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Started by jantraveller2010, November 28, 2010, 11:08:15 AM

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Hi All. I started here some time ago and had several good plays on the go. but people ended up with other commitments and could not finish. Sonce then I jhave chnaged jobs and been rather busy but interested in seeing if I can find some new partners to play with.

I am open to any other similar ideas so don't hesitate just to message me on spec. Please IM me if you like the concept even if the plays don't work for you.

Just as an opener I am M I usually play as f, but I am happy to play the M role if that works better for you.

These roles I believe can be played at a variety of levels, but I believe they will tend towards the N/C.

I don't have many specifics that I want for; all I ask is that you post as often as is possible, if at all possible daily, at least “weekdays”. I don't have a problem if real life intervenes, but please tell me. What I won't accept is no posts from you for maybe a week, but multiple posts by you to other threads. If you get stuck, or want me to go in a direction, just IM me, I don't mind being directed to a degree OOC.

Whilst I am not going to proscribe a “number of sentences” to a response, I expect detailed responses commensurate to the rate of play – if the play is going at 2 posts a week, I expect extensive detail, long posts moving the game forward. If we are both on line and bouncing back and forward, then a few lines detailing a short event (but still detailed of clothing, feelings (physical and emotional etc...) ) is adequate.

If we are bouncing things back and forth online, I would expect some notice of your last post (if possible) and not just a sudden disappearance.

(I am thinking of starting a thread listing those people who cant even have the courtesy to say a play isnt working, but just stop responding to all messages. I think this is very rude and woud hope that you are not like this!)

And yes - I am afar from perfect, but if you have aproblem with me, tell me, dont just do the silent act!

To summarise, a little courtesy and joining in, goes a long way!

OK, enough framing. Now to the ideas.

Both these threads are oriented towards an innocent self conscious conservative female character. Probably slim, probably boyish to a degree. I won't tell you my further thoughts on the physical character but happy to discuss with you.

(As said before I am happy to play either the innocent girl or the Dominant  Man).

I am very into details of woman's clothes, and like feminine but realistic dressing (I don't know many women who wear thigh highs on a daily basis unless they are very sexual or on the game!!).  To me part exposed sexual acts are probably more erotic than naked ones.

Current Craving

A- I am really looking for a "Coming of age" play, a couple who are sexually inhibited / Hung up / inexpereinced, wanting to explore but unsure how to start, then step by step exploring. They can be a younger teen (16+) couple, or older into 20's I guess. The could be m/f or f/f> my preference would be to play a female role, but happy to play male if thats what works.

Could be a couple of geeks, or disabled, or just average, but ones that are not part of the "in crowd" outcasts

My RP Ideas

1. A young woman in a service (Army, Navy etc) as ever my female is very niece shy. inexperienced. The sergeant would be abusive and controlling, knowing how weak she is and taking advantage to humiliate her, either in person, or by putting her in situations that would be embarrassing or lead to her being sexually used. This would progress to sexual acts either by pushing her to consent or probably Non Consensual.

2. This is more a series of scenes which could run sequentially with one partner or could be run as single threads with multiple partners. The main thrust is of a couple meeting and progressing through life. Her – a very shy, self conscious, conservative girl probably from a religious family, very hung up. He is more wanting and open sexually. They are very loving, she wants to please him, he tries not to be too pushy or demanding, but constantly pushes her further and further. Some events he may not be able to stop himself and may force himself on her or force her into situations she is not consenting to. Again a lot of clothing, N/C, pain, humiliation here

I see several scenes:

- During the engagement, (young?) moves to petting, maybe seeing part naked, maybe oral each step pushed on her
- Wedding night, touching while dancing others seeing, her virginity lost – rape?
- Post wedding exploration – broader sexual activity, anal, pain, N/C sex
- Pregnancy, changing body, lactation,
- Maybe move on to involving another man – watching her being used N/C (may involve a 3rd party)
- Maybe move on to swinging parties – bisexual, groups, N/C (may involve a group?)

Over time her hang ups erode as she explores and is pushed further and further, but as i say it may be she is consensual at times, but generally very into a N/C theme.

Not into Scat or Snuff etc, so there is an edge to where I would go

3. A woman in her 30’s maybe. Her background is very conservative very proper. Sexually very limited. She was married at 18 but divorced several years ago. She has a teenage daughter.  Since her divorce she has rarely dated and even then usually only 1 date, the guys all want more. One day she meets a nice man a little older who invites her for dinner, he isn’t pushy, he is nice. She sees him a few times and gets more comfortable.

After a while they date and after several months they get to making out, almost like teenagers. She is uncomfortable but becomes aroused. She wants sexual activity but is very very hung up. She slowly lets him touch some when they are out. Then sometimes once her daughter is in bed at home. Never more than simple touching.

He is somewhat pushy each time she gives some he slowly pushes for more and more. He likes her discomfort.

Eventually she agrees to let him sleep over. When the time comes she doesn’t want to go through with it. He takes control and uses her.

Once he has conquered her he tells her he wants her daughter.

That’s an outline, maybe a bit detailed, I am open to options on it.

4. More general ideas (Apologies to those from whom I have cribbed ideas)

a. New girl in town - a young woman arrives in town to get a new job. She is alone and lonely, naive and open to coercion. Not a total innocent but far from a slut. Maybe she will have her mind opened to more than just basic sexual instincts.

b. A school exists with an amazing reputation for academic success. Most of the girls attending are paid for by their parents (these are the successful girls) but there are scholarships available for a few special candidates - these are to be the playthings of the academic staff.

c. Incestuous - have a thing for a thought about a girl and a man - the mans wife finding out, horrified at first, but entranced and joins in.

d. Usual older/younger thoughts

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Updated and added some new thoughts
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Hi All,

First of all apologies to anyone who was playing with me when I disappeared - its the one thing I hate of others - sudden silence... then I did it! Work got rediculously busy.. then the job disappeared.... so I am now out job hunting!!

While I am waiting now owuld be a great time to get some new plays going...

The above are some ideas.... I am open to other thoughts, variations....... Please just drop me a messsage.

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Updated and current craving added
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Not been around for a while, but want to restart some plays... anyone interested.....
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Having been away a while, I am re-joining the fray. Updated and re-posted. Please message me with your thoughts,
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