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Author Topic: Eternal Desires [F seeking M]  (Read 453 times)

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Eternal Desires [F seeking M]
« on: December 06, 2010, 02:29:53 AM »
Eternal Desires
-I am seeking literate players. Strive for a few paragraphs, decent grammar, punctuation, and spelling.-
-I prefer to play female characters, and heterosexual couplings. AKA I would like male characters to complete my cravings.-
-After the title of my story ideas, I'll be giving a small chunk of things to give you an idea of the story's genres and involvements.-
-If I put asterisks beside something, it means I am very strongly craving it.-
-If the text has strike-through applied to it, it is no longer available.-

Of Worlds Not Our Own - Extreme NC | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Romance | Action/Adventure
A cat comes clawing at your door, starved and desperate for attention. It's been out in the rain, and looks as if it has been attacked somewhat viciously, probably by a coyote or something like it. But what's different about this cat? Rich blue fur, and periwinkle eyes that cut through the darkest darkness. Something about this cat is more than your average cat, and it's almost alluring. Why not take it in? But what becomes of this cat?

A naked grown man, blue hair and light blue eyes, where the cat had gone to sleep the night before. He says his name is Arzen, though he goes by Zen. Well, he's an alien come to judge the human race to see if they are worthy to continue living up their current territory. But oh, the fun gets better. Arzen "commandeers" your house for his stay, and threatens to use his powers to destroy you if you don't let him. Am I done yet? No, of course not.

The best part of all? Arzen is not a man. Well, he is. But he shifts. The being, the alien, who came to this planet is a shapeshifter, and genderless. And in humanoid form, it takes on both genders. Arzen is the male, and Nezra is the female. And the personalities shift along with the gender.

Taming this alien will not be easy, and showing it that the human race is not worth killing is just as difficult. But in the end, perhaps it will teach you something.

Chasing Reveries in Wonderland - NC | Bondage | High Fantasy | Dark | Romance | Action/Adventure | Horror | Thriller | Supernatural
In the year 2056, the supernatural phenomena has gone off the charts. And the use of psychic detectives has grown immensely. At one point, the growth of these paranormal happenings called for an organization to be made, an organization called Reverie.

The world suddenly turns upside down though, as downtown Los Angeles turns into what some people are calling "Wonderland". A group of supernatural people bind together and use their power to envelope twenty-five miles of the city in a dome of violet energy. All to enter have never returned, all who try to see inside it cannot. Finally the Reverie is called to send in help. But what are the specifics of this mission? It's a Search and Rescue. A powerful woman who recently quit the Reverie for personal reasons has gone missing in Wonderland. Now she must be found, the puzzle seeming to revolve around her.

You and your partner are some of the best, and your psychic abilities are almost unmatched in skill. And you're both sent into this topsy turvy world of darkness and fantasy, hoping to survive the band of super-villains to reach the core of Wonderland and save your target.

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