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Author Topic: Let's Have Some Fun, This Beat is Sick... (M looking for F!)  (Read 628 times)

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Offline vosemdesyatvosemTopic starter

Let's Have Some Fun, This Beat is Sick... (M looking for F!)
« on: November 29, 2010, 07:04:54 PM »
Hello there!

I'm in the mood for a game. Won't you join me? My primary criteria for a partner is that she (sorry, lads) is creative, dirty, and doesn't take things too--it's all just a game, after all. I also appreciate all the basic etiquette--don't drop the RP completely without saying something, etc.

If you want to get a better idea of specific things I like, go ahead and check my Ons and Offs. I also have a few stories on the Storytelling forum that might pique your interest.

Now the fun stuff...

In general, I'm really craving either a university/school RP or something historically based. I'm tossing up a few possible scenarios I've been thinking about but if you've got one of your own, let me know! In general, I like my games to be pretty realistic--I'm not big on elves, aliens, werewolves, etc. But if you think you've got something fun I might like, let me know anyway and I'll probably give it a try. In principle, I'm a big fan of pictures for the characters but I'm often too lazy to find them...

The Initiation MMMM/F, maybe NC
Sigma Chi is the rowdiest, baddest, most prestigious house on campus--and Will desperately wants to be one of them. He happens to be one of the lucky ten freshman chosen to join the fraternity but he still has to pass the initiation. Interestingly enough, the initiation doesn't involve copious amounts of alcohol and scavenger hunts--rather, all he has to do is bring a girl to a special private party, during which he and the other Sigmas will all fuck her, sharing like brothers. Will agonizes over this and, knowing that the girl almost always ends up as an item with her "date" to the party, chooses Polly, a sweet girl in his dorm he's been flirting with. Yet, it seems she hasn't heard the rumors about what goes on at the Sigma Chi parties... (there's some flexibility regarding the NC part of this... It could be a full on brutal rape or maybe she's just reluctant at first but then gets into the idea of a dozen athletic guys fucking her brains out... That part is up to you! I'd play Will and his frat brothers).

Real Life M/F (maybe some romance)
During the summer before his first year of college, Mike spends his lazy afternoons posting on the facebook group for his class, getting to know future classmates... Especially one girl in particular--Kelly, a spunky redhead. They get closer to closer and eventually begin to sext and exchange pictures of each other. Finally, move-in day arrives and after getting settled, Mike heads over to Kelly's dorm to meet her for real...

The Storm M/F (maybe some romance)
Gary comes home from an awful midterm, determined to spend his evening relaxing and drinking away his worries. To make matters worse, it's raining--lame. As he gets back to his apartment, he notices Jacqui, a shy girl in one of his lectures who happens to live in the building across the street, dressed in workout clothes and looking up at her apartment forlornly. Turns out she forgot her keys when she went running and now she's locked out in the rain until her roommate gets back from the library. Being a gentleman, Gary suggests she come over and take a shower at his place...

Aaaaand some kind of skeletal historical scenarios:

India, 19th Century: British officer/Indian girl
Africa, 19th Century: British officer/African girl
Victorian England: Arranged marriage? Innocent girl forced to prostitute herself?
WWII: Maybe something involving a concentration camp? A girl starts a twisted relationship with a Nazi guard? Gestapo agents capture a French resistance fighter and have their way with her?
1967: Summer of Love hippy orgy?

And finally...

Dad, meet your daughter! M/F, Incest
Leo seems to have it all--partner a V10 law firm, penthouse in Manhattan, a Martha's Vineyard summer home, and a Porsche in the garage--and he's still under 40. Turns out he also has a daughter--apparently, a one-night stand in law school resulted in Becca, just turned 16. Right before her mother dies, she tells her about Leo and, shortly thereafter, he's assigned custody. No big deal, he thinks--send her off to boarding school and then college and he'll only ever have to look at her at Christmas time. At least, that's what he thinks until she shows up on his doorstep, drop dead gorgeous and oozing blossoming sexuality...

So, there you have it. If you like any of these, PM me. If you have something else you think I might like, PM me. If you just want someone witty or dirty to chat with, you can also PM me.