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Author Topic: The Mojave Dusters- A Fallout Story  (Read 593 times)

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The Mojave Dusters- A Fallout Story
« on: December 02, 2010, 02:23:05 pm »
A Fallout New Vegas game.
The Mojave Dusters.  The name strikes fear in the hearts of raiders everywhere.  Or at least it would, if more people knew about them.  The truth is the Mojave Dusters are just a small time operation.  Having set up shop in a gas station/garage/restaurant two years ago, the small trading company operates by shipping supplies from one community to another, while raising Brahmin and selling/renting to travelers.
Founded by a group of retired rangers, the Mojave Dusters is where you work.  You are one of five of the five units which escorts the five Mojave Duster.  Your role is easy enough.  Make sure the cargo gets where it’s going, and pick up the the fresh cargo, and take it back to the base.  So long as you keep doing that, you make a decent wage in caps, not to mention your lodgings and food is free.  Sure, it’s a bit dangerous, but when not on missions you have a safe roof over your head, food in your belly, medical attention, and caps in your pocket.  There are worse things out in the Mojave.
What I am looking for.  I am looking for four females to play members of one of the Mojave Dusters Units making a routine run to Nipton, followed by Novac,  GoodSprings, Prim, and then back to the base.  Of course, this will be just the beginning of the adventure.   I will also be playing the leader of the unit, whom is an ex-ranger.  Knowledge of the game is pretty important, though if push comes to shove, I might have to take people who have less experience with the series, so long as they are willing to do their homework.
Tribal- A women raised in the wilderness, knowledgeable in the ways of survival in the wastes, as well as scouting and the use of melee weapons
Tags: Melee, Sneak, Survival
Medic- trained in science and the arts of healing, a good medic is the one who mends the injured and keeps a group running.  They are also skilled in making medicine from herbs.
Tags: medicine, Science, Survival
Mechanic- When people need their weapons repaired, there is only one person to turn to, and that’s a mechanic.  It doesn’t matter how many guns a unit has if they don’t work, and even the best metal armor can’t stop bullets with holes in it.  Not to mention the occasional need to get through a security system.
Tag: repair, Science, Lockpick
Merchant- The person responsible for making sure that the prices are fair and the unit isn’t placed over a barrel when it comes to buying supplies and trading.  A silver tongue is the weapon of choice for a merchant.
Tag: Barter, Speech, Sneak
What I am looking for in this game:  For the record, the players in person need not be female, but I am looking for female charactors, prefereably ones who are capable of playing bi-sexual characters.  While I don’t believe this will be a totally sexual game, it will be as adult as the players like it to be.  Because of this, I want the players to be able to fuck around to their leisure.  Yes, I admit, I might be a bit biased, but this way I imagine all people have the chance to play.
The setting of the game will be a few years before the events of the current Fallout: New Vegas game.  Players will have the choice of being originally from any of the factions listed, those being the Great Khans, Brotherhood of steel, NCR, Vault Dweller, Followers of the Apocalypse, Crimson Caravan, and Caesars Legion, and even possibly an ex-enclave member, if you think you’re up for the task.  Of course, you can also be a completely original character from an unknown or non-faction. 
Expectations:  This game is not for wilting lilies.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed about the the Fallout New Vegas game is that the girls in it have balls.  Metaphorically, of course.  Still, they are as lewd and open about everything as the men, and I have to admit, I find that rather appealing.  Of course, your character need not be like this, but any member of the Mojave Dusters will have combat experience and be comfortable with a gun.
Sexual content:  The game will have m/f and f/f content, with potential for orgies, though we shall have to see.  This is not a game for rape fests.  Casual sex between the charactors, or between the chars and NPC’s is a possibility though.   
Character Creation:  You will need a name and background for your character.  While you don’t need to, I’d prefer if you could post a pic to give players an idea of what your character looks like.  However, if you’d prefer not, I can appreciate that.
While the game will essentially be a freeform game, we will still be using the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system, as well as having a skills list.  This will simply be to allow me to get an idea of whether a character is capable of doing something or not.
For the Special, characters will have 5 point to add to there base stats as they see fit, though they can move points around as they like.  Points cannot exceed 10 or drop below 1.
Strength:  5
-Perception:    5
-Endurance:     5
-Charisma:  5
-Intelligence:  5
-Agility:       5
-Luck:     5
For the stats, each stat has a base of 15.  The play then adds an additional 15 points to each tag skill.  However, as I consider that all of these characters are going to be experienced and hardened by life in the wastes and from previous life experiences, chars will be level 5, so that means they will have 75 points to place wherever they want, to give their chars a bit more personality.
Barter  15
Energy Weapons 15
Explosives  15
Lockpick  15
Medicine  15
Melee  15
Repair  15
Science  15
Guns  15
Sneak  15
Speech 15
Unarmed 15

As for starting equipment. Everybody would have leather armor, or the equivalent of, along with one two handed gun, and one handgun.  The choices would be varmint rifle, single shotgun, and dual shotgun for the rifles, and .22, 9mm, and 10mm for the handguns.  Their of course would also be additional items for each class.  Ie, doctors bag for the medic, repair kit for the mechanic, etc.

If people have any questions, feel free to ask.