation to catching and pitching. Fighting for dominance is fun too!
~I will do roles that don't switch, depending on situation and circumstance.
~I prefer male characters that actually act masculine to some degree.
~I have a great disdain for stereotypical ukes ( i.e. clingy, whiny, cries a lot, naive,
looks like a girl when he's suppose to be a guy, big anime eyes, etc)
~Not a big fan of typical 'seme' and 'uke' cliches in general

-Plot Seeds-

All sold out!

-Planted Plots-

TAKEN! Needs of the Heart TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
It's the summer after graduation. And two best friends who have been together since grade school have decided to end their high school days with a road trip. One of the friends has had a crush on the other boy for the longest time. But due to his friend's heterosexuality, he's kept the crush to himself.

At one of their destinations (Las Vegas for instance), the one with the crush finds himself caught within a bit of a dilemma when his friend begins to come onto him, while drunk. He gives into his friend's demands and he gives him what he wants.

Mortified later, the one with the crush keeps quiet about what happened. His friend does not seem to remember. Throughout the rest of their trip, they end up coming together a few more times, his friend always under the influence of alcohol.

The road trip ends, life goes on. The one with the crush finds his drunk friend at his door sporadically as the months go on. The one with the crush finds himself being torn up inside, since he loves his friend, but he feels like he's nothing more than a booty call for the other man. Will they ever get past their drunken flings? Does his friend secretly love him too?

Who I would be playing: The one with the crush
Who my partner would be playing: The drunken, seductive friend. Important Note: This role is technically a bottom role, but I'm expecting him to be very pushy and aggressive about what he wants from his topping friend. No meek bottoms apply.

TAKEN! To Go Through Hell TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
A worried (and closed minded) family send their teenaged son off to a Straight Camp. His feminine qualities made them think he might be homosexual. Except, the poor kid doesn't even consider himself gay.

The camp is quite harsh (though it is shrouded in 'happy' faces of the people who work there). The teen's feminine characteristics are forcibly taken from him. And his personality is next on the chopping block, though the 'counselors' there recognize that will take a bit longer. Stern rules are in place, regarding how the men at the camp can interact.

The men are boarded into small rooms, two men to a room. His room mate ends up being quite voracious and he immediately targets the teen. Many nights go on, where he forcibly takes the teen in order to fulfill his own desires. He threatens the teen, to keep him quiet through the abuse.

Not everyone is nasty at the camp, thankfully. One of the recovering men ends up befriending the teen. He claims he's on the verge of becoming straight. Yet the more he's around the teen, the more he begins to question all they have been brainwashing him with.

Between the rough nightly rapes, and the budding affection between the teen and his 'friend', it becomes obvious that the camp has only opened the teen up to being homosexual instead of truly 'fixing' him. Will the teen be strong enough to endure the physical and psychological abuse? Will he ever be allowed to leave the camp? And can he and his potential lover hold onto their new found affection despite all the people who tell them it is wrong?

Who I would be playing: The friendly love interest and the horny room mate :P
Who my partner would be playing: The feminine teen (17-19ish). Important note: When it comes to his femininity, he can look about as pretty as you like, even on the verge of a drag queen. But personality wise, he shouldn't be meek. Feminine but still strong. I don't want a whiny push over (refer to my OFFs). If you need clarification, PM me.
Sexual elements: A lot of non-consensual, but there would evolve more consensual moments between the teen and the love interest later on in the story, or so I hope :)

TAKEN! Behind Bars TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
Two friends get busted for high jacking a car. Thanks to the fact they ran over two people, the two have been sentenced to a good couple years in prison. And within the first week they are there, one of the two pawns off his friend to save his own skin from being brutalized. The friend who has been given away is good looking, with long hair and pretty lips. Thanks to his assets, he is quickly turned into a prison bitch, passed around by many domineering inmates for various favors. His main master is a cold, brutal fellow, who sees him as nothing more than a means of currency.

Betrayed by his friend, raped and abused by other inmates, the only person who treats the prison bitch with any sort of human kindness is his cellmate. He is a man who is a couple years his senior, and he finds the younger inmate to remind him of his brother. He attempts to offer help to him whenever he can, though he lacks the true power that other inmates possess.

The younger prisoner finds himself falling in love with his cellmate, possibly because he is the only person who is kind to him. Sadly, the older cellmate claims he has no attraction toward other men. Yet more and more, he begins to step up in protecting his cellmate.

Can love bloom in the dark recesses of prison?

Who I would be playing: I'm feeling a slight preference for the older cellmate, though I'd be just as happy playing the younger one. 
Who my partner would be playing: I have no real preference, as long as they help out with some of the side characters.
Sexual elements: Mostly non-consensual, if you couldn't guess ;)

TAKEN! Rebellious Temptation TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
A young twenty something has been living a good life. He spent his youth obeying his parents, doing all they asked and advised. He's made it through high school and has started his first year of college. The shy, bookish, twenty-something lives under the radar. And prefers to be left unnoticed if he has the choice.

Enter his eccentric room mate. At first glance, he looks like nothing more than a punk, with his hair colored and cut in into a mohawk and plenty of metal piercings in his face. But quick wit, a lot of humor and a ridiculous amount of talent  are hidden beneath his exterior, proving more than his worth regarding the college he's at.

The bookish fellow finds himself immediately taking interest in this punk. From how he looks to his rather independent and carefree outlook on life. It's not long before he finds himself falling for his charms. But can two people who are so very different make a relationship? Especially considering how embarrassed the bookish student feels when out with his punk lover in public, which serves to irritate the punk toward a break up. If his lover is so ashamed of having him then there's no hope. To what lengths will the bookish room mate go to prove himself to his punk lover? And just what changes will he  himself end up going through?

Who I would be playing: I have no real preference.
Who my partner would be playing: I have no real preference.

TAKEN! Friends with Benefits TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
Two young men in their twenties have been friends since college. Guy A has had his share of girlfriends over the years, but nothing all that long term. After yet another relationship gone wrong, Guy A is about ready to throw in the towel on finding a girl who can satisfy him. Guy B has had an attraction to Guy A since first meeting him, but has yet to ever tell him how he feels. He's possibly even been in denial of his own feelings and has been trying to date women, to not much more success than his friend. After a discussion and rant from Guy A about how the women he dates never prove to have any interest in sex, an interesting idea occurs to Guy B.

In a gutsy move, Guy B makes a suggestion: to use one another for their sexual relief. The girls seem to be too conservative to give them the sex they crave, so why not just do it for each other? Of course, since they're only swapping sex, they can still search for that right girl in the meantime. Guy A seems iffy about the idea at first, but isn't entirely opposed. After a bit of awkwardness, Guy B takes it upon himself to demonstrate just what Guy A can get out of this friends with benefits situation he'd lead them into. And within only a few days, the two become pretty comfortable with one another.

Guy B finds this situation to be a god send, since he's desired his friend now for so long. But when Guy A brings home his first girl in a while, Guy B feels the immediate destructive urges of jealousy wrapping about him. As time goes on, fighting might ensue, fighting that Guy B can't explain without telling Guy A that he loves him. Will their friendship survive? Will it become something more? Or will Guy A leave Guy B for Mrs. Right once he finds her, despite how much he loves the sex with his friend?

Who I would be playing: I'm leaning toward Guy B, the one who's had the crush and comes up with the friends with benefits idea. But I'm up for being Guy A too if my partner feels strongly.
Who my partner would be playing: Hoping for my partner to be Guy A, but as I mentioned above, I'm up for considering it the other way around :)

TAKEN! Rumspringa TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
Faron has lived in an Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania all his life. But now that he is 18, he has the chance to explore the world outside of his Amish community. During this period, called Rumspringa, he will be allowed to decide if he wishes to remain with the Amish people or if he would rather leave for the outside world.

Ever curious, Faron makes his way to Philadelphia. And once there, he ends up meeting a man. This particular guy ends up uprooting feelings within Faron that he has long tried to ignore. But figuring ths is now or never, he decides to follow his desires. Having no place to go while in Philadelphia, he ends up bunking with his new companion. And as his time in the city unfolds, Faron learns about forbidden things like technology and fast food, which he enjoys thoroughly. But in turn, he is also shown all the vices he's never been exposed to: drugs, alcohol and above all... sex.

The period of Rumspringa does not to last forever. Faron must eventually make a choice. He can return to the Amish life and never again partake of the world outside. Or he can stay in Philadelphia with the man he loves, but be shunned by his family and friends of the Amish community that he has known since his childhood...

Who I would be playing: The Amish teen, Faron, who is torn between the man he meets in the outside world and his family in his Amish community.
Who my partner would be playing: The guy that Faron meets.

TAKEN! Teacher Troubles TAKEN!  Click to see what grew!
A rather young high school teacher has been having trouble with one particular student. In the halls, if said student is causing trouble and the teacher tries to stop him, usually he doesn't listen and instead a different teacher has to step in to stop the chaos. In the classroom, if the student's behavior becomes too disruptive, the best the teacher is able to do is to send the troublesome teen out of the room. His higher ups are getting upset with his inability to discipline. The teacher decides his best option might be to talk to the student one on one after hours. He waits in his class room. When the student arrives, they have their discussion. Ultimately, the student says he will behave if the teacher gives him sexual favors in return. The student then locks the door of the classroom then advances on his teacher.

Out of shame and fear, the teacher can't bring himself to press charges or tell anyone else that his student sexually harassed him. The next day at school the student behaves himself. But at lunch, he finds his way into the teacher's class room, expecting him to put out some more...

Who I would be playing: The teacher.
Who my partner would be playing: The aggressive trouble student.
Sexual elements: Light non-con, maybe restraints and spur of the moment 'toys/dildos' ( i.e. markers, highlighters, bottles, etc.). If you have any other ideas you think would go nicely but aren't sure how I feel about them, you're welcome to ask :)

TAKEN! Gone Country TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
A rebel city teen is sent to his Uncle's for the summer. His mother hopes the chores on the farm will help straighten him out. He ends up meeting his Uncle's farmhand, who's a country boy through and through. Just because he's out in the country though doesn't mean the rebel teen is gonna start behaving. And the farmhand takes it upon himself to knock that rebel streak out of the city boy. Maybe even some sort of 'special' disciplinary measures would need to be taken ;)

Who I would be playing: I'd be playing the rebel city guy.
Who my partner would be playing: The country boy he'd end up meeting. Initially I was thinking he would be a ranch hand on the farm. But I am also up for him being a cousin of my guy, or even the uncle. I'm flexible, depending on your comfort level since I know incest isn't everyone's cup of tea.

TAKEN! Summer Love, September Lies TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
Two young men, who have both recently turned 18, end up meeting during the summer between their Junior and Senior year of high school. Guy A is a local of the area and has lived there all his life. He's posed as heterosexual, but has a hidden curiosity about men that he is afraid to act on for fear of his friends rejecting him or his reputation being ruined. Guy B lives in another state and is only visiting some relatives for the summer. He is an out homosexual, though he respects Guy A's initial request to not hit on him.

They meet on the beach and strike up a friendship that lasts the summer. Although their meetings remain at the beach for the first month, they soon enough begin spending some of their evenings together. Sometimes they just go for a burger and soda at the local McDonalds. Or they might sneak into one or two movies. Eventually Guy A's curiosity gets the better of him. By the end of the summer, they have a high affection for one another. But Guy B needs to go back to his home state. They say their goodbyes.

The school year starts for Guy A. But it isn't long before he finds out that Guy B ended up staying in the area and is now attending the same school. Guy A acts very different when his friends are around, including insulting and mistreating Guy B. Toss in conniving friends and crushes after either of the two guys and high school social troubles.

Who I would be playing: Honestly in this case I'm up for playing either guy
Who my partner would be playing: Same as above, I don't really care who plays who in this particular plot

TAKEN! All I Want For Christmas...  TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
A husband lost his wife quite tragically a couple years ago. It has just been him and his 8 year old daughter since then. The daughter was  young when her mother died, so she doesn't remember her. But it's hit her father very hard. It's now approaching the Holiday season and he is dreading spending another Christmas without his wife. After a very snowy night, the father and daughter open up their door the front morning not only to find a couple feet of snow on the ground, but a young man passed out on their front porch. The father almost turns the man away, but his daughter insists Santa will only give him coal if he isn't nice to this man. So he ends up taking the fellow inside, feeding him and helping him warm up.

The young man could have any sort of less-than-child-friendly background (drug user, hooker, homeless, etc). But he's very playful and the little girl ends up getting attached to him. In exchange for food and shelter, the father lets the young man serve as a nanny for his little girl. Over the next couple weeks, the father also finds himself warming up to the young man's presence. And of course the young man finds himself coming to adore the little girl and even her father. As it nears Christmas, the little girl (being the observant child she is) begins to notice her father and her nanny's budding attraction. And she begins to try to get them together. Anything from getting them to cook chestnuts with her by the fire place to attempting to hang mistletoe in every doorway so they might happen to kiss, and other antics.

The father has likely only known heterosexuality, but soon finds himself fantasizing about the younger man, which throws the father into a bit of self conflict. Not so sure as to the younger man's preferences, I'd leave that up to my partner. I picture this story being relatively cute, festive and maybe a bit dramatic as the dad has to come to terms with his attraction and desire for the younger man. And if the nanny has some of his own issues to bring to the table, that'd be good too!

Who I would be playing: The father, and I'd probably also being playing the daughter as a side character.
Who my partner would be playing: The random fellow who ends up on their doorstep and eventually is allowed to stay as the nanny for the little girl. I'll leave you to come up with why he was out in the snow and needs a place to stay.

TAKEN! Listen to Your Heart TAKEN! Click to see what grew!
An attraction of opposites. Guy A is scholarly and is likely to end up their graduating class' valedictorian. Guy B is independent minded and musical, with bad grades but a big dream of becoming a rockstar. Despite Guy A's straight laced reputation, he finds the wild allure of Guy B too hard to ignore. Guy B has often caught Guy A staring at him in class or in the hallways. He's not only flattered by what he perceives to be a crush, but finds attraction toward Guy A. But when Guy B eventually approaches Guy A about this suspected attraction, Guy A shoots him down.

After graduation, fast forward at least five years. Guy A hasn't amounted to as much as everyone thought he would. He has worked a multitude of odd jobs since he's rather burnt out after all of his schooling. His newest position he'd just taken is that of a roadie/stage hand for a music group that's been growing in popularity.

As it turns out, the headman of the group is Guy B. They would likely meet up through the backstage. There will likely be hurt feelings, temptations of rubbing success in Guy A's face, yet also a return of old feelings from high school that ignite full force at the sight of one another. Toss in the fact Guy B probably has a lover, and maybe another member of the band ends up going after Guy A, which can make for a fun love square/triangle/geometric shape of our choosing (though I'm not necessarily looking for a multiple sex partner scenario). There could also be troubles pertaining to alcohol or drug usage for further drama and issues.

Who I would be playing: I'm leaning toward Guy A, the scholar who turned down his crush for the sake of maintaining his reputation, and other side characters and band members.
Who my partner would be playing: Guy B, the rocker who was spurned, and other side characters and band members.
Where the story would start: I would be tempted to start this story after the two of them have graduated. But I know it can be difficult to start a story where the characters are suppose to already have a history. Thus I am alright with also starting while the two guys are still high school. We would play through those events then eventually transition into their lives after high school.
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Re: Lah's Plot Seeds! (M/F & M/M)
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2011, 11:46:04 AM »
January 17 - Updated M/M plot seeds!  ;D

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Re: Lah's Plot Seeds! (M/M - updated!)
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2011, 01:20:05 PM »
August 31 - Updated with new M/M plot seeds!

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Re: Lah's Plot Seeds! (M/M & M/F)
« Reply #5 on: October 13, 2011, 02:09:26 PM »
October 13 - Updated M/F and M/M plots!

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Re: Lah's Plot Seeds! (M/M & M/F)
« Reply #6 on: November 03, 2011, 11:18:10 AM »
Updated M/M plots seeds!

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Re: Lah's Plot Seeds! (M/M & M/F)
« Reply #7 on: February 27, 2012, 02:18:00 AM »
Updated with new M/M plot seed!