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Author Topic: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men  (Read 73343 times)

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Offline Acid Lips

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #525 on: March 13, 2011, 05:48:31 PM »
It was just a simple question since I was curious but ok I understand I am not wanted

Offline Adonis

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #526 on: March 14, 2011, 05:11:07 AM »
It's not so much a set system as it is a way for us to simply limit the "HOLYSHIT" factor of some of the things that yall come up with. We would really prefer things to be based around development and the growth of power, rather than being able to blow up monkeys in South Africa with your mind while you masturbate to the newest spankwire release, and having no way to increase the cool factor with a sense of some accomplishment.

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Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #527 on: March 14, 2011, 10:43:12 AM »
That pretty much sums it up. Adonis... any way we can get more people to do this without an English/Irish/Scottish accent? :P

Offline TamaRose

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #528 on: March 14, 2011, 11:59:20 PM »
Is my character alright or do I need to change anything?

Offline SecretwriterTopic starter

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #529 on: March 15, 2011, 12:00:11 AM »
we're still deliberating - we've all got a lot going on irl right now.  Please bear with us hon! <3

Offline TamaRose

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #530 on: March 15, 2011, 12:44:31 PM »
That's ok.I was just curious.Just let me know if I need to change anything,Thanks! :D

Offline Adonis

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #531 on: March 15, 2011, 12:45:50 PM »
Tama, I'm working on reviews for both you and Freakula right now. Should have some things for you up there in 15-20 minutes.

Offline Adonis

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #532 on: March 15, 2011, 01:05:15 PM »
Freakula - Please take care of the change in the bio that I PM'd you about. Other than that, his bio is fine. His powerset however, we'll need to discuss a bit. His major power's limitation isn't quite as limiting as it should be. The fact that he has to see the fighting style is obvious, so it doesnt need to be listed for the most part since it's named already within the power. Limit the photographic reflexes thing to his being able to only store a *single* fighting style at a time, rather than simply master everything he sees with only a temporary memory loss. As we move along, he'll gain the ability to store more than one, but you need to crawl before you walk.

The minors seem fine for the most part, but just keep in mind if his mind reading ability kicks in when talking to other PC's, you need to contact the owner of them first and confer with them as to what he'll be "hearing". Implanting thoughts without the players consent always gets messy and pisses people off :p

Minor in enhanced reflexes/agility is fine for the most part.

Tama - for ease of reading, please left-align the text for us. The only real issue that I can see is with her powers and their limitations.

First, her major. Please define personal use, and how she uses it as a weapon. Her limitation, please make mention as to distance and volumes that she's able to handle. Flooding major areas may make Xavier wary of taking her on as a student, especially with the school sitting on a lake practically.

Secondly, her minors. The first minor listed, levitation. The actual definition of levitation is simply the movement of an object without outside forces along a vertical axis. There is no flinging things about with levitation, they just go up and down. Her other minor of flight, is a major power, or considered as much by several of those that we have playing that have the ability. Please choose a different minor.

I can see that the character is obviously based off of the Avatar series (I think I recognize the character within the series as well), but do keep in mind that this is a completely different game, so quite a bit of the avatar stuff that sounds so cool will be out of place in this settting, and as such, unused.

Offline TamaRose

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #533 on: March 15, 2011, 07:15:53 PM »
Hmm,ok.Let me think about what I need to do and what changes I should make.I probably won't be able to get it done right away because I am going to be gone tomorrow but I will try and get it up as soon as I can.I just need to think a little  on changing powers and what I would like her to do.Anyway,sorry for having to make you wait.

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Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #534 on: March 17, 2011, 09:32:37 AM »
Tama - Not to sound rude, because that is not my intention, but for me personally I need to ask you to use the space button after periods and commas.  It's a peeve of mine when I can't read the posts. I really don't want to sound horrible, but proper format is a big deal with me.  I can deal with language barriers, misspellings, homophones, and the occasional present/past tense switcheroo, but I have trouble processing posts made without proper spacing. It's like my mind doesn't want to understand where the sentences start or the change in clauses.  I haven't been able read your bio.
« Last Edit: March 17, 2011, 09:33:45 AM by Secretwriter »

Offline TamaRose

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #535 on: March 17, 2011, 08:30:24 PM »
Would I be allowed to do a Sonic Scream Like Banchee and make it my major ability? Also,I apologize about the spaces. To some people it doesn't matter. So, unless something is said I don't know.

Offline SecretwriterTopic starter

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #536 on: March 17, 2011, 08:41:46 PM »
Would I be allowed to do a Sonic Scream Like Banchee and make it my major ability? Also,I apologize about the spaces. To some people it doesn't matter. So, unless something is said I don't know.

Thank you on the spaces *hugs*  No, all canon character powers are with that canon character. We're not allowing duplicate powers.

Offline TamaRose

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #537 on: March 17, 2011, 08:55:18 PM »
What if she had something similar but it went by a different name? Would that be the same thing? Also, you are welcome.

Offline PearlRuby

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #538 on: March 19, 2011, 01:59:14 PM »


Code-Name: Chloroplast, or simply Plant
Real Name: Bethany (Beth) Levitt
Ethnicity: American ~ Caucasian with Israeli roots
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Relationship Status: Single
Team Affiliation: Xavier
Position at the School: College Freshman – Biochemistry & Genetics major.


Hair: Light, mousey brown hues, cut to a long and even length. Most usually styled straight with a centre parting and left to hang down to just past her bust line. Occasionally it can wisp with very subtle, natural waves and kinks. When working in the biology labs, she always ties it back into a loose, low bun granting her a far more mature presence.

Eyes: (Changeable) Normally a mossy green which turn far more vivid when her skin is gaining the necessary nutrients. Recently, they have been known to be more luminescent in the dark. Occasionally she wears red rimmed, stylish glasses, being slightly short-sighted.

Skin: Fair, yet carries an earthy, light olive tone. The basis of her mutation means that her skin is often effected. Beth cannot always blend in with normal humans like other mutants can. When soaking up too much sunlight or water, thin, green veins appear behind her translucent skin, to resembling the texture of leaf veins. The more the exposure, the stronger the veins can appear. It's an uncontrollable factor of her mutation, and can sometimes just occur without warning. Recently, more prominent veins have permanently discoloured, such as within the neck and at the junction of wrists.

Weight: 127lbs

Height: 5'6”

Other: Beth stands with an overall willowy appearance; her weight equally distributed across a lean and pliable physique. Her muscles are not toned or defined enough for her to be considered wholly athletic, but she does possess good upper arm and leg strength thanks to a childhood of gymnastics  training and moderate ballet. She retains the ability for limbs to bend easily and contort her body at will, so performing somersaults and flips remain an easy feat.

Date Of Birth: 12th January 1991 ~ Capricorn
Place Of Birth: Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia State, US
Citizenship: US Citizen


Personality: It isn't hard to realise that the hard-working and stable Beth is both practical and prudent both in and out of her studies. Generally she prefers to be quite self-centred, not really meddling with the affairs of others unless they give her permission first. In turn, this means she prefers others mind their own business when it comes to her own private life. She can patiently persist as long as necessary to accomplish a goal, and is a reliable, disciplined and responsible member of any team. Regardless, she prefers not to take on any leader roles, but can often become the backbone. Often she prefers to either work alone on a designated, important task, or assign herself a role as part of a team. She does have a great respect for diplomacy and authority, but if granted higher position, she can tend to ignore or not want to listen to any opinions that conflict with her own.
Both honesty, loyalty and factual information are integral to her beliefs, possibly because there is very little she can hide about herself thanks to her physically altering mutation. What you see is mostly what you get. Although she is a peaceful soul, she can get overly excited by the opportunity to openly debating subject with her very philosophical, sometimes pessimistic point of view. Sometimes playing the devils advocate; exploring all avenues of an argument, and luring her opponents into traps so she can unintentionally show off her logic. Many are put off by her brains over brawn choices, rendering her quite the nerd. She thinks profoundly and deeply, owning good concentration skills and a good memory. An indulgence for further knowledges proceeds all other base desires.

Background: Although Bethany has lived the majority of her life in her hometown of Charlottesville in the US Virginia State, she was at least conceived in Israel. Her young parents tied the knot overseas, surrounded by extended family, and nine months later, the first and only child was born back in America. Israeli-born and raised Esther had met the American born Jacob Levitt whilst studying in the overseas US, and the rest was a blissful history. Graduation was followed by a mutually blessed marriage and the permanent move to Virginia. The tall Jacob pursued his athletic career in basketball sponsored by his middle class family and college awards. He made a semi-famous name for himself in the major league, before serious injury forced him into private coaching and eventually, down the path of personal trainer. Bethany was two when her father's major league team contract was cut. Meanwhile, Esther balanced motherhood with the running up her own florists shop, specialising in arranging expensive bouquets with her deft fingers.

Throughout her childhood, Beth was steered towards an athletic path. Encouraged by her father to try various sports, she finally settled on trampolines and later on gymnastics, even though her heart had been set on the more feminine ballet. Like many little girls, she was slightly more interested in being a little princess than throwing a basketball through hoops. So she managed to convince her supportive parents to let her take on the extra ballet classes, so long as she got good grades and didn't slack on the sports activities. As an only child, she was somewhat spoilt with opportunity until she was six, and the birth of her brother gained far more attention. Meanwhile, she grew to be a passive and attentive young woman, managing to balance her studies with her extra-curricular hobbies, and hanging out with the handful of friends she'd made. It always helped to have a semi-famous father to be asked questions about, but she also had a knack for separating the false people from those who she genuinely got along with. By the time she started High School, she realised that she enjoyed science classes the most. Not the most popular of girls, but she fit in with her own little niche of ordinary types.

It was at a gymnastics competition aged fourteen however, that her mutation begun to manifest. Beth had suffered pains in her lungs and the feeling of sickness simply from breathing. Gone off her food, she presumed it was just anxiety and nerves to perform the triple somersaults she'd kept messing up in practice. While waiting for her team's turn to perform, Beth had taken some time out to get some fresh air. It was a hot summers day, but she'd been drinking more water than usual to combat her sickly feeling. When stooping over to quench her insatiable thirst at a fountain however, she felt a tingling sensation at the corners of her lips. Venturing over to a nearby car as the feeling persisted despite scratching and rubbing, she sought her reflection in the rear-view window, and caught the faintly thin, purplish-green vein lines for the first time. Trying her best to ignore it with the application of thick foundation over her entire face, Beth tried to compete in the competition, but her floor routine suffered many failures.

From that day, the mutation persisted. Try as she might, it was hard to cover up her skin in the middle of the hot, Albemarle County summer. Worse yet, thickly cosmetics could barely conceal the changes to her facial skin. That's when the bullying started; first assumptions that she was suffering severe acne. Then the more noticeable green lines that was certainly not normal. 'Freak' and 'Mutie' were some of the less colourful insults to leave the cruel lips of her peers. Beth's parents were some of the last to notice the abnormal changes their teenage daughter was going through. Swiftly pulling her out of the school into private tutoring, doctor after doctor visited the family home in an attempt to use a diagnosis other than 'mutant'. The tension between mutants and humans didn't help with town relations; neighbours can be cruel, especially those who feel threatened by a mutant living next door. The terrorised family were considering a move to outside of the city, leading to tensions rising between what had been a cosy family unit. Fortunately, a housebound Beth watched the news often, where Hank McCoy often appeared in the defence of mutants and his scientific research. Inspired by what he had to say, Beth hit the local library; a move that provoked two things. First, more physical attacks as old high school peers threw whatever objects they had to hand at her. Secondly, her decision to go home, and pack her bags. The relieved look on her parents face however, as they were realised they would finally be free of the great burden brought to them by their daughter's mutation, will always be remembered by her.

Since arriving at Xavier's school to complete her High School years, Beth underwent a transformation of sorts. Her mutant powers begun to fully manifest, leading to her temporary shying away. Yet after the reclusive period, she has emerged as a butterfly might leave her chrysalis cocoon. Having realised that she possesses both interest and skill in the study of sciences, Beth was swift to pursue her college joint major in biochemistry with genetics. While other mutants possess more extravagant powers, she instead strives to contribute her intellectual skills to the cause. That also includes worshipping the work of Hank McCoy and the studies of Moira MacTaggert while hoping to one day live up to these influential role models.

Name: Esther Levitt
Race: Human

Name: Jacob Levitt
Race: Human

[Younger Brother:]
Name: Isaac Levitt
Race: Human

Other relatives: N/A

------------- -------------------- --------------


Major: Photosynthesis

Resembling a plant life-form is the main basis of Beth's mutation. Like humans, she needs certain nutrients in order to survive. But the universal requirements for oxygen is reversed with the necessity for carbon dioxide and water instead. The constant conversion in her body of carbon dioxide and water into sugars and oxygen with the catalyst of sunlight, causes various side effects. The most visual being the chloroplasts that exist in her blood, replacing normal red blood cells to store the majority of the sugars she produces. She does however, still bleed red. The rate of energy captured by photosynthesis is pretty immense, leading to high sugar levels in her body, but also a very high metabolism rate. While these sugars provide her with enough nutrients to survive without much food, she does need to fulfil a large, daily quota of photosynthesis in order to remain healthy and full of energy. Lack of sleep is also a downfall of these high sugar levels but on the plus side, she can exist peacefully with humans, providing them with essential oxygen while they in turn, provide her with carbon dioxide. A fair trade off.

Limitations: Aside from lack of sleep, Beth can suffer either bursts of hyperactivity, of on the flip side, severe lethargy if dehydrated. Sleeping during the daytime is impossible. Having access to water and fresh air is a matter of life and death. As with any human, to be trapped in an enclosed space would mean certain wilting and an eventual, suffocating death. As her power is more of a state of being than a weapon, she is pretty defenceless unless given an actual object to use.

Minor: Self-Regeneration (including Fast Metabolism and Pain Resistance)

This minor ability is mostly self-effective, branching off from her main power. When enough energy is stored, Beth has the ability to self-heal at alarmingly fast rates. She rarely wears bruises for longer than a day, while cuts seem to recover within hours. With injury, her body can release strong endorphins to counter-act the pain.

Limitations: Whether she could actually regrow a severed limb is yet to be seen, but she's also not inclined to try. She is not completely resistant to suffering injuries and the repercussions they might cause, for example; a punctured lung would still affect the rest of her body and require a longer length of time to self-heal without the assistance of medical help. She would also need to be constantly replenishing the large amount of body-resources spent on using this ability.

Minor: Bio-Chemical Body Fluid Properties (within saliva)

Having physical contact with others is safe, provided there is no exchange of bodily fluids, namely through her saliva. Beth knows very little about the properties her saliva has, other than possessing the endorphins related to her regenerative capabilities. Plants afterall, possess qualities used for beauty and health, and it seems her qualities lie in more medicinal toxins.

Limitations:The potential for her blood to be harvested, or for her body to undergo experimentation is a background fear. Also the fear of getting physical with another with unknown side effects. What if she transfers too many endorphins? What if the chemicals prove to be allergically poisonous to some humans? The questions are endless. Can she transfer pain resistance? Or can her saliva cause a skin irritation to others? There is also potential for this ability to be highly lethal, so she prefers to keep it controlled.

     [Hobbies and Interests:]
- Gardening
- Swimming
- Reading, especially the study of plant biology
- Sunbathing
- Milder interests in Gymnastics
- Secret fascination with Ballet; a pair of old ballet shoes hang from her dorm room door.

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Offline Adonis

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #539 on: March 19, 2011, 02:02:14 PM »
I wondered when you'd get around to us Pearl ;) By far one of the better done character sheets I've seen. It has my approval.

Offline PearlRuby

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #540 on: March 19, 2011, 02:11:10 PM »
Hehe, yeah I got here eventually. Cheers  ;D

Offline SecretwriterTopic starter

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #541 on: March 19, 2011, 02:18:15 PM »
Tama - If it's similar but different enough that it's not an obvious rip off from a canon character, maybe taking a minor power and making it into a major one with your own spin, borrowing the base of an idea perhaps?  That is okay, but not just plagiarizing and trying to take credit.

Pearl - Firstly, I gotta say that I love the ethnicity - American with roots from elsewhere, conceived elsewhere and especially not from Great Britain! :3  It's got a flare that most of the other characters don't have. I'm a tree hugging earth sign and I love how you've got her skin with the green veins. 

Your abilities and limitations are believable and well balanced, I like that they're not overly hyped and that the limitations are realistic.  The abilities are also very well thought out. 

Pardon me, I just got my first dose of caffeine today and I'm a bit bouncy.   Your character is approved by me.

Offline PearlRuby

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #542 on: March 19, 2011, 02:39:22 PM »
Aww thanks. I have however noticed a few embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes. *Quickly rectifies.*

Do I need to post the profile anywhere else or just leave it to the GMs? Just that the official bio thread is kinda locked to me >.<

Offline SecretwriterTopic starter

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #543 on: March 19, 2011, 02:52:48 PM »
Character bio sheet is now unlocked, you can post it over there ^.^  Game time it is 7 am Day 3. We will be doing a time jump when day 3 culminates. Time jump will be for two weeks in game.

Offline TamaRose

Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #544 on: March 19, 2011, 03:29:14 PM »
Code-Name: Isis
Real Name: Sakura Marie Takahiro
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex::  Female
Age: 24
Relationship Status: Single
Team Affiliation: Xavier
Position at the School: Teacher of music

Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue Topaz
Skin: Creamy and lustrous.
Weight:: 130
Height:: 5'7"
Other: Skin has a silver shimmer to it.
Date Of Birth: May 15,1987
Place Of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Citizenship: USA ...... but traveled back and forth between US and Japan during her parents marriage.

Personality: Sometimes Sakura is shy and distant.Especially, when she is around new people or in a new environment. Once she gets to know people she likes to joke around and can be quite sweet and friendly. Make her angry though and she is a force to be reckoned with because she has a short temper that easily flares.

Background: Sakura grew up loving both of her parents but when she found out at the age of 13 that her father had cheated on her mother and had a child with someone else things quickly changed between daughter and father. Most times things were stressed and uncomfortable. Even for her mother who wanted to work things out because of her daughter.

Still, Sakura would never let either of them forget what happened and both parents finally separated after a year, her father knowing he would never earn Sakura's forgiveness and her mother never fully able to forget or forgive her husband for what her husband did to her and her daughter.

Moving a town away with her daughter in tow, Sakura's mother enrolled her in a public school while taking on two jobs to support herself and her daughter. Still having the stress of her father's cheating on her mind along with the divorce of her parents, being in a new school and town the pressure became to much and her new  "abilities"  surfaced, causing her mother to send her to the Xavier school at 14.

Name: Isabella Rose Takahiro
Race: Human (American)

Name:Hotoshi Takahiro
Race: Human (Japanese)
Other Relatives: Half Sister/Natuye Rose Takahiro

Major: (Water Punch) Able to manipulate water and use it to knock people down or out.
Minor: (Walking on Water) Able to walk or run fast over water.   
Minor:  (Water into Rain) Able to manipulate water so it can be turned into rain.This is usually used to use as a cover to benefit getting out of sticky situtions or to blind people into not seeing where she or her friends are hiding.

Power Limitations:
Major: Even though she can use her ability to use water to unjure other people, they have to at least be within a 5-10 foot range to get a good hard shot.Anything further then that would just make the enemy......wet and irritated.
Minor: (Walking on Water) Even though she is able to walk or run over bodies of water she would never be able to go the length of an ocean or sea. Her limit is 100 miles.
Minor: In order to use this power she has to be near water and it only rains within a 1 mile radius.

Hobbies and Interests: She loves art and music and when she has free time she likes to read and listen to her huge collection of music. She also enjoys baking and cooking. Sometimes she will cook dinner for the whole X-Men team.

Ons and Offs: Check my profile. They are the same.

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Re: Xavier's School for Gifted Young Adults - X-Men
« Reply #545 on: March 19, 2011, 06:04:01 PM »
After TamaRose this game is shut down to female characters again for an undetermined period of time. Thank you <3

Offline Adonis

Sorry Freakula, I didn't forget you :P I don't pay as much to my PM's as I do to this thread when it comes to changes. All I need you to do is clarify the limitation on his minor agility thing so it reads a bit smoother, then the sheet has my approval.

Offline SecretwriterTopic starter

As well as mine.

Tama, after talking to Adonis about your sheet, we agree that you should not have the power of making it rain as that's bordering into Storm's powers. However, we did discuss that if you're playing it that Storm is helping [without godmoding my character] your character develop that power, then you can have it. 

However, 100 miles for a limitation is not a limitation.  Maybe three miles would be better for a very intermediate power and 1 mile for a weaker, developing power. You're only allowed one main power and walking on water... well...

Offline TamaRose

I wasn't sure about the last one anyway so let's go ahead and drop it. I only put that one down because I thought I had to have three. Also, the 3 miles is line. I wasn't quite sure how much was to much and how much was to little. So, thanks for helping.

Offline SecretwriterTopic starter

You're welcome, hun <3