I Need Help With My Homework + Other Ideas [ M Seeking F Characters ]

Started by pleaseteaseme, November 28, 2010, 06:17:41 PM

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Thanks a lot for reading, here is a new idea I'd very much like to play out.

I know it's nothing groundbreaking, but it's an idea that I've had kicking around in my head for a little while now.

The idea is not set in stone and I'm happy to make some changes and additions based on your own preferences.

If you're interested them please feel free to send me a PM.  ;D

(Names are changeable, and are just being used to help me describe the scenario better.)

I Need Help With My Homework
Michael was never really that popular at school, sure he had friends but they were all like him, a bit geeky, afraid to talk to girls and not very cool. Sarah on the other hand was one of, if not the hottest girl in their year at school. Wherever she went she had the boys lusting after her, and the girls secretly wishing they could be her. As of this it was a surprise to say the least when seemingly out of the blue Sarah came to Michael after one class asking if he could help her with her homework. You see, Sarah was spending her time doing other things rather than work, what she needed was someone who could do her work for her, enter Michael.

Sarah wasn't stupid, she knew that she only needed to flirt a little and make him think there was something in it for him and she'd have him in the palm of her hand, and that's exactly what she did. Poor Michael was so blown away by the fact that she was wanting to spend time with him that he fell for her trap just perfectly. After their first meeting Sarah sent Michael home with a boner and a promise not to jack it off, for he'd get a wonderful handjob from her should she get a good grade on her homework, it wasn't like Michael was going to say no to that now was it? It went from there, everytime they would meet up Sarah would make an excuse to not let him cum, be it the grade wasn't as high as she had hoped, or some other petty reason he was too horny to realise was not true, instead just having to endure day after day or her teasing tortures.

Most boys would of just jacked off, but Sarah had planned for that, if she even expected he had done so then she would never talk to Michael again, and he certainly didn't want that. Sarah would regularly check up on him, making sure he was still stiff and denied, not to mention giving him handjob for doing the homework, but he just hasn't done well enough to earn that orgasm he so desperately craves.


Be Careful What You Wish For
Jessica has known of her friend Paul's Orgasm Denial fetish for a while now, it had come up once during a drunken chat back in college. They'd spoken about it a little, had a bit of a giggle about it all, and since then it'd just been something that had been kept as private knowledge between the two of them. The two had been great friends ever since their college days, and even though both now worked, they kept in regular contact, went out at weekends together and hung out on other nights, best friends wouldn't be far off the mark. The RP begins after Paul has yet another failed relationship, Jessica hating seeing him down and out decides it's time someone does something about it, someone being her.

After the two have been on a night out together with some friends she is over at his house, like always she crashes in the spare room due to his house being a lot closer to the town centre. As he is in the shower she comes in, knowing fully well what he will be doing. From there Jessica moves in, she has the intention of fulfilling his fantasies of denial, under her terms of course. She isn't interested a serious relationship with him, she just thinks it might be fun for the them both to play around. Of course things could change as the situation develops.


Its been a while!

Interested: I need help with homework.

Will pm in a moment.