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Author Topic: ~/~ My Eclectic Nature ~/~ Male seeks Females to 'Complement' him in prose.  (Read 1301 times)

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Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter


      If you are reading this than you are actually seeing the modified first post of a request I wrote many many years ago. I know this may not make sense but I have this thread in an order in my mind so that when a person views it they see the complete me instead of pages of 'people asking for to send them PM's or discuss here what they wish to write with me'. Of all my Request threads,(and there are many), I only try to inforce the do not reply here but PM me comment. A person can miss replies if they have many threads and someone finds an old one and wants to write with you... a private message normally can not be missed.

     I can not delete other people's replies, but I can move all my posts to the top and set everything back to the order you see it in now.

Thank You for reading this and I Hope to get a PM from you ... possibly...

Rog the Rake

*Smiles * If you are seeing this first..I just felt it necessary to explain.. I normally read posts Newest to Oldest.. thus this post though my first posting actually shows as the last to me.. so basically , ( and I hope this not tooo confusing..) you need to scroll to the last post #5 & read 5,4,3,2,1

Thanks in advance and I hope this makes sense.

FYI > In regards to the Bumping Policy and Image links , please note that for any of my old threads there is a very good chance that they may contain Images that are 'not safe for work (nsfw)' I tried to post this or tweak them but could have missed some.
« Last Edit: February 18, 2017, 08:28:38 AM by Rog the Rake »

Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter

Below is a collection of all Open and Closed Threads. If/When someone steps up and ask to write with me on one of my thread requests I hopefully will eventually update this thread. Consider all threads listed below to be open or possibly open unless stated otherwise.

Some I need to confirm with people who had been writing with me but due to either me being gone or they simply stop posting the request is back to being open.
     I also may be willing to do more than one thread per request, but it will depend on how we interact via PM's and my mood. I often find a person asks to write with me and I get all excited only to have them simply not reply once the work has been done and the thread is up. So from time to time I simply tweak the idea and toss the thread back out there for someone new to pick it up and enjoy.

As it says this is always under construction. Below I have sorted my open threads and labeled them, if in my closed thread you find one that you would like to see if I would be willing to give it a go again.. just let me know.

***** five star really really want
****   four star want badly
***    three star this tickles my erotic fancy and want to write
**      Want to do with the right person only
*        If we write this thread it MUST be the right person, someone who can enjoy it and allow me to enjoy it as well

***** Five Star Requests...
Open - ~Son's Friend Helps MILF Mom Out~ Male Seeking Female MILF -
I know some ladies do not like the term MILF. I could have used Cougar but the idea is Older woman and younger man

Open - ~~ Male Looking for Female ~~ Pegging Couple > Seeking Wife
If you go to the link below if will describe what pegging is if you do not know, I am not looking for a femdom..

Open - ~~Male Looking For Female ~~ Brother / Sister Incest
One of my many Incest threads, not simply looking for sex but more story line and sex

Open - ** The Younger Sister.. All grown Up… ** NOT an Incest Story... *grins* Wow!!
Story about meeting up with the younger sister of an old girlfriend years later.. and what could happen

Open - Have you ever wanted a second chance? Sweet 16 {Male seeking Female}
This is a what if .. time shift ... story...

Open - This thread is for those who love country music... as I do...

**** Four Star Posts

Open - Ms. April Jones and her Executive Personal Assistant (M looking for F)
** Short Version - Male seeking Female for long term plot driven, sexual word play where she is in position of power and control and he likes to please her with his work, making her look good, and making her feel good. **

Open - ~Freaks & Geeks~ She hacks her perfect Mate... *A Lust Story*
(( Looking for someone to play Stef the sexy freaky geek looking for love and OH SO MUCH more... an I of course will be playing Bret the good guy... sexy but geeky with the freaky man meat.. that only a special woman could really handle.. and want all the time... )) see thread before for pics

Open - Incestual Inclinations Club ~ Male > Seeking Females (Incest done right)
Various Incest ideas with hidden pics to help form story ideas.

Open - 'The Favor' or ‘Sadomasochistic Tendencies’ done right.. Male seeking Female
This is a bit of a hardcore idea that I am looking for a partner who wishes to explore there dark side with me.

*** Three Star Posts
Open- Unlikely Hero .. Male Looking for Female ..... Rescues go both ways...  (Writer I was with did a few posts then stopped so reopened)
Boy Rescues girl who happened to be a bitch in heels, but will things change because of what he did?

** Two Star Posts

Open - What would you do? Male ~ Seeking Female for Erotic Romance with a Twist
This thread has to do with a male who is very well endowed..

* One Star Post

Open - ~@~ Bed of Roses ~@~ Love looking for Love M/F
A love story... if you saw the Movie 'Bed of Roses' this thread may be for you.

Below you will find links to threads I have written or am currently writing.. I was going to add this as a separate post, but decided to just include it here. I want to be able to allow prospective writers the opportunity to see what I have done and how I have improved as more time has passed and I learned how to write and make my posts better..

*** Please Note if anyone I was writing with wishes to start back up the story line they see listed below, please feel free to Private Message me. I am not going to send PM's to former writers making requests for this, as first I am not certain how it would be taken, and second some stories have been dormant for so long and I could have hurt the person by my lack or response I do not want to open old wounds.

However for most of below I would be willing to pick the story line back up ***

**** (Solo that is to say One on One threads)*****

July 7th 2010 to July 24th 2010 ~ I think this was my first thread..
(To charm a prince) haikuoftears & Rog the Rake

July 24th 2010 to September 8th 2010 to ~ This thread was a favorite of mine and was enjoyed, I am going to PM CuteEmoGirl and see if she would want to pick it back up.
(The High Lander's bride) CuteEmoGirl & Rog the Rake

July 25th 2010 to April 01, 2011 ~ Another thread with potential but alas it died out
(New Beginings ) Aeval & Rog the Rake

July 30th 2010 to April 1st 2011 ~ I am sad to say I had to take personal time off and this thread died, it was and is one of my favorite and wish I could find a person to pick this back up with me.
(A new way of life) Aeval & Rog the Rake

August 4th 2010 to August 5th 2010 ~ Okay this was a fun one that I thought had 'potential' also could see finding someone new and taking it back up.
(Special Delievery UPS) Reyne & Rog the Rake

August 4th 2010 to ONGOING ~ Yes it is 2014 and this thread is back going, CarrieKara is a good friend of mine and though it took time for us to get this back on track it once again is in play and we are loving the idea that VUK is her slave bought to protect her, but in her bed.. he will dominate her ... a very good read if you wish.
(Raven wants a male slave) CarrieKara & Rog the Rak

July 24th 2010 to March 18th 2012 - 'closed.. by mutual consent of authors, however the authoress has graciously  considered allowing me to write with her once again.. '
(Fire 'Enzo' & Ice 'Becca) Nevae & Rog the Rake

August 8th, 2010 & November 27th, 2010 - Just one of my Kinky little Clicks.. Futa's or Futanaria
(Futa story based off some pics) Ace Flyer & Rog the Rake

August 8th 2010 to September 5th 2010 ~ My fault again ... I dropped off the face of the earth and left a great writer hanging.
(Anita Blake) CuteEmoGirl & Rog the Rake

September 6th 2010 to April 1st 2011 ~ An X-men thread done for fun and enjoyment
(The Takin of Storm and Satin of the Wolverine) ~ Astrofig & Rog the Rake

August 9th 2010 to August 28th 2010 ~ A request that died because of my lack of response
(The Lord & the lady) Kaz & Rog the Rake

September 11th 2010 = One post by me no response.. I am not certain what happened but the thread is still there
(The Ranch ~ 2169) Darkfire Dragoness and Rog the Rake

September 10th , 2010 to November 16th 2010
(Fuck the trust - give me a dare) ~ Kaz & Rog the Rake

November 16th 2010 to March 6th 2011 - This thread was started because another thread died
((** BY INVITE ONLY ** The Ranch )) Jazz & Rog the Rake

November 30th 2010 to December 1st 2010 - Eclectic is not the word kinky is the word
(<Vick> (Vicky) & ~Alexi~ (Alexander) CrossDressing Crossing)~ LittleRed & Rog the Rake

November 29th 2010 to December 2nd 2010 - Fantasy Erotica
(Dark Elf Raider) - elfguy & Rog the Rake

April 4th, 2011 to May 23rd 2011 - Wow another futa story of mine
(*The Blind Date*) GreenGrass & Rog the Rake

December 7th 2010 - Two posts but one great idea
(The Plane Crash) Pollydactle & Rog the Rake

May 23rd 2011 to May 26th 2011 - Complex thread and story
(Jillian and Jack Russell) Sariel and Rog the Rake

June 01, 2011 to November 27th 2011 - Werewolf story
(~Alpha & Omega ~ Thread 2 of 2 (Rog the Rake & Caela) Caela & Rog the Rake

June 11th 2011 to July 4th 2011 - Kinky Kinky
(You belong with me) nishi & Rog the Rake

June 06, 2011 to June 22nd 2011
(Freinds with Benefits) Darklyangelic & Rog the Rake

July 4th 2011 & January 1st 2012 - Group thread died but jazz and I wanted to keep our charecters alive.
(Jaek & Jasimina ~ 8 seconds is not enough) jazz & Rog the Rake

September 29th, 2011 & October 4th 2011
(The Purchase) Visna & Rog the Rake

September 27th, 2011 to October 03, 2011
(Secret Rides) lover of the moon03 & Rog the Rake

June 15th 2012 to June 19th 2012
(Dystopian ~Eleanor & Marcus) Rog the Rake & Aysande

June 14th 2012 to July 7th 2012 - 'closed.. by mutual consent of authors, however the authoress has graciously  considered allowing me to write with her once again.. '
(Becca and Donovan Miller ~Little Sister ands BIG Brother~) Rog the Rake/ Nevaeh

June 15th 2012 to June 16th 2012 -
(Unnoticed till Sunrise~ Alex & Lauren) Rog the Rake - Alathea

November 27th 2011 to November 30th 2011
~~ My Cronicles of Riddick & Kyra ( ~~ (Rog the Rake & Sharon)

November 25th 2011 to May 16th 2013 - Partner stopped writing so re-opening thread for play
~ Coming Home ~ Blake Kenton & Sarah Gordon (Rog the Rake & Beguile's Mistress)

June 19th 2012 to July 7th 2012 -
Whiskey Lullaby ~ ((Rog the Rake & Ravensahnk )) Jake and Holly ((NPC Ronnie)) - Ravensahnk & Rog the Rake

June 20th 2012 to July 8th 2012
~~The Younger Sister .. All Grown Up ~~ Not an Incest Story!! (Rog and Meri)

February 17th 2014 to > still going
Coming Home ~Christian & Daniella~ (Rog the Rake & Inks)

January 3rd 2013 to May 21st 2013 - need to see if she wants to keep going
~A True Lost Submissive and her Master in Training~ (Rog the Rake & CopperLily)

May 18th 2013 to May 18th 2013 - Doctor who fan fiction
Running out of Time {Rog the Rake & Flick}

Unlikely Hero ~ ((eternalnight & Rog the Rake))

July 10th 2014 and we are going strong
When Stars Align *Jake and Dakota* (Rog the Rake & MistressFrancesca)

July 7th 2014 - and still going maybe
Is it too much for one woman to deal with or..? (Nick and Mel)

July 14th 2014 - and still going strong
Saving her.. Saving himself (Rog the Rake and Becca)

July 13th 2014 - and still going strong
Kaycee and Ian - Protection service (Rog the Rake & fantasygirl90)

August 4th 2014 - and going strong
The scare (Becca and Rog the Rake)

August 6th 2014 - a thread I am working on and have to be in right state of mind to enjoy
I love Mommy's big Coco-NUTS and all that tasty Milk. (Daemom0110 & Rog the Rake)

July 28th 2014 - and still going strong
Saving the Sub ~(Rog the Rake & CopperLilly)

** Below threads I do not list date.. however because of personal and real world issues I am placing all open threads I was writing here.. if someone wishes to pick a thread back up.. all they need to is Private Message (PM) Me...

~ Nevaeh is writting this one with me, she is a great writer and an even better friend.  The below thread contains Incestuous Themes. This is about a Older brother .. Middle Sister and Younger Brother and what was supposed to be a bit of slap and tickle got really complicated when the younger brother screw up big time..
Two Brothers show there sister her place 'Bro Sis Bro' ~ Rog the Rake & Nevah ~

~ WindWhisperer is a very intellectual and spiritual woman who is writing a complex themed layered BDSM thread with me. Both Angelina and Dirk are powerful and control.. they wield this power in there own way and now they are combining to work together the thing is both also are very spiritual and in touch with the world and goals and needs larger than either can control.
Professional, Spiritual, Intellectual, & Physical~A new take on BDSM~ Rog & Wind

~ Mael ahh now what can I say this is a woman who touches the Part of Me that loves Country Music and Cowgirls, though I play a Native American Oh I have been blown up and shot beside all the sex in this one

~ magikal and I are doing a very nice transformation story sorta caterpillar into a sexual sexy dynamo we are taking our time and enjoying it.
Addicted to Milk (magikal and Rog the Rake)

~ Becca has been an inspiration to me here, this thread is one that I am enjoying and has a Unique BDSM relationship that is constantly growing and though there is a lot of sex this so much more ..
Saving her.. Saving himself (Rog the Rake and Becca)

~Demoness and I are exploring a very erotic dark aspect of a woman who is lost and the Vampire who is cultivating her dark desires before bringing her over as his prodigy and exploring her need to 'end the pain of others' son to be 'end the pain of mortals'.
Take my hand...And be alive...{Rog the Rake&DemonessOfDeathValley}

~gnoah and I are writing the pure smut erotic incestual family themed thread based off a mother, father, and twins brother and sister sex sex sex and more sex bi-sexual to the extreme. Also one of my few threads that I am writing with a male writer.
Family Incest - 'The Family that Lays together Stays together' (Rog & gnoah)

~Ravensahnk and I are having fun creating a complex relationship where a woman was forced to have sex during a bank robbery and became pregenant now the father of the soon to be born baby girl is in the womans life.. can what was forced to happen be an actual good thing for both of them? *Grins* also being pregenat has made Holly supper horny what ever will the poor guy have to do to help out with that?
*Pervert Bank Robber* Forces a Deposit before his Withdrawl (Rog & Ravensahnk)

~KC is a young lass who's father worries about her saftey so he hires Ian to protect her, however twixt and tween the two of the have an instant attraction and well what better way to make certain she is to be protected than by being in the same bed as she.. don't ya know..
Kaycee and Ian - Protection service (Rog the Rake & fantasygirl90)

~TBM and I are pushing the limits of massive sex with tons of semen this one is pure big cock bliss and has only just begun, depravity is the keyword in this one.
The More Pringles the Merrier the Woman (Rog & TheBlackMasquerade )

~CopperLilly and I are exploring BDSM from the point of view of two best friends reuniting in an unusual way.. sexual control but love and a deeper side of BDSM being explored.. a lot of people believe that it is the submissive in a realtionship that has the most problems in truth this is not the case it is the dominate who does and should as they have to be careful to push the limits without breaking anyone.
Saving the Sub ~(Rog the Rake & CopperLilly)

~aspiring and I are working on a thread where a woman sees a man her old friend get his phone pick pocketed and on the phone are some selfie pics that blows her mind and causes her to want to blow something else.. but can an old bestfriend become a lover?
A PickPocket open the way to Paradise (Rog & aspiringauthor01) *selfie*

~littlekitten and I are exploring the idea that Germany did not loose in fact they won and now control Europe and other regions including Scotland in this story a young woman has caught the eye of the Governor of her town and everyone knows what German officers do to young woman, the fact her genetic testing also quallifies her to breed the next pure race for the Master Race will make this thread very dark, erotic, and painful for the you woman.

~ its610time I love this thread and hope it continues for a long time, this is one where two young people both were too afraid to ever say anything and it almost became too late when events allowed them to come together.. a love story.
'The Leap Past Freindship (Rog the Rake & its610time) Rog & Ronnie

~Atlas Daylis and I share a kink for futa and so we are enjoying the kink here.
'The Day to Day Delima of a Female Norm Sentenced to be a Futa Milker

~Behindthemask75 and I are pushing a kink 'wristwatch sex' and incest to the limits
Brother & Sister Bonding (Rog & Behindthemask75) Eaton & Danielle

Closed as Letrixia is on permanent ban I guess ~ Letrixia and I are exploring an interesting lesbian element, she is writing as a man who changes to a woman and I am writing as her best friend a female who is a Lesbian and helping her adjust to this new life as well as being her lover, the thing is Lexxy the Lesbian never would have had sex with the man who is now the woman Kat but now she is so much in love with her it hurts.
** The Ether wants what the Ether wants ** Rog the Rake & Letrixia

****(Group Threads I tried at some time to create or be part of)******

October 3rd 2010 - This is an interesting post and I freely admit that I was out of it, real world issues so the closing of this group thread did not affect me save to make me wonder what I or others had done to merit it.
(Closure of Baron Dartmouth's School of Manners)~ Cast many threads many

August 30th 2010 to November 11th 210 - Another group thread that just dies out
(A Weekend of Debauchery) ~ Cast Many

September 6th 2010 to January 3rd 2011 - An interesting idea that seemed to have dies out
(The Mistress Club) ~ Many Dominate Ladies and there slaves

August 9th 2010 to December 2nd 2010 - Me and futa a bit of a kink and fetish
(2669 Europa Colony - The Colby Clan) - Futa group Zadaris and Rog the Rake only

September 12th 2010 to October 16th 2010 - Bit of a group gang bang
(The Heist) - Many in a group

(The Farm) - Kate ran this with many players

Bhayersville Scandal - Trying this one out has yet to start
« Last Edit: February 18, 2017, 07:15:02 AM by Rog the Rake »

Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter

**~My Wants & Personal Desires~**

 In my writing I am a switch at heart I can play either a Dom or a Submissive or a bit of both. I am a bit of a romantic at heart  and enjoy the idea of finding ones love and then pushing the limit of pleasing each other, but I know that some people don't wish the 'Love aspect' but the 'Lust' and I can do that as well.. When it comes to sexual preference I am male and thus prefer male, though I have and do enjoy Futa species and if need be I can write as a female and I have been told can do it very realistic, but my prime choice is Male on Female or Male on Futa... Female to Female is nice to read... not into writing it at this time *chuckles*

Bisexuality is a part of the fantasy life I am coming to enjoy especially when it comes to Futa or Futanaria play, so basically though I prefer my partners to be female and most of my wants will be for females I can also cross the line when sufficiently tantalized so if you want to toss an idea at me… go for it.

Turn On’s~ that is to say ideas and images that spark the fire that causes my imagination to blaze and makes me the writer I wish to be and I hope you are looking for.

*** You can find a version of below also at the On's Off's Lords Thread , just follow the link below ***

  Silk stockings, red heads, glasses, intelligent woman, high heels, various levels of erotic/ dirty talk, any and all body types and sizes .People who are willing to be open minded and are able to realize this is simply erotic fantasy NOT real life, so when it comes to pushing the limit with some of the fantasies expressed they are willing to go to the edge if not beyond. However having said that I also like to keep my fantasy as realistic as possible, so if you are enticed with an idea elaborate on it I know I will and that is what makes fantasy become reality, by expressing the idea with words and images if needed.

Turn Offs~ that is to say things that I find unattractive and do not wish to write about or include in my threads.

  Smokers yep number one on my list is the idea of being with someone who smokes major turn off, then we go to Bathroom play as in Golden Showers and Feces play .. I have done urination play and might consider it, but not as an act of degradation. This bring me to my next turn off , I am not a sadist at heart nor can I play a sadist I do not enjoy inflicting pain for pains sake, there should be a purpose behind it and it possible it should bring pleasure to the giver and the receiver not just one of them.  I would say that every other aspect of writing is on the table, but I reserve the right to change my mind if something is brought up that I did not consider, and I hope the person or person's who wish to write with me would understand and feel the same way. I respect that idea and option immensely.

Reviews from People I Respect who write with me
 Links to our threads so you can if wish preview my writing style.

Rog is a writing partner who is always up for a good challange, has an constant open dialogue to improve the rpgs he's engaged in and pays great attention to both his characters and the world they live in. Anyone choosing him as a partner won't ever miss a good deal of  romance, passion, attention to detail and erotic scenes in their rpgs (as well as some spicy gif now and then to add flavour to it!).
& Our Thread Saving her.. Saving himself (Rog the Rake and Becca)

Rog The Rake.
Rog is totally yummy to the Nth degree. Partnering with him brings a world of words to life. His passion for creating a universe for two and all characters is something that leaves you inspired. The way he wraps around the concept to hold you there with wanting make more and more - to build it and to shape the romance and erotism is beautiful. He is titled a knight on E, but if he is then he is the prince of them. His prose have intense passion, his writer`s 'soulfire' blazes to inspire and he creates with you. He doesn't lead, he doesn't follow but he is the equal by building with you.
His creates:
- epic erotica.
- stirring romance.
- mythological ideas.
- sexy fun energy.
- beautifully written prose.
- inspiration to farther story.
- and smiles.
- but my favorite part of partnering with Rog is the friendship and the chat that we share in the inbox.

An amazing guy..Rog is!

....WindWhisperer (Windy)
& our Thread Professional, Spiritual, Intellectual, & Physical~A new take on BDSM~

I have been writing with Rog from almost since the time I began writing. He has one of the best imaginations I have come across in the 12 years I have been writing. He helped make me a better writer and topic starter. Writing with him will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you don't mind the minute misspellings, you will find that you can't go wrong with taking up a story with him. I have known Rog for the last 12 years, accept for the last few years we have been writing constantly together.
The Thrills and Spills of Carriekara
& our Thread ~Raven wants a male slave~ 'Rog the Rake & Carriekara'
« Last Edit: October 05, 2014, 04:23:16 PM by Rog the Rake »

Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter


     I have written as many as 20 threads at one time, but it seems the past few years in the real world issues forced me away and I am seeking out just a few threads to 'start back up' or 'start new' It has been more than two years for some and no one should expect a writing partner to just JUMP BACK into it.. BUT like two old high school sweet hearts who meet up after a few years, one never knows how the fire still burns. SO if we wrote together I am certain our post is here... and all I need is to be Private Messaged about continuing it.

    Hugs and Kisses.. Rog

Below are all the threads that are currently active as of 02/18/2017

** Solo One on One Thread(S) I have going ** LOL...

~ Nevaeh is writting this one with me, she is a great writer and an even better friend.  The below thread contains Incestuous Themes. This is a about cousins who grew up together and have always been 'close' but are about to get even closer.
Cassie &Matt ~ Three weeks in nature > Rog the Rake & Nevah ~
~ Banks and I are now doing a thread, I saw a post she had down with requests and sent her a PM, she found one of mine that tickled her mind and well one thing led to another and here we are.  The below thread contains Incestuous Themes. This is a about an older and brother and sister who will probably be hooking up. The death of there parents hit both of them hard, her harder as she was in the car when they were killed. He dropped out of school to take care of her and now six years later.. things sort of 'heat up' when he displays a problem to her when drunk.
Rog the Rake & hernameisbanks 'Banks' = Alex & Cat ~ Brother and Sister Bonding

**Below is a Group Thread I am looking to take part of... However need more Male Leads ** LOL...
Posted by: fireflights

The Mystical Connection
Ever wonder why it's so hard just trying to find someone you don't have to hide your true nature from? Ever feel like you're left out of the cold and people just don't understand you? Or you're ridiculed for just being different by those who are supposed to be your peers? Do you ever wish you could find that one person who would always understand what you went through? Because they went through it too? Well now you can. Casting Calls for Mystical Connection is coming to a city near you! For those who are just not fitting into society because they can light things on fire with their mind, or can toss items about the room with just a look. This is for you! We are seeking women between the ages of 18-35 who have the desire to meet the man of your dreams.


Now, as you can see from above, this is a reality tv show call. In this reality show, it is for only men and women who seek the opposite sex, I'm sorry for those of you who are looking for this kind of game, but there's a specific reason why. All the men will be of the Carpathian Race. What is the Carpathian Race you ask? Well I have an spolier below this that tells you exactly what and who the Carpathian Race is. They are supernatural men who are able to do things no one else can. That being said, those hoping to mate with them can only and I mean ONLY have a psychic ability. The reasoning for this is also explained in the spoiler. So....let me know if you have any interest in this, because I and my partner JaredSyn would really like to be your hosts through this game.

About Carpathians
The Carpathians are a race of humanoid creatures that are immortal. They are hunters of Vampires who are actually Carpathian men who have killed a human by drinking all their blood until they are dead. Each Carpathian male is described as being the most "Beautiful" man women could ever desire. They are strong, well built killing machines. Most of them are born with dark hair and dark eyes, as they are from the Carpathian mountain range in Romania. There are however instances of some having blond hair or even light colored eyes, those these are rare. At the age of 200, a Carpathian male loses his color sight as well as all emotion, this makes them dangerous because inside of them is a darkness telling them to make their first kill to turn into the vampire. However, they resist this but it gets stronger with each vampire they kill. With humans, yes, they do drink blood but only enough to sustain them, they do not kill the human and usually feed off more than one human at a time to ensure this.

Now, the Carpathian males can turn into any form of animal they wish, even mist or cloud. They can fly, run at supernatural speeds, they can call down lightening, make it rain, they can also call fire which is how they have to destroy a vampire, by ripping out their heart and setting it on fire. The Carpathians do not sleep above the earth, instead they open the earth and sleep in the soil, so do vampires, however the vampire laying in the soil actually diseases the soil and makes it bad, where as a Carpathian heals the soil and the soil heals them. If they are injured, they pack the injury with their saliva and soil to heal the wounds. Their saliva also can heal and close small wounds on humans or Carpathians.

Carpathian males can be intense and very sexual, they look for that "one" woman who is their lifemate. A carpathian male never sleeps with anyone but whom they deem their lifemate. So all Carpathian males are virgins generally when they meet their lifemate, how they know who their lifemate is, is that if they have lost their color, they get it back and are flooded with emotions when meeting her. It hits them like a ton of bricks depending on how old they are because the older the Carpathian male, the harder it is for them to remember what it was like to feel. The color returning can be blinding again depending on how old they are when they find their lifemate. There are no more female Carpathians, so they fell into despair, thinking there were no chances for a lifemate again.

However, their prince Mikhail Dubrinsky learned that they could lifemate with human females who had special powers "Psychics" And these women became something all Carpathian males began searching for to bring into their fold. It takes three blood exchanges with a Carpathian male to turn the woman into a Carpathian female, which means once she is turned, she begins to be able to do the same things as him. Most of these women however have fears of drinking blood from anyone but their lifemates and many of them do not like going to ground so they are put under the spell to go to ground by their lifemates to help them. It's not meant to force, but some see it as that once they realize it's happened.

They can sleep above the earth, but it weakens them, they can only be up a couple of hours before sunset happens and only a couple of hours after sunrise. So they can not be out in the sun, it burns their skin. They are also weakened terribly by the sun so it would do them no good to be out in the sunlight. They are eternally night people.

Below is a link to men who are usually considered suitable for Carpathian males. While some of them claim a name, please do not use the name as those are cannons already lifemated and I will not have them in the game, but you are welcome to take an image and make it your own guy okay.
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