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Started by Boudicca, November 22, 2010, 09:57:14 PM

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Hello! :D

My list of one-on-ones wanted. :)

Just the one at the moment, as I'm a little busy and don't want to overstretch myself. ;)

- Shifters
Two shapeshifters in a contemporary setting. Each are able to shift into just one animal (in the original RP, I played the female, who shifted into a fox, and the male was a coyote). They're a bonded pair, though they don't necessarily like it; 'bond' is used in the loosest of terms, because both are in denial of their love for one another and they're constantly bringing other people home to screw around with. The male's the dominant of the two, and although the female can hold her own against him, she quite likes to be pushed around... but only when she wants to be.

I would really like to play the female, and I'm willing to reconsider the animal she shifts into.
What to expect from the roleplay: Dominance/submission, threesomes, possibly even shifted sex if the characters get frisky while in their animal forms.

More to come soon! <3


If you wish for a partner I could be him. Just send me a PM whenever you feel like you're ready to start (assuming you will not mind having me as a partner).

Cheers madmoiselle.


Hi! :) I've actually found someone to fill the role, but I'll bear you in mind when I have time to start a new rp. ;) thanks for your interest!


No matter, I wish you much fun on this particular RP :)
If you do ever remember me for another RP then please also remember that I'm only a pm away. Ciao :hugs: