Princess of the Ring ( F vs F/Futa orgasm-KO wrestling)

Started by Mia Saisyu, December 07, 2010, 06:17:08 AM

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Mia Saisyu

Hi! Basically, inspired by this game : - a Free which two females move in a ring, and sort of have a little "sex-off", being in which, the first one to cum is the loser. I'm basically looking for someone to run this scenario for me, and allow my little girlie to go through a gauntlet. I enjoy F/F and F/Futa scenes, but no F/M scenes, i'd like it to stick a little bit closer to the theme, thematically. For an idea of the sort of thing i'm looking for..

Here's a little comic to get your creative juices flowing~

I'd like to see all sorts of naughty, and sexy special attacks, and i'm looking for someone with a knowledge of female anatomy..someone who realizes there are plenty of sensitive spots. In return I promise that she'll fight her hardest to make her opponents feel good, too.

A system is fine if you'd like such a thing..freeform is fine too! Basically, the plot can either be a "kidnapping" into this little sexy tournament..or maybe a willing entrant who a bit of a closet pervert..or maybe a college girl fighting for rent money.

Possible chara pics: 1 2 3 4 5

If any of this interests you, please contact me via PM or messenger. I'm fine with forums or live action roleplays. Be familiar with female anatomy (i.e, don't expect instant orgasms from anal sex ) And to restate, I am looking for someone to run this idea for me - that means i'd like you to play a few different girls and put my wrestler lady through the gauntlet.

Thank you for your interest!