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Author Topic: Gilgamesh [Post Apoc | Supernatural | Extreme] Open  (Read 520 times)

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Gilgamesh [Post Apoc | Supernatural | Extreme] Open
« on: December 04, 2010, 12:44:26 AM »
The Dynamis Chronicles

The sky... Some people call it eerie, but it's the only sky I've ever seen... The way it reflects the destruction, the slums, the damp earth that was once comprised of vibrant cities and good technology... It's a reminder of what happened, a reminder of Twin X... I wonder, if... if we can stop it... Stop Gilgamesh.

The Dynamis Chronicles will not stick to the anime storyline. Nor will it be exact to fact, but the world and ideas set in place I think, make for an interesting setting for a roleplay. The plot revolves around a group of four or six young adults, (18 - 24) even in gender. They hold the power of Dynamis, the ability to wield somewhat psychic powers and fight a group of others around the same age, called the Gilgamesh. Defeating the Gilgamesh for good, well, has no defined result. All you can hope is that by defeating Gilgamesh, you can restore the world to what it was, or at the very least wipe the darkness from the planet. But how will things go? Will it all go as planned, will you defeat Gilgamesh? Or will secrets come to the surface that put your decisions into a state of disarray?
The journey, it will test your heart. What is right and wrong in a world ruined by the apocalypse?

W O R L D : H I S T O R Y
The tomb of Gilgamesh in Uruk from the story 'The Epic of Gilgamesh' is discovered by a young genius-scientist named Terumichi Madoka, who is drawn to the energy called Dynamis, a word meaning 'power', resonating from the site. He reports his findings, and all of the world's best scientists gather there and a research facility called Heaven's Gate is built to do research on Gilgamesh himself. Their goal is to find out the factor in his genetic material which makes him a half-god, and eventually to find out the secret to eternal life. The scientists who work there clone themselves as embryos that would be used if something were to happen to the scientists.

When an unknown life form called Tear materializes in Delphys (a pit that seems to have no dimensions and that surrounds the tomb of Gilgamesh) and begins to contaminate embryos that surround it, the scientists stop all of the experiments. Dr. Madoka goes down to Delphys, breaches all of the guards around it and comes into direct contact with Tear, causing an immense explosion that blocks out the sky with a mirror-like layer. This is considered an act of terrorism, as after the explosion, computers and wireless communications stop working, and the planet falls into war and famine. The human population is nearly wiped out. This occurs on October 10, so the incident is called "Twin X" (after the Roman numeral symbol for the number 10). {Quoted from the Gilgamesh (Anime) Wikipedia}

It has been twenty four years since this incident.

S E T T I N G : T I M E
The year is 2054.
The story begins on August 20th.
The setting is in Manhattan, in the Residential District.

-Be kind to others. Respect is a key, no flaming in OOC or bashing characters IC.
-I will not allow anyone to play enemies in the beginning. Whether or not we break out into different sides towards the center or latter of the plotline, is my own decision dependent upon the behavior of the players I gather. I want us all to work as a team and get along ^_^
-This is going to be extreme. No, (I hope) no one is going to shove demon antimatter horns up their snatch... publicly. Or... I don't care, I control the demon horns, so :P. This I am putting into the extreme section for the fact that it will contain vulgarity, extreme gore, violence, controversial material, sex, and other things as they come and go.
-This roleplay does not revolve around sex, though sexual and social relationships are going to be a key turning point to character triggered events and plotline direction.
-If you have a problem, report to me.
-No power-playing, GodModing, or auto-hitting other characters.
-At the top of your character sheet, post your Elliquiy title, the one just beneath your username, to let me know you read the rules.
-At the bottom of your sheet, post a number between one and ten, do not post numbers already posted. I will explain what the numbers are later.
-Try your best in writing. I know we make mistakes, it's human. But I want two or more paragraphs, or a total of at least ten sentences. Try for more though. No text talk.
-I play all starting NPCs until a later date or until we balance sides or etc.

C H A R A C T E R S : S I D E S : A N T A G O N I S T S

Code: [Select]
[b]Age:[/b] (18 - 24)
[b]Dynamis Training:[/b] (low or medium)
[b]Dynamis Strength:[/b] (think of something like perception, teleportation, sneaking/stealth, photographic memory, etc. Nothing like Marvel superpowers)
[b]Brief History/Character Summary:[/b] (just a short something on what your life was like before you ended up at the Grand Royale under the Countess' supervision. You can mix this in with personality if you like, and just make it a character summary)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (if you can, realistic pictures [hopefully realistic, no anime if we can help it regardless this came from an anime series] or a good description. Even with pictures, add body type ((lean/athletic/slender/overweight/etc)), height, and tattoos/scars)

The Gilgamesh
-Taken by Eternity

-Taken by Eternity

The Countess

Monoke Li Hojiko | "The Countess"
35 y.o.
~The Countess is a dominant woman who is  a daughter of one of the lead scientists who worked at Heaven's Gate. She is somewhat of a sharp, aggressive woman, but she takes in those who wield Dynamis and offers them training, guidance, shelter, food, and company; bringing them all together to bring down Gilgamesh. The Countess is somewhat corrupt in her own mind, but her intentions- overall- are good.~

The Gifted of Dynamis
-Taken by Eternity

Looking for 3 males, 2 females. Open. Remember, applying does not mean acceptance.
Present any questions you have and I'll answer them :)

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