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Author Topic: Alixana's Ideas (F/F)  (Read 592 times)

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Alixana's Ideas (F/F)
« on: November 29, 2010, 02:47:30 PM »
Please Do Not Post In This Thread - I Prefer PMs

A quick disclaimer ahead of time: I'm likely to be fairly picky about who I'll play my own ideas with (I tend to be a lot less picky about other people's ideas :P). I've already got a lot of RPs going right now, so I need to be selective. Please don't be offended if I turn you down, as it's probably nothing personal.

Now, about who I'll play with: you don't need to be the greatest writer in the world (I'm certainly not), but you do need to be willing to put in the effort when it comes to the story and writing. If you read my Ons and Offs (and I expect you to do so), the first three Ons are about writing, story, and characters, and they're first for a reason. I'm not into mindless sex or boring, clichéd characters. And I'm definitely not into consistently poor spelling and grammar. Again, it doesn't have to be great literature, but I'm just not going to be able to keep up interest if your writing is boring or unreadable.

I also don't care about whether you're male or female (or anything else); as long as you're comfortable writing your character, it's fine by me.

I like communication. I see this as a collaborative process, and that means I'm going to want to talk to you about the direction the story is going and things like that both before and during the game. We don't need to talk every time either of us posts anything, necessarily, but you should be open to discussing things every now and then. Both PMs and various IMs are fine for this.

One more thing - I've discovered that I tend to find the circumstances and scenarios surrounding sex to be more interesting to write than actual sex scenes. It's not that I don't want any sex scenes; I just want to make it clear that if we're spending dozens of posts on physical descriptions of sex, I'm probably going to get bored.

Anyway, enough of that. On to my actual ideas. Oh yeah, and I'm terrible at thinking up titles, so don't judge me for those. >_>

The Stray

She had heard the horror stories about the debt laws. She'd just assumed it would never happen to her. Now a few poor decisions have cost her everything.

Not just her possessions,
everything. Her body, her mind - now owned by someone else. The lucky ones were just sold into indentured servitude, but she wasn't lucky. She was too beautiful.

She was sold to a wealthy woman she never got to see. And modified. Her body and her mind, twisted to fit the woman's perversions. No longer a human - now someone between human an animal: a pet to be humiliated, to be used for pleasure.

Enough of her mind remains for her to understand what has been done to her, but so much is gone. So many memories, even her own name. So many new instincts and urges, repulsive and yet seductive.

But still, some of her remains. Enough to desire escape. Enough to take advantage of an opportunity.

Now she is free, but there is no life for her to return to. She is trapped on the streets, scavenging for food and shelter, completely unable to live a human life. Her instincts continue to gain ground, pushing her human mind further and further away.

But there is hope. Hope in the form of a woman, noticing her suffering, taking her in. Perhaps even giving her a life, a life she can be happy with.

The idea is fairly simple: my character goes bankrupt and forfeits her own body to her creditors. She is in turn sold on to a private client, who has her modified both physically and mentally into a cat-girl of some variety (details can be discussed). She is able to escape, however, and finds herself living on the street as a stray until she's found by your character, who takes her in (it could be either a stranger or someone who knew her before the change).

What I'm looking for here is a slightly unusual sort of relationship. The most important part of this game to me is the mental change my character has gone through, particularly her new cat-like mentality and behaviour (she'll be unable to walk on two legs, for example, and probably unable to talk) and her sexual urges and instincts. Ultimately, your character needs to both care for her as a pet and "play" with her sexually. I'll refrain from defining exactly what kind of character yours must be, but someone kind and loving with a dominant streak is probably ideal.

Teaching Tolerance

It wasn’t that Sasha was some religious nut or something. Her parents were a little religious, sure, and very conservative, of course, but Sasha had always been rather ambivalent about both religion and politics. But she had been brought up to have certain morals, which was evidently more than could be said for most of the people on campus.

It was why she didn’t wear slutty clothes. It was why she refused to do anything even remotely sexual with her boyfriend. And it was why she’d freaked out a little when she’d come home to find her roommate making out with another girl.

In retrospect, she knew she’d reacted poorly. As disgusting as what they were doing was, freaking out and shouting at them had probably been an immature reaction. Her roommate had stared daggers at her as the other girl left crying. But even if she could have handled it better, could anyone really blame her? It had just been so shocking to walk in and see that.

To be fair, her roommate had seemed a little odd – she’d noticed a couple books about “magic” on her bed once – but Sasha had gotten along just fine with her at first. She’d hardly expected her to be a lesbian! Now it all made sense, though: she was probably some kind of Wiccan deviant or something, seducing girls into disgusting acts.

In any case, it had certainly cooled the mood in their shared dorm room. Sasha had started looking into the possibility of trading rooms with someone for the rest of the year, and she wouldn’t have been surprised if her roommate had been doing the same thing.

Then the dreams started. At first they hadn’t seemed that unusual – odd, sure, but when weren’t dreams odd? – just a few sexually-suggestive images. Things had gotten more explicit the second night, though, and Sasha quickly realised she was dreaming about, well, lesbians. It was horrible, to be sure, but not quite as disgusting as perhaps it should have been. And then the third night... the third night she’d actually participated, Sasha realised. It horrified her when she woke up, but in the moment, it hadn’t felt wrong at all.

It all just made Sasha angrier at her roommate for giving her nightmares. But then it got weirder. She began feeling less interested in her boyfriend – after feeling sick while kissing him, she’d avoided all contact, trying to figure out what was wrong with her. And she found her gaze lingering on other attractive women. Not that there was anything wrong with admiring another woman or anything, but Sasha found her eyes drawn to areas she didn’t want to be paying that much attention to. It wasn’t that she was attracted to them, she just... well, she didn’t know why she was doing it.

She had a horrible feeling, though. A feeling that whatever was happening to her, it was going to get far, far worse.

In case it wasn’t clear from the above, the main theme of this game is my character being turned into a lesbian through magic. Most details are up for discussion, as is what ends up happening in the story. Perhaps the spell makes Sasha particularly attracted to her roommate. Perhaps she goes to her roommate for help, not realising that she’s the one responsible. Or perhaps she does realise, but her roommate threatens not to change her back unless Sasha does whatever she wants. Perhaps her roommate forces her to go through humiliating and degrading experiences as punishment for her intolerance, or perhaps it’s a love story, with Sasha eventually falling in love with her roommate and not wanting to turn back (not that the two are necessarily mutually exclusive). Let me know what angle interests you.

Pulling Her Strings

Cassie had been volunteering for the experiments for over a year now. They were safe; all tested on animals well before they could be given to a human. She’d never had any serious side effects – nothing worse than an upset stomach, at least. There’d been the one drug test that ended with Cassie having to purchase all those new bras, but she was hardly going to complain about that one, despite the impact it had had on her bank account.

Because that was really the issue – money. Cassie had very little of it, and she didn’t intend to slow down her graduate studies in order to get a real job. Not a lot of people were lining up to have experiments performed on them, despite the fact that they were all approved as almost completely safe, and that just meant more money for Cassie for practically no work. And attending a leading research university meant that there were always plenty of lucrative opportunities.

In fact, there were so many that there was a centralised office for coordinating all of it, and Cassie had by now gotten to know the people who worked there. She even become good friends with one of them, a chemistry grad student who happened to be about the same age as Cassie, and her new friend made sure Cassie was aware of all the best opportunities. It was an amazing gig, really, and Cassie couldn’t help but look down a little on all the students who spent weeks working boring jobs to make what she could get in a few hours, albeit inconsistently.

Her friend at the office had told her about this most recent opportunity, as usual, although this experiment was unique in that her friend was actually running it herself – apparently it was the project she’d been working on for almost two years. She’d mentioned it to Cassie in passing, but never said anything about what it actually was, despite Cassie’s questions. That just meant that there was no way Cassie was going to turn down the opportunity to find out, though.

She’d had some misgivings when she found out she’d have to be unconscious for most of the experiment, but she wasn’t going to chicken out because of that. She knew it was safe.

Upon waking up, though, she’d felt strange in a way she hadn’t quite been able to put her finger on. Her friend ran her through several simple tests, but refused to say what had been done or what effect it was supposed to have on Cassie. Cassie didn’t like it, but accepted it, knowing that sometimes that was necessarily for the experiment. All through the tests, though, Cassie had an odd feeling that her mind was somewhere else, unable to focus on what she was doing, while her body was simply going through the motions. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake it.

It was only once her friend asked Cassie to strip down that she’d realised something was wrong. She asked her friend why that was necessary and tried to refuse... except that she stripped anyway. She couldn’t stop herself at all, no matter how hard she tried. Cassie didn’t understand immediately, but her friend began to make everything clear. Cassie had to obey every order the other woman gave. Her brain and body wouldn’t let her do anything else. Suddenly, Cassie was seeing a side of her friend she’d never seen before. And she realised this wasn’t just a normal experiment. Her supposed friend had plans for her, and Cassie had absolutely no way out.

I think the premise of this one should be fairly clear. As always, a lot is up for discussion with the story, although I think it’s pretty much set in stone that it will involve plenty of dominant behaviour from your character, including plenty of humiliation for my character. Everything else can be discussed.

The exact method of the mind control is left deliberately unclear, so we can fill that in as we go, but it’s probably something either irreversible or impossible for anyone but your character to reverse. Basically, I want it to be permanent. I also have a few specific ideas about how it works – it can only control conscious processes, but otherwise can force Cassie to do basically anything, as long as she hears and understands the command. She still has free will in any area she hasn’t been given orders, but otherwise she simply has no control over her body. Obviously, this could get boring if it’s nothing but your character ordering Cassie around, so I’d like it if one of the goals of your character in-game is to not have to give Cassie orders for everything – that is, to force Cassie to accept that it’s better to do whatever is expected of her of her own free will than to resist and be forced to do it. This will either require subtlety on the part of your character or a specific mechanism within the mind control.

One other thing up for discussion is whether the mind control works only for your character or whether anyone can give her orders. I’m fine with either depending on which suits the story better. Oh, and as I hinted at with the little joke about a drug increasing Cassie’s bust, I’m always open to including any other sorts of interesting experimental drugs your character might have access to.

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Re: Alixana's Ideas (F/F)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2011, 04:04:09 PM »
Update: I've added two new story ideas and removed an old one.