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Author Topic: Three characters for MxM  (Read 669 times)

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Offline AlecTopic starter

Three characters for MxM
« on: December 02, 2010, 09:59:48 AM »
I go for character more than story. I find characters interesting, and the relationships between characters even more interesting. It doesn't matter to me so much where the characters are: modern day office-workers, high fantasy knights or rent boys on the streets of Sodom. What matters to me is how they are. If you think any of them sound interesting and want to rp please send a PM.

I've got three main characters, all Male (and all gay in case it wasn't already obvious). Here's a short summary of them in three words:

Rowan - flirty, masochistic, whore.
Kain - pissed, messed up, bassist.
Ross - sulky, young, snarky.

Scroll down to find the one you want in more detail...

Rowan is a whore. He likes being a whore. He likes sex, preferably rough, and is about as shallow as a puddle when it comes to men. He prefers guys who are stronger, older and above all rich although to be honest, he's up for a roll with anyone.

He fell in love with a guy once and got his heart stomped on. He doesn't really do that any more. If you insult him he'll sneer at you, if you get violent with him he'll try fight you, although his body isn't really built for that. He's shallow, vicious, opinionated, flippant and rarely tops although you'd be surprised how much time he spends in control.

He fits in most times, places and genres. His backstory can flow and change depending on the plot. He's usually around 23.

Fun Fact: Rowan is the most self-confident of all my characters. He knows what he likes, and he goes and does it.

His real name is Oliver, but he changed it to Kain when he joined a band at school, and never looked back from that. He tried being emo for a bit, but that didn't work, so he tried being goth but that didn't work either. Nowadays he just wears slim ties and trilby hats and tells everyone he's being retro. He's not as good at the bass as he thinks he is.

In most backstories he lives with his older brother. They have a working relationship: Kain steals money when he needs it and his brother beats the shit out of him when he catches him. Kain likes topping, but the few guys he's been with have mostly made him bottom, so he's not had much practise. He doesn't like one night stands and shallow relationships but he does keep ending up getting into them.

He smokes because he thinks it looks cool and drinks because it helps him forget how generally shit his life is. His age varies but I tend to play him younger (around 20), although feel free to ramp up the age if that works better.

Fun fact: Kain is the only one of my characters who genuinely doesn't like rough sex. [feel free to give it too him if you want though...  :P ]

His age is usually 17, making Ross the youngest of my characters. I usually stick him in college, or in some kind of dead-end job like pizza-delivery boy. He's the most versitile though, and will work in almost any setting or genre; he makes a good peasant, for example.

He's a sulky, stroppy, scowly little thing who pretty much asks for most of the trouble he gets himself into. Unlike the other two characters he's blond, and quite short. If you smile at him he'll think you want something, if you hit him he'll duck, flip you the bird, then run like hell.

He's been screwed over by most people in his life, so tends to assume everyones out to get him. Despite his paranoia and trust issues he has a core of pride which only ever flares up at the times most likely to get him into trouble. He pretty much always subs, although with enough time, patience and trust he could be pursuaded to top for anyone who feels inclined to put in that much effort.

Fun Fact: In his first incarnation Ross was a small sulky gay vampire.

So...those are my characters, send a message if you want to try playing with one. My on/off list is here:] here   to get a hang of the things I like. If you like the sound of a character but can't think of a plot PM me with what you like and I'll work something out.
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Offline AlecTopic starter

Re: Three characters for MxM
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2010, 04:43:40 AM »
For examples of my writing here is where the guys can currently be found:

Rowan - seems to be the most popular for some reason...

The Law and the Lawless This is a slightly more dependent and softer incarnation of Rowan, currently being looked after (in more ways that one) by a police officer. This is a crackingly fast rp, so the posts are slightly shorter (2-3 paragraphs) as we both update a good few times a day.

The Junkie and the Whore
This rp has only just started, but involves what should be a more antagonistic, catty, and masochistic version of Rowan in a bit of a love-hate relationship with an ex-college-boy junkie.

Just who's in control here, anyway? A slightly more toppy Rowan here (although topping from the bottom, as always) being hired out by some rich guy. Longer posts here, and updated less often. My general rule for posts is that if it's been a while, I'll write a longer post, whereas if we're racing through it, the length will suffer a little (but not the quality).

His Prized Possession A John gets possessive. Rowan gets antagonistic. It goes about as well as you would expect.  ;D Warning for EXTREME. Longer posts. This one uses what I think of as proper-Rowan, antagonistic, shallow and sex-obsessed  ;D Still an interesting character though.


Randy's brother Showcasing Ross in all his sulky, pissy, cute-assed glory. I love this rp.  ;D Watching Ross get used is so entertaining.

The Demands of Blackmail Ross gets blackmailed by a gym coach. Longer posts here so a more descriptive (and less willing) Ross. He goes in for some nice proper abuse here, which I really enjoy watching him go through and writing the responses for.

Ross as a character changes the least between rps whereas Rowan and Kain are more flexible.

The Band A rare example of me topping. I really don't top very often (feel free to ask for it, but you are likely to be disappointed) but Whitey is just so wonderfully dom-able I couldn't resist. I'm struggling ever so slightly with Kain's character at the moment (he has a horrible tendency to morph into Rowan), but he's fairly stable in this. Long posts.

The Bet A toppy Kain looses a bet and gets thourily fucked by a sub. Shorter posts, and this is just a one-shot.

The Shifter Kain bottoms! For a shape-shifting Lab Corp experiment in a world of futuristic steampunk.


A few Stolen Moments with the Mistress I try an experience with a female Dom. (Thanks to Marguerite for agreeing to introduce me to this.)

I will update this as new ones are added, but I will not bump it any. There's a link to this page in my signature, so this topic won't get lost.
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