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April 11, 2021, 04:30:01 pm

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Author Topic: Sateru's Awesome Epic Bundle of Goodies! (M/M)  (Read 779 times)

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Offline SateruTopic starter

Sateru's Awesome Epic Bundle of Goodies! (M/M)
« on: December 05, 2010, 09:24:54 am »
Hello!  This is Sateru!  I've been itching to get back into the RP circuit and as such...  I made this! 
-insert computer generated applause here-
Oh, thank you! Thank you! You're too kind! -gives an enthusiastic bow-
Now, let's put that to the side and get to what you're all waiting for! 

I'm looking for anyone who wouldn't mind doing either a fantasy related RP (Like DA: Origins or somewhere along that basis.)
Well, more along the lines of this...

Plot One!  (It has the number one in it!  It must be awesome!)

Here's a smar-....  well, talen....  Hrm...  he's a sneaky little mage!
Talented in pilfering well earned gold/gil/rupees/coins from people who work hard to earn them.
He does this by creating mock treasures and relics that are supposed to bestow various things.
Some are supposed to provide luck and increase your earnings in life...
Others are supposed to boost your latent abilities.
And...  yes...  he has sex charms that are meant to increase virility and make women or men swoon at the wearer's charms.

Of course, there are real charms that exist to do these things, but his are mostly cheap knock-offs that will probably not help you out in any way...
Hell...  there are a couple that actually do the opposite...  (Much to the dismay of the unfortunate man who bought the enchanted ring that would increase his performance in bed...  and it...  made him...  well... impotent.)
Now, your character is an unfortunate guy who has bought one of his many cheap knock-off charms...
Let's just say that it didn't do whatever you wanted it to do...  and because it was made with an explosive substance...  it blew up shortly upon being used.
What will you do now?  I'll assure you that he isn't going to be a weak timid mage...  but don't expect uber powerful magics either.  Sure, he'll bluff...  oh, he will tell such tales of making men piss themselves in terror as he summoned legions of monsters to eat/rape his victims.   

I hope that helps you give an idea on what I want!  My characters are always versatile though.  If you want a challenge, or someone to mess with then this the story for you.  Something with conflict, action, adventure, comedy, and maybe a little romance when your character isn't still toying with the idea of murdering mine in his sleep.  Oh, and if you have your own ideas then by all means...  PM me and ask if we can include them!

Plot NUMBAH 2! (Rwar, the sequel!)
Now, for the less fantasy oriented people...  but people who enjoy the more (Post-apocalypse) sort of scenarios...
We have something more akin to Fallout 3 or just under the basis of people who are born into a world that was raped with nuclear weapons.
We can have our story start in the vaults, or on the surface. 
This is more drama oriented...  Depending on which way we wanna take it, we could have it be that they're two members of opposing factions, or one of them is a merchant and the other belongs to a gang of thieves.  This one can have murder, rape, and other sorts of delicious darker sides to it.  Honestly, this has a lot of potential for all sorts of awesomeness...  really, I'm actually having trouble specifying anything more than just background ideas.  In short, I'm the least picky on this...  just remember to check on my profile and my Ons and offs... 
The latter is a little outdated so...  yeah, just PM me if you want to talk more about this. 
I'm really open to suggestions and chatting with me will solve more than anything else.   

Age isn't much of an issue, we can have teenage characters, adult characters, or anything like that.  Age differences can be mild (2 to 5 years difference), but preferably not much more than that.

Rwar, aside from the choices
I really have no idea what to RP on...  mainly thanks to light-headedness and such things.  So yeah, please look at my profile and always give suggestions to me.  I really want someone to RP with and I'm open to ideas.  The most I can say is "no" and I'll usually say it rather nicely so you shouldn't need to fear me.  Now...  I will say that my examples are rather old and I have gotten better so...  yeah.   I like posting often so just make sure that you have a little time for me.  Enough for a daily post.  I don't want to wait a week for a post...  It makes me sad and I need something to preoccupy myself while at work, or at home.