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Author Topic: Apple Seeds  (Read 761 times)

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Offline Apple of ErisTopic starter

Apple Seeds
« on: December 04, 2010, 11:49:23 PM »
Idea the First:
So I have a new idea running 'round in my head. So I just watched a couple seasons of Dr Who, the new ones with Eggleston and Tenant as the Doctor. So anyway my idea is this...

A few regenerations later and the Doctor is feeling lonely, you see he is the last living Time Lord. His home world and his kind are lost, fighting an endless war while locked away in time from the rest of creation. After his las companion was killed, quite horribly, the Doctor refused to endanger anyone else by bringing them along on his travels, but now he needs someone...

I'm looking for someone who can take the reins as The Doctor and storyteller while I play his latest companion. I'd be okay if there is another companion along for the ride, but as for whoever plays the Doctor, I'd like to stay clear of previous established companions and I'd prefer someone who can come up with a Dotorish feel to the story and character (ability to use strange Doctor techno babble is a plus!).

This story could have N/C, Exotic, etc etc in it. Just be sure you check my O/O's before leaping in, cuz violating them annoys me. :)
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Offline Apple of ErisTopic starter

Re: Apple Seeds
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2011, 04:10:59 PM »
Idea the Second:
  Basically there's two versions of this idea based off an old RP I did here a long while ago...

  A 40 year old woman is in a serious accident, as her body begins to fail the doctors note that she has a request to donate her body to science in the event of death. With most of her organs damaged, she isn't much good as a donor, but one of the doctors is part of a research team for a secret cryogenic project. He takes her body and using experimental technology copies her memories , then saves various DNA samples.
 A few hundred years in the future, she finds herself revived, her memories restored and in the body of her youth (18ish). What is the future like, how will she react to finding aliens and humans residing together? What will happen to her in this future society?

The two versions are -
Light: This is a more happy romp through the future. She revives, and then has a nice romp through the future meeting and probably sleeping with, various alien entities. This could definitely involve bondage, exotic, but nothing that violates my O/Os. If you have questions about that PM me.

Dark: A more dystopian future. Maybe humanity came out losing in some interstellar war and is seeking some desperate way to reverse fortunes. Maybe society is simply falling apart or been undermined by the huge interstellar mega-corps. Either way, I expect this one to have some of the elements of the light version (aliens, new worlds, etc) but would be more dark in nature, involve NC, EX (just not in violation of my O/Os) as my character fights to find her place and for her freedom in the future.
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Offline Apple of ErisTopic starter

Re: Apple Seeds
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2011, 10:21:22 PM »
Idea the Third: Liberated!

  A young woman who has been held captive by a [wizard, demon, lord, whatever] for the past few years is freed when a rival of her captor destroys him. Newly freed she has no idea what to do with her freedom, and so follows her rescuer. What will she/he do with her newfound follower? I'm open to ideas for this one and am very flexible. The captive woman could be a priestess, a sorceress, a thief, princess, or just some unfortunate girl who caught her former captor's eye.

Idea the Fourth: Apprentice to the What!?

 An apprentice mage grows tired of her master, his rather lackadaisical hands off teaching while putting his hands on her in the night. She leaves his tower after learning of rumors of an ancient black dragon, the guardians of magic, living nearby. Though it may cost her life, she intends to attempt to become the dragon's apprentice, and finally serve a worthy master.

I'm good with pretty much anything that doesn't violate my o/o's. These can be short one shots or if more ideas come along they can be expanded into something more.