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Author Topic: (Need Playtesters)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)  (Read 963 times)

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(Need Playtesters)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« on: December 01, 2010, 09:00:24 AM »
This is a game I created but have never play tested. I'm new here and I'm just getting my legs under me.

Background: The game centers on the descendants of the Greek God of ecstacy Dionysus. Knowing the end is near the Dionysus passes his being, his sexual energy, into his most faithful followers. Through the years the line of  Dionysus passes from generation to generation up to the present day.

Between the ages of 20 and 45 the dormat Dionysus gene awakens and excellerates the descendants sexual desires. Not understanding their true nature many die from drug addiction, alcholism, or suicide.

Special agents are sent out into the world to find the descendants of Dionysus and bring them back to a safe haven simply known as the Priory.

The Priory is a self contained civilization were a Descendant of Dionysus can explore there calling.

The Priory is located in a "secret" valley with cities, towns, and different terrains such as forests, lakes, etc...

There are different classes or houses of charcters ie..House of Pain and Pleasure, House of Dionysus, House of Bondage, etc...

A character advances through sexual combat, with dice determining penis size or breast size. They possess different skills such as sexual positions, oral, toys, etc...

I plan to play through PMs and POSTs. Outcomes are determined through dice, but described by players and game master.

My first question is who is interested?

My second question is should I post the core rules on a wiki page?

The rules are certainly in constructon mode since they have never been play test.

Let me known.

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Re: (Interest Check)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2010, 01:07:18 PM »
Working on the rules, I'll post some tonight.

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Re: (Interest Check)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2010, 02:09:03 PM »
*chuckles*  You have my attention.  :)

Offline audioeroticaTopic starter

Re: Some Rules (Interest Check)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2010, 05:41:44 PM »
Here are some rules...There were pictures to go with the rules but they wouldn't paste.


     At the center of Erotic Dreams is the player character. Creating a character that not only has a chance to succeed, but also fun to play is essential. When deciding on what type of character to play keep in mind that most sexual encounters revolve around the ability to prolong orgasm and your skill at inducing a climax in your sexual partners. The main goal is to have fun so pick a character class that gets your mojo in high gear. We will now walk threw the character creation process.


     Your first major decision is whether to play a male or female character. Most people play their own gender, but there is no rule that’s says a woman can’t play as a man and vice versa. Once you’ve made the call a penis or breast size will be randomly chosen.


     Does size matter? Well in the world of Erotic Dreams it does. The size of your cock will determine many different variables in sex encounters such as bonus/penalty on anal and vaginal sex, chance to get hard, bonus/penalty to make a woman vaginally orgasm, chance to lose an erection, and the ability to recover after shooting your load.


You might be small, but you can get hard more easily then any other penis size and have a higher chance to recover after orgasm. The major drawback to the anal delight is the penalty against vaginal sex, but if anal is your game your going to be one popular dude.


Much like the anal delight this cock size is built for anal pleasure, but the penalty against vaginal sex is not as steep.


Mister average, you can go both ways with no penalties, but also no bonuses either.


You’re a bit thicker than average and the ladies in the house love you for it. There is a slight penalty on anal sex, so make sure you keep lots of lube on hand.


The gold standard for dicks, this penis can satisfy both anally and vaginally. Not too long, not too wide this cock is just right.


One serious piece of wood the ram rod has the women yelling for more, but due to it’s girth it has a penalty against anal sex and chance to recover.


That’s one big cock and when it comes to pussy very few can make a girl cum like the jack hammer, but such a blessing comes with a curse. Every turn where the hammer is used the character has a 15% chance to lose the erection. That’s the price you pay for immortality.


You can satisfy a horse or any large mammal for that matter, but your chance to lose your erection and your ability to recover are seriously hampered. Having anal sex with this cock is very difficult especially at lower levels.


     As with penis size depending on the size of your tits bonuses and penalties with be awarded for breast sex, nipple play, and turn number.

Size   BS   NP   TURN
A   nil   -3   +2
B   -1   0   +1
C   0   0   0   
36D   +1   +1   0
42D   +2   +1   0
36DD   +3   +2   -1   
40F   +4   +3   -2
42G   +5   +4   -3


     All player character have vital statistic and depending on you character class you will have different starting values for sex partners, sex acts, wet/hard number, cum, multiple orgasms/recover. All of the vitals can be increased over time with experience.


Each player character has a maximum number of sex partners he or she can have a one time. For example a zero level Goth can have 2 sex partners, so anything beyond a threesome is out of the question until the character reaches a higher level. The most sex partners a character class can start with is 3( Disciple of Aphrodite, and Porn Star), and the lowest amount is 1( Student of the Karma Sutra).


Sex encounters are broken down into rounds and turns, which we will explain later.  Most characters only have 1 sex act per round to start, but Porn Stars have 2 sex acts per round. With experience some player characters can have multiple sex acts per turn.


Used during the first two rounds of a sex encounter, it is the percent chance that a character has to achieve the proper state of arousal to move on to the sex rounds. Players that do not become wet or hard are removed from the party to the losers lounge.


The player characters percent chance to climax while their genitals are stimulated by other player characters. Players that cum and fail a multiple orgasm/recover check are sent to the losers lounge.


If a player character orgasms during a party a multiple orgasm/ recover check is made. Female characters may experience multiple orgasms and stay in the game, while male characters have a can to regain there erection by a certain number of rounds. The chance of multiple orgasms and recovery have a small chance of happening at low levels.


Pleasure points are how a player character measures his or hers advancement of sexual prowess. Points are awarded for successful sex acts, exceptional role playing, contests, etc… When a character amasses enough pleasure points he or she will advance to the next level gaining increased powers.


Each character will have a title according to character class and level. A female zero level Porn Star is called a Fluffer, when she accumulates 1,000 pleasure points she will be given the title of Starlet with added sex positions and increased skills.


Credits are like money and are used to purchase items such as sex toys, sexy clothing, sex room, breast and penis enlargements, body piercing, and more.


Most player characters posses all these basic sexual skills to some extent. Depending on class your character will have higher or lower starting numbers and maximum values. Skills may have a give numbers, a receive number, or both. For example a Toy Master has a 45 max for vaginal toy play for both give and receive, but a Disciple of Aphrodite has a low receive maximum and no give number what so ever.
     Skills can have a rating of 1 through 45, the higher the better and players can increase their skill rating with experience.


The most basic sexual skill in the world of Erotic Dreams, kissing has a low pleasure point value, but is a very useful skill especially during the foreplay rounds. Kissing has no give or receive number.


     Not to be confused with pussy or anal fingering, this is strictly the act of a hand stroking a cock.


     Simply place cock in mouth and enjoy, well there’s more to it than that especially with experience. Characters that obtain a rating of 30 or more gain the skill of deep throating.


     Cunnilingus is the art of eating out, and I don’t mean at a restaurant, though it could be done at a restaurant. Anyway, characters that reach a give rating of 30 and higher gain bonuses that will increase the receivers chance to cum.


     Inserting a finger in or around the vagina requires a check of this skill. Player characters with a combined rating of 50, that is give and receive, will attain the added skill of vaginal fisting.


     This skill is the same as vaginal fingering, and the added skill of anal fisting at a combined give/receive of 50.

     Nipple play included sucking, licking, pinching, rubbing, and the such. Nipple play can be enhanced with piercing and devices such as nipple clamps and pumps.


     Slap that ass! Any player can use his or her hand to engaged in the skill of spanking, and some basic paddles can be purchased. The more ornate paddles and whips can only be used by certain S & M character classes.


     For most player characters vaginal and anal toys play only covers the most basic of sex toys. For the use of more skilled devices such as strap-on’s, can only be used by the Toy Master character Class.


     The same as vaginal, but in the glory hole.


     The art of sensual massage can be instrumental in bringing a character to the required state of sexual arousal. The student of the Karma Sutra has special bonuses at higher levels.

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Offline Lypiphera

Re: (Interest Check)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2010, 07:30:16 PM »
Have had a courtesy glance through your second post but will need to give it a better read, However I am definitely interested!

Offline audioeroticaTopic starter

Re: (Interest Check)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« Reply #5 on: December 13, 2010, 09:19:30 PM »
This is an example of a character class,  I had pictures with it but they won't paste. Anyone know how to include pictures in these posts?


     Goths are part punk and part sadomasochist. The Goth player character loves  two things; piercing body parts and anal sex, and they have bonuses for both skills. Goths are sub-par when it comes to so called “normal sex”, but are excellent in sex acts that may seem extreme to other player characters.

Sex Acts: 1   Partners: 2   Wet: 45
Cum: 25      Muti-Orgasms: 05

CORE SKILLS                  
Hand Job                   Give: 10(30)
Blow Job                   Give: 10(40)    
Pussy Eating   Give: 10(30)   
      Receive: 10(40)
Pussy Fingering   Give: 00(30)   
      Receive: 05(30)
Anal Fingering   Give: 10(45)   
      Receive:   15(45)
Nipple Play   Give: 10(45)   
      Receive: 15(45)
Spanking                   Give: 05(20)   
      Receive: 10(45)
Toy Vaginal   Give: 05(20)   
      Receive: 10(30)
Toy Anal                   Give: 10(45)   
      Receive: 15(45)
Massage      Give: 00(20)   
      Receive: 05(20)


No penalty on anal sex due to penis/device size
Piercing bonuses for clit, etc…
No penalty to cum check for pierced clit, etc…


Level   points   positions
0   0   3/0
1   1000   4/1
2   2000   5/2   
3   4000   6/3


Missionary: 15%      
Doggie Style: 20%   


Nipples Pierced
1 genital piercing of choice

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Offline audioeroticaTopic starter

Pictures Re: (Interest Check)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« Reply #6 on: December 14, 2010, 04:48:53 PM »
I figured out the picture thing......

Offline audioeroticaTopic starter

Re: Sex Slave (Interest Check)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« Reply #7 on: December 14, 2010, 05:29:16 PM »

       The Sex slave class is all about submission, this player character is happiest tied, bound , and gagged.  A Sex Slave is very poor when it comes to sex positions, but has many bonuses when it comes to bondage and more so when being dominated by a Mistress or Master. Very resistant to cumming.

Sex Acts: 1   Partners: 2   Wet: 40
Cum: 20      Muti-Orgasms: 10

CORE SKILLS                  
Hand Job                   Give: 10(45)
Blow Job                   Give: 15(45)    
Pussy Eating   Give: 15(45)   
      Receive: 10(20)
Pussy Fingering   Give: 05(30)   
      Receive: 10(30)
Anal Fingering   Give: 05(30)   
      Receive:   10(30)
Nipple Play   Give: 10(20)   
      Receive: 10(45)
Spanking                   Give: 10(20)   
      Receive: 15(45)
Toy Vaginal   Give: 00(40)   
      Receive: 05(30)
Toy Anal                   Give: 10(30)   
      Receive: 10(30)
Massage      Give: 05(20)   
      Receive: 00(20)


+5 on all bondage devices
+5 on all moves with Master/Mistress, increases with level


PLATEAU 0                        

Missionary Vaginal: 15%      
Missionary Anal: 10%
Doggie Style Vaginal: 15%   
Doggie Style Anal: 10%   


Collar and lease

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Offline audioeroticaTopic starter

Create Your Character
« Reply #8 on: December 15, 2010, 09:14:53 AM »
I am in the process of organizing and modifying the game rules, but in the mean time if you want to be one of the first play testers you can start by making a character.

1. use dice bot to roll a 1D8 and send it to me with the gender you would like to play.

2. I will PM you with your penis/breast size.

3. After you recieve your penis/breast size please post your bio in this thread with Character name, appearance with picture, and background. The background should include what your character does for a living, and what happened when the Dionysus gene triggered and sent your character on a sexual rampage. It should finish with the priories special agents locating and rescuing you.

 All pleasure points won during play testing will go toward your characters advancement.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Offline audioeroticaTopic starter

Re: (Need Playtesters)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« Reply #9 on: December 16, 2010, 01:07:55 PM »
Still need players, 3 characters would work for the first time.

I'm looking into putting the rules on a wiki page this weekend, along with character classes, skills, sexual position, etc...

Drop me a line.

Offline Lypiphera

Re: (Need Playtesters)Descendants of Dionysus (new game)
« Reply #10 on: December 16, 2010, 06:41:11 PM »
Sounds great, I'm definitely still interested!

Offline audioeroticaTopic starter

« Reply #11 on: December 17, 2010, 08:36:16 AM »
Welcome aboard!

Tonight I'll be hard at work figuring out the wiki and posting all the character classes and player manual.

Is there a type of character you would like to play, so far I have:

Sex slave
Disciple of Dionysus
Student of the Karma Sutra
Porn Star
Exotic Dancer
Toy Master

We need at least 3 players for our first game.