Naughty Stepmother Wanted!

Started by shovelbum4u, December 09, 2010, 03:19:38 PM

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What I am looking for is a female to help me out with a little fantasy I have had floating around in my head for a long long time.  I like a lot of back-story and a huge amount of detail.  The more detail put into a story the better (in my opinion).  So with that in mind here is the basic premise for my story.

I play a 16 year old kid who's parents are divorced.  I chose to live with my very wealthy father Richard (who I also play which I know sounds odd but it works). 
Aaron (the son) is 16 years old and currently in highschool.  He is 6'2'' with black hair and hazel eyes.  He is the stereotypical nerd who spends most of his life jerking off to nude pictures on the internet.  Very awkward in just about any social situation.  He is a brainiac who reads a lot and plays lots of video games.

Richard (the son) is 50 years old and a vice president at a very large business.  And that really is what he is all about.  Business.  He is insanely wealthy and married his first wife mostly because it was expected of him and because she came from a very rich family.  At one time he did love her but after marriage became very frugal with sex.  She only would have sex with him about once every few months or so.  Eventually he just had to end it.  He is 6'1'' with graying hair which makes him look distinguished rather than old.  Blue eyes and a tone build.  Since he didn't have much sex with his wife he spent all that pent up frustration working out... until recently when he started seeing you.

You play a very young (I'll leave it up to you how young but nothing illegal) model.  You are extremely hot (again I'll leave exact specifications up to you but I tend to be a breast man so the bigger the better).  You're three main joys in life are: working out/tanning, enormous amounts of sex with Richard, and screwing with Aaron's head.  You dress very provocatively and flirt with Aaron because you get a sick joy knowing that he fantasizes about you and can never have you.  You are very loud during sex (which Richard loves) and it turns you on knowing that Aaron has probably heard you getting fucked.  All in all come up with and design your own character. 

And that's the basic set-up.  The background and particulars I'm flexible with.  I love input and love seeing how a story can grow and change.  Let me know if you are interested.     


I'd be more worried around the 50 view mark. There are a lot of people on E, half of them are probably like me and don't play F-roles but wanted to see what the plot was :)

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