Protecting the Family...

Started by Jester, December 06, 2010, 04:36:19 AM

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Protecting the family of one of the most dangerous mob bosses is not an  easy job. You have to consider anyone an enemy and be prepared at all  times.

The last person you expect trouble from is the family themselves.


The  above picture gave me an idea for a game I wanted to try. I would like  to play a big strong burly and good looking bodyguard. The bodyguard is  protecting the daughter of the scariest Mob Boss and has joined her on  a the Yaught... He cant help but notice she keeps looking at him and  she is obviously planning something.....

Little does he expect  the Boss daughter will try and seduce him. She will slowly break him  down and have him fulfilling her every wish and desire.. and some of  them are quite pervered. Well if he doesnt do what she says then she  will tell her father he was going to rape her....

Suits someone who can be quite naughty, minxy and dominant.

We might get others involved too?

Anyway let me know what you think.